Can Myanmar become a tiger for Asia?

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17/2007, December 20th
Pinheiro reports to Human Rights Council: More victims; International pressure on the military regime continues; 14 nations form "Friends of Myanmar Group"; In case of amnesty only 20 political prisoners free, roadmap; No visa for members of the Bundestag; Aid from the European Union; Natural gas is sold to China; Petition to the Chinese Government, Dams; Economic development; Resettlement Program Reaches 20,000; Reports of protests

16/2007, November 15th
Special Envoy Gambari reports to UN Security Council; The UN Human Rights Representative visits prisons and monasteries in Burma; Human rights violations, arrests continue; Common position of the EU; UN representatives expelled from the country; Burmese magnate blacklisted as a result of US sanctions; Drug lord Khun Sa dies; New investments and loans from neighbors; New publication "Economic and social development in Burma", Michael von Hauff; Protests and actions

Burma News 15/2007, actions October 24-28
Call for a peace march and announcement on October 27th in Berlin; Berlin - Peace meditation and vigil on October 26th; Worldwide protest day on October 24th - Meditation in front of the Chinese embassy in Berlin; Information stands in Frankfurt / Main; Vigil in Munich on October 28th

Burma News 14/2007, October 11th
Burma Solidarity - We need your support !; October 27, demonstration in Berlin; How you can get active !; Discussion: How to deal with Burma ?; Selected links on the topic

Worldwide day of action on October 6th
Worldwide day of action on October 6th, demonstration in Frankfurt; Vigil on October 7th in Munich; Letter from GDR civil rights activists to the opposition in Burma

Protest actions 29.9.-1.10.2007
Rally in front of the Chinese embassy in Berlin; Demonstration and prayer for peace in Cologne; Burmese in Frankfurt invite: Event on September 30th; Demonstration in Berlin on October 1st in Berlin - Action Group Burma Berlin; Worldwide petition to the Chinese government and the UN Security Council

13/2007, September 13th
Protests continue; Reactions to protests and arrests; National Convention ended; Life imprisonment for labor lawyers; Dam project on hold after the death of an EGAT employee; Biodiesel production in Burma; Call for a demonstration on September 18 in Berlin: Burma office; Exhibition: "Crisis in Paradise - Burma [Myanmar] today" in Essen; Event 9/27 in Essen: World Cafe Buddhism in Burma; Asia House: Meeting of volunteers and friends of the Asia House on October 6th.

12/2007, August 24th
Rare protests in Rangoon; Floods leave thousands homeless; ASEAN MPs urge China, India, ASEAN to exert influence; Daewoo Confirms Gas Reserves Off Burma's Coast; Special economic zones; "We built this city" - refugees in Malaysia; Event: Total Denial September 16; Event 6.9. "What to do about Burma"

11/2007, August 10th
Event announcement: What to do about Burma / Myanmar ?; The last round of the National Convention has started; Letter from elected parliamentarians to UN Secretary-General; Commemoration of 8.8.88; ASEAN wants to set up human rights commission; Prison sentences for human rights defenders; Improved Relations with Bangladesh; USA extend import ban; Identity cards for Rohingya; Less tax revenue; New bird flu cases; Foreign advertisements forbidden according to a hidden message

10/2007, July 16, 2007
UN Special Envoy visits China, India, Japan to discuss Burma; China hosts rare US-Burma meeting; Action Plan for the Protection of Children; HIV / AIDS activist free again; ICRC calls for compliance with international humanitarian law, support from the EU; Thousands hit by floods after heavy rains; PTT discovers new gas deposits; Amnesty International: Armaments from six EU member states threaten to undermine arms embargo against Myanmar; Burma. Initiative at the attac summer academy: Politics with gas

9/2007, June 26, 2007
National Convention: last round; UN envoy warns of humanitarian crisis in Burma; Protests against dam project in Kachin State; Export increase due to the sale of natural gas; Statistics on border trade; Thailand refuses entry to refugees; New refugee camp in Bangladesh; Escape to Burma; Census; FDP motion in the Bundestag: increase pressure on military regime; Help without borders: Burmariders on the Thai-Burmese border

8/2007, June 1, 2007
Burma extends house arrest of Aung Sann Suu Kyi; Protests in Rangoon against house arrest; Burma criticized at ASEM foreign ministers meeting; Much trade with Asia; European film festival in Rangoon

7/2007, May 18, 2007
Demands for Aung San Suu Kyi's release accompanied by imprisonment; Former heads of state call for Aung San Suu Kyi to be released; Restrictions on civil society organizations and freedom of the press; Bush Extends US Sanctions; Negotiations on EU-ASEAN free trade agreements including Burma; Dispute over natural gas sales; TOTAL in Belgium again in court; Russia: petroleum and nuclear reactor; Expansion of hydropower; More military aircraft from India; Protest against restrictions on migrant workers in Thailand

6/2007, April 25, 2007
EU extends "restrictive measures" on Burma; Three armed groups want to do without landmines; North Korea and Burma are reviving diplomatic relations; China builds dam in Burma; Private Health Care Act; Burmese year 1369 has dawned

5/2007, April 5, 2007
Two officers sentenced for performing hard labor; UN human rights experts call for an end to discrimination against Rohingya Muslims; Opening of dam construction under compulsory attendance; ADB: Burma needs economic reform; Anti-Corruption Act; Closer ties between Iran and Burma; Violence against Chin women; Burma’s last missionary died

4/2007, March 23, 2007
On my own behalf: charity run for Burma on May 13th !; Burma overshadows EU-ASEAN summit in Nuremberg; International Committee of Red Cross Closes Two Offices; Complaint about forced labor now possible; Bird flu in Burma; Demonstration in the center of Yangon;
Activists arrested after distribution of human rights declaration; India loses to China in gas business; Oil deals; Jewelery fair brings huge earnings; Karen Peace Mediator Builds Hospital in Myawaddy; Peace run in Thailand

3/2007, February 20, 2007
Report accuses Burmese military of rape of Karen; Will Burma become a stumbling block for EU-ASEAN free trade agreements ?; NLD Vice Tin Oo extended house arrest; Karen National Union split; Retired officers; Number of tourists decreased; More and more Rohingya on the run; Worldwide day of action against dams on the Salween River

2/2007, January 30, 2007
Bomb in Rangoon; EU: humanitarian aid worth 15.5 million euros; Open-your-heart campaign; Poet Tin Moe (1933-2007) died in exile; Release of customs officers from custody; Success in the fight against drugs ?; Report on the persecution of Christianity in Burma