Women deserve equal pay

Salary comparison men & women: This is how high the gender pay gap is.

Women and men in a direct comparison of wages.

In 2017, men earned an average hourly wage of 21 euros, while women only earned 16.59 euros. That is a whopping 21 percent less - a value that has remained relatively constant for years. This also creates long-term problems such as lower pensions or major financial disadvantages in the event of a divorce. But why do men actually earn so much more than women?

It's not that easy. The figure on the pay gap between men and women needs some explanation:

  • Women work more often in lower-paid jobs, for example in social services, while men often work as engineers or computer scientists - the cliché is actually confirmed.
  • Almost half of employed women work part-time.
  • Because of the mostly longer parental leave and part-time work, women often lose out when it comes to promotion.
  • In principle, the proportion of women in management, supervisory boards and other management positions is smaller than that of men.

Where do women earn more than men?

The whole thing also works the other way around: According to a recent study by gehalt.de, there are areas in which men earn less than women:

However, the study also found that women earn more than men, especially in lower-paid jobs. In addition, in the leisure and tourism industry, for example, men often only work for a short time, i.e. they do not even gain the professional experience of their colleagues who are then better paid.

Another study shows that women in eastern Germany earn more than men - especially in Cottbus: the gap here is 17 percent. One reason for this are the various professional opportunities: In regions with a lot of industry - for example in southern Germany - men have well-paid jobs that are often paid according to the tariff. In many regions in the east, however, the public service, for example, is predominant. Childcare is also better in the east than in the west: the work culture here has long been designed so that women do not stay at home as housewives and mothers.

This is where women earn the most.