Which companies employ entrepreneurs

Why most entrepreneurs don't do their job - and thereby endanger their company

In my conversations with company managers and founders, it struck me again and again that most of them do not know the difference between entrepreneurs, managers and specialists. And that is a sure way to burnout in the long term - or to bankruptcy of the company. If you don't know what I'm talking about right away, stay tuned, it could save your business.

For a quick visualization, please imagine the following scenario: You have a ship and want to sail to a foreign continent. Besides, you've already hired a few people. First there are the skilled workers: Skilled workers can sail, row, clean the ship, cook food and catch food. Then there are the managers: They are responsible for ensuring that the specialists are doing well - and they monitor whether the specialists are doing their job. Managers also take care of finding new employees and they also occasionally fire an unsuitable crew member. And then there is the entrepreneur: he is up on the mast every now and then, but mostly at the chart table, where he always monitors with sextant and pencil whether the ship is going where it is going.

A company behaves like a ship in Pirates of the Caribbean, so to speak.

Sounds logical? Wonderful - but why do entrepreneurs in most companies spend their time cleaning the deck or fishing for fish while the ship is going elsewhere? Has Jack Sparrow ever held a rag in his hand? Or how can you explain that even in companies with more than ten employees, the boss himself still processes the emails from the info @ inbox? Or call customers cold? Or tinkering with the website?

Shipwreck is not a saying!

It is no wonder that many entrepreneurs end up stranded - because they have unfortunately missed the fact that their ship has been bobbing through the area completely without a driver because of the sheer specialist work. By the way, we see that particularly in the Corona crisis - a managing director who is hit by such a crisis without preparation has unfortunately already left the card table. If you don't return there in a very short time, you can go swimming for good. And then, presumably, into existence as a specialist - whom one has never said goodbye to anyway.

It is clear: in the beginning an entrepreneur has to do everything and be able to do everything. From the fifth employee at the latest, however, it must be clear that the entrepreneur no longer handles specialist tasks - and from the tenth at the latest, the managerial life is over. If you have a pangs of conscience at this point because the others now have to do the “work”, you should 1. go to the mindset coach and 2. be clear that the entrepreneur has to do his job too. And - please remember: If a specialist does not do their job, they will lose YOUR job. If an entrepreneur doesn't do his or her job, EVERYONE loses their job.

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