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10 rules you absolutely have to learn to live happily!

Why are people often unhappy and dissatisfied? What do we have to do to be happier? That's the big question.

If we are unhappy, it is because our lives are not going the way we want them to be. life does not meet our expectations, it is not how it "should" be, and therefore we are unhappy.

So we say, "I'll be happy when ..." Well, life is not perfect. Life includes serenity and frustration, being successful and going empty-handed. As long as we say: "I will be happy, if only ..." we are deceiving ourselves.

You have to choose to be happy. Some people live as if one day they will find happiness, just like arriving at a bus stop. They think that one day everything will just be all right, they would take a deep breath and say: "Now I've finally made it ... and I'm happy!" So the story of her life is: "I will be happy if ..."

Each of us has to make a decision. Are we ready to remind ourselves daily that we have a limited amount of time to make the most of what we have, or are we wasting our present waiting for a better future?

Living happily is only possible if you take my ten rules to heart.

 1. gratitude
Many people are not fortunate enough to live in a country like us that is so prosperous and safe.

Some people have been born with an incurable disease since they were born. That is of course only a very small part.

Still, most people are unhappy. They complain about everythinginstead of just being grateful for what you have.

Some things are not so natural for other people. For example, to have enough to eat and drink.
To have a roof over your head ...
that we are free and can determine our own future. We have a choicewhat we want to do with our life.

For many parts of the world this cannot be taken for granted! Every now and then, make yourself aware that we really lack nothing here. In the western world in particular, we lead a luxury life.
Nobody has to end up on the streets in Germany. Everyone can, if he is healthy and has the will, his life Build dreams.
So I ask you: What are you grateful for? Do you really want to happy Life?

2. Learn to say "no"
Do you often find it difficult to say “no”? You are not alone in this.
Many people have deleted the word “no” from their vocabulary in certain situations.

Someone asks us if we can do something for them. Actually, a voice in our head is telling us that we shouldn't be doing this, we have no time and honestly, no desire to do so.

For fear of not being liked anymore, we still say “yes”.
People who cannot say “no” do so out of kindness. You want to be loved, liked, and accepted by others.

Let others think well of us. Your own needs are always subordinate.

The ironic thing is that you then punish and criticize yourself in your head for this behavior. You almost hate yourself for it.

We were raised that way. We should always help others. That is also correct, but I will come to that later, but not at the expense of my own needs.

The causes lie in a weak self-esteem, self-confidence. You have to understand that the most important relationship in our life the relationship with ourselves is.

3. Do something every day for your "vision"
Why do you wake up in the morning What drives you in life?
Now please do not say: "To go to work" or: "Because I have to!"
Even our work has a purpose. A higher goal that we pursue. What is your mission in this world?
You can only develop your full potential if you have your “vision”, your realPassion discover.

4. Diet & exercise
"You are what you eat."
Do you eat healthy and do you keep fit? Eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise will make you feel fitter and happier.
Do you feel comfortable in your body? After every exercise, our body releases endorphins (happiness hormones).
Foods like hot peppers, chilli or paprika also release happiness hormones. The classic chocolate too, of course, but don't overeat it.

By a wrong diet we often have mood swings, are tired and do not feel like doing anything.

5. Interesting lifestyle
Keep realizing that you only live once.
Make a list of the things you really wanted to do in life.
Find a new one Hobbies. Start enjoying your life by doing things that you just enjoy.
When you start enjoying your life, not only will you be happy, other people will see you Fun in life have and are happy.
Your entire charisma will change.

6. Live by your own rules
Most people are unhappy because they do what they really don't want themselves to do. You do it because society, your parents, or whoever tells you to.

You do not believe me? Take a look at the average consumer. What should the career look like best?
Go to school, do your apprenticeship / study, get married, become a father or mother, buy a house, etc.

All well and good, but what if you don't follow this path in this one

Want to go in order?

Live your life the way you imagined. I'm not saying you shouldn't get married. No, what I mean by that is that you should rule your life.
Do what your heart beats for, not what others say.
Break through the boundaries set by the media and society and get off the hamster wheel.

