What is the best french style lunch

Our top 10 French bistro cuisine

A life like God in France - would you like to bring a piece of this way of life home? Here you will find our 10 best recipes for original French culinary delights.

1. Crème brûlée with lavender

The creamy classic with the crunchy sugar crust has a wonderful Provencal note from the purple flowers. We are already dreaming of fragrant lavender fields!

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2. Wheat and spelled baguette

Quickly stop by the boulangerie and start the day with a crispy baguette under your arm. Every morning could start like this!

to the recipe: wheat and spelled baguette

3. Crêpes Suzette

Crêpes Suzette need lots of sugar and fine orange liqueurs like Grand Marnier or Cointreau. With our caramelized orange fillets, the thin Breton pancakes are a real treat!

to the recipe: Crêpes Suzette

4. Camembert with cider jelly and mushroom baguette

Mmm, fromage! When the room temperature is warm, Camembert is particularly creamy and aromatic. The slightly bitter cider jelly complements the cheese perfectly. We serve homemade mushroom baguette with it.

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5. Chocolate mousse

The perfect mousse melts on the tongue, is fluffy and creamy at the same time and, thanks to real chocolate, has a particularly full-bodied taste. A dessert classic that melts away!

to the recipe: Mousse au chocolat

6. Steak fries with anchovy butter

Just a quick croissant and a café on hand in the morning, but in the evening you can relax and enjoy your meal in the restaurant or bistro. Then homemade "fries" and spicy anchovy butter are the perfect companions for a juicy steak.

to the recipe: Steak fries with anchovy butter

7. Mussels in tomato stock

We give the classic "moules marinières" a helping of tomatoes on the way. With fresh baguette we add the delicious tomato and white wine stock. More France is hardly possible!

to the recipe: mussels in tomato stock

8. Quiche lorraine with salad

Our French neighbor Lorraine is famous for its quiches! A classic quiche lorraine is filled with bacon and a cream and egg mixture. Très bien!

about the recipe: quiche lorraine with salad

9. Galettes with three kinds of cheese

Buckwheat flour gives galettes a slightly stronger taste than crêpes. Filled with Comté and Saint-Maure goat cheese as well as a crunchy salad with Roquefort and walnuts, we have arrived in France!

About the recipe: Galettes with three kinds of cheese

10. Coq au Vin Blanc

We replace the red wine with white and let the chicken cook in the wine for a good hour. The colorful vegetables provide plenty of flavor and are allowed in the roaster halfway through. Of course, one thing is not missing here either: la baguette.

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