When will my SSI be deposited

c. Special points: In the event of late entry into the DIVE TROPHY, special points will be awarded. Participants who join after April 1st receive 50 points once. Participant registrations after June 15 will receive 100 points once. Participants who have already registered are excluded!

There are special points for experienced divers: Half a point is awarded for all dives over 100, e.g. 60 points for 120 dives, 100 points for 201 dives, but a maximum of 200 points. These points are only taken into account when registering. Each dive during the competition period (01.11.2019 to 30.09.2020) is worth at least five points (see list of points) and can also be entered subsequently (but promptly). In order to qualify for the allocation of dive points, a diving instructor (regardless of which association) must have the relevant dive stamped in the logbook. For dives with SSI Dive Professionals (Dive Guide / Assistant Instructor or Instructor) and for training, the Pro number of your SSI Dive Professional is requested. These must be entered in the corresponding field in the logbook.


In the semifinals, all participants from the top 100 compete against each other. An additional 20 wildcards will be drawn at random from the top 200. For the semi-finals, the points accumulated up to that point will be reset. During the semi-finals at the end of October, points will be collected again by completing various tasks in an indoor diving center.

The ten divers with the most points from the semi-finals qualify for the final at the ROBINSON Club Soma Bay (Egypt). The DIVE TROPHY sponsors cover the cost of flights, full board and diving for all finalists. Participants qualified for the final round declare within 14 days that they will take part in the trip and that they are in possession of a valid passport. If one of the participants does not give this confirmation, the trip goes to the next qualified participant. A cash payment of the travel value is not possible.


The main prize includes a stay for two people at the ROBINSON Club Soma Bay, as well as a diving watch from Chris Benz. All other finalists will receive material prizes from the sponsors. During the point-collecting phase, competitions with various prizes are regularly held on the Facebook fan page and in the specialist magazine unterwasser. In the semifinals in autumn there are further material prizes from the co sponsors worth around € 15,000. For those 11 to 40 placed there are diving watches, regulators, diving computers, diving bags and diving insurance.

a. SSI assumes no liability for errors in submitting and submitting entries or points. SSI is not responsible for registrations that are lost, late, incomplete, or otherwise invalid.

b. SSI's decisions are binding in all aspects of competition. If the winner of the main prize is unable to take part in the final competitions for any reason (including illness), there is no entitlement to compensation for costs incurred (e.g. travel expenses) or to cash payment of the travel