Just look at the media. With what one skillful brainwashing they try to shape people the way they want.

The beauty industry alone would be destroyed if someone said overnight, "It's okay to be fat." Nobody would buy all the products anymore.
It would be the sure downfall of the beauty industry.

For this reason, television, magazines and billboards are constantly showing the latest trends, which colors are “in”, how we should look and so on. Not to mention the emaciated models ...

You want to keep people frustrated!
You want people to be unhappy ...
They want us to think we're ugly and fat ...
so that you can sell us the latest diet or the latest make-up.

You might be wondering why now?
Very easily:
Happy people buy very little.
And when you buy something, consider making the investment.
They don't get (and need) all the crap that's trying to sell us on every corner.
You are happy with what you have. Do you remember point 1? What are you grateful for

Unhappy people buy. The principle behind it is very simple.
Create a problem (demand), then sell the solution.
Someone 20-30 years ago spread the message to the world that you have to be thin if you want to be attractive to men.
Until 50-60 years ago it was exactly the other way around. This means that the media and society set the rules here.

For this reason, I advise my seminar participants to consume telly less and less. If you accept the rules of others, you will never get happy.

No matter what product you are going to buy, they will find another problem to keep you frustrated.

With women, it's often about beauty and attractiveness ...
The latest make-up, the latest collection, the right diet. I guess you can't see it anymore either.

In the case of men, it is attractive women who have to be impressed ...
Why do you think attractive women stand next to fast cars? ...
The message is obvious: if you want this woman, buy this product.

That is the message that is received subconsciously.
It is therefore so important that you set your own rules and live by them!

7. Life is a give and take
This is a very important wisdom that I live by.
I always used to think that you have to be out for your own advantage ...
I can say today:
The more you give to other people, the more you will get back from others!
If you are good at something or have special knowledge and certain skills, think about how you can help others help people can.
Start helping other people and you will get a lot more back from them.

8. Live confidently
Find out your strengths, principles, and values. Really live according to it. Set goals based on your values.
Believe in yourself and trust your abilities. Don't listen to what others are always saying. As I said, create your own rules!
Realize that only you are in control of your life. You are responsible for your life. Only you alone have your own happiness in the hand.

9. Learn to love
First of all, learn to love yourself. Don't forget other important people in your life. Your parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives, good friends, etc.
As we get older, we notice how much we owe other people many happy times.
Love is the only thing that increases when you share it with other people!

Your relationships with the most important people in your life will be much more honest and intimate.
Relationships based on trust are to be had very important for a happy life.

10. Meditation and relaxation
Many people always ask what meditation is good for. Meditation has many advantages:
• You will be much more relaxed in everyday life
• You strengthen your self-confidence and self-esteem
• You get to know yourself better
• You will get on the track of your deepest dreams
Therefore, start meditating or practicing relaxation. You end up doing it for yourself!

The following text is very informative and can show you how valuable your life is. An eighty-five-year-old man wrote it when he realized he was dying.

"If I could live my life again,

I would try to make more mistakes

I wouldn't want to be that perfect - I would relax more.

I would be a little crazier than I was

I know only a few things that I would take really very seriously.

I'd risk more, travel more

I would climb more mountains and watch more sunsets.

I would eat more ice cream and less salad.

I was one of those smart people

who live every minute of their life foresightedly and sensibly,

Hour after hour, day after day.

Oh yes there were beautiful and happy moments, but if I could start all over

I would try to have more good moments

If you don't know yet,

for life consists of these;

just for a moment, don't forget this one!

If I could live again

I would go barefoot from the beginning of spring until late autumn.

I would just skip a lot

I would lie in the sun more often.

But see ... I'm 85 years old

and know that I'll die soon. "

I thank you for giving me your time. I am grateful that I have been able to support many people over the last 20 years in finding their way to more inner and outer peace and more joy in life and happiness.

And now a little request to you! It would be nice if you shared my post. I took a lot of time for it and I hope that many people can read it too.

Greetings from the heart


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