How can I effectively share the gospel

Members of the League have millions
Opportunities for sharing
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The best way to learn is to watch others do what is new to them but familiar to others. If you have the opportunity to see a League member in action, you can learn from the experience of them sharing the gospel with others. We received these tips from members.

Our members are amazing! They are so passionate about sharing their faith that they taught us a few things about what effective personal evangelism is like. This page offers some helpful tips to strengthen your own evangelism.

Remember that gospels are most effective when presented to someone in a face-to-face meeting. Just putting the Gospels down somewhere in the hope that someone will "discover" them doesn't have the same effect and can even lead to the Gospels being thrown away. Take the time to give the gospels to someone with a kind smile and they will see some great results.

The basics

To get the most out of it, we're going to share some helpful tips with you. You will be surprised how much more effective your handouts will be when your friend responds to your words and acts accordingly.

  • Read the plan of salvation aloud with the person concerned.
  • Have them read the key verses aloud instead of reading them yourself. This helps those to develop a direct personal connection with Scripture.
  • Walk them through the plan and ask them questions such as whether they have already done things to reach God, as shown in the diagram.
  • When they are ready to accept Christ, ask them to pray with you. You can read the suggested prayer aloud and have the words repeat, but any prayer of this type will do it too. It's not about the exact words, but about the attitude of the heart.

Here are some of the more creative approaches we've heard about how the gospels were distributed. Use these as ideas.

Fast food restaurants

Many of our members distribute gospels in fast food restaurants. This can take place inside or at the control window. When you receive your meal, give a gospel (with a tip if possible) and a cheery "Here, I'll trade with you"

One of our members told us about a strategy where he asks at the service window if the person behind him ordered something at a reasonable price (around $ 5). If so, then he pays for the person's meal and asks the clerk to give the person a copy of a gospel and let them know that the meal and gospel were a free gift from the person in line before him.

Leave a gospel with the tip

One of the most popular ways is to tip a gospel along with a tip. This has led to a number of salvation choices that we have heard of. Leave a generous tip or it will send the wrong message! As valuable as the content is, the recipient will not receive your gospel with joy if given in lieu of a tip!

With thank you cards

If you enjoy writing thank you cards for exceptional service, why not include a gospel with it? This is especially effective when you have learned about the person you are thanking for and the gospel cover picture matches it. For example, if you know that the hotel employee likes car races, add one of our motorsport cover pictures to your thank you card.

Strategy for adventure in nature

Some of our members work in areas where they deal with hikers, fishermen, and others out in the great outdoors. This is a great place to share a gospel as most of these trips offer hours of "solitude" suitable for reading and talking about spiritual matters with others while enjoying God's beautiful creation. We have a special cover picture that is particularly suitable for nature lovers.

Car rentals and toll booths

Some of our members work for car rental companies. When people set off in their rented car, they are presented with a gospel with a kind smile and good wishes for their journey. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, these are great ways to share the gospel as people often travel long and have little to do.

One of our members reported that he works at a toll booth and gives gospels to people who pay their tolls. The response has been encouraging as the free gift gives people the impression they are getting something for their money.

In the community

You may think that the church is not a useful place to distribute gospels because so many people already have complete Bibles with them. But let yourself be surprised. Many people attend church long before they make a decision about Jesus Christ. These people usually do not yet have a Bible, and they may never read any part of the Bible. Make the decision to hang out in the anteroom and look for new faces. Be kind and ask questions. When you meet someone who does not normally come to church, offer a gospel as a free "welcome to the church" gift.