What's an advice for freshmen year

Coaching for beginners in business economics

With the mentorium "Coaching for WiWi Beginners" you will find the optimal entry into the WiWi course at the University of Ulm!

Mentors (business and economics students in higher semesters) accompany you from the first week of your studies when you start your university life. They are at your side with advice and pass on their university experience! In addition, they teach you key qualifications such as presentation techniques, learning or time management strategies.

Coaching for beginners in business economics


Your entry into the many technical challenges of the Business Economics degree with the introductory study project "Economic Games".

As part of a strategic business simulation game in small teams, slip into the role of management for the first time! Are you able to position your company as successfully as possible in the market and beat the other competitors? And how should you build your company to make it happen?

In addition, you conduct experiments on a wide variety of economic issues:

  • Why should I bid two euros to get one?
  • Do I choose better for the good of society or just for my own?
  • When do people make the most sensible decisions?

As part of the two project days, you will get a good insight into business and economics in the first week of the lecture. Strengthen your understanding of the upcoming studies with its different thematic facets!

Economic Games