Santa uses GPS

Google Santa Tracker: Here you can follow Santa Claus on December 24th


Thanks to the Google Santa Tracker, you can again follow Santa Claus on his tour around the globe this year. There are also games and puzzles to solve.

  • Google is following Santa Claus! The Santa Tracker is available.
  • You can play games and solve puzzles again this year.

You can use the Google Santa Tracker again this year and follow Santa Claus every step of the way. Google has been offering this option since 2004, but has steadily expanded the function and has now added games, puzzles and a huge Advent calendar.

The Santa Tracker from Google offers young and old a cute insight into the village of Santa Claus and his elves, which is the focus and serves as the center for the activities. You solve tasks and puzzles there and you can open a door every day until Christmas Eve.

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Exciting pursuit of Santa Claus on Google Maps

From December 24th you will follow Santa Claus on Google Maps using the Santa Tracker, as he flies over our globe and goes about his annual task and distributes gifts around the world. Handy for parking the little ones in front of the laptop and putting the presents under the Christmas tree!

Incidentally, the event will be displayed as a countdown in the upper right corner of the Santa Tracker. If this runs out, Santa Claus gets into his sleigh and takes off. The website is also compatible with cell phones and tablets. A current browser such as Google Chrome or Apple Safari is required.

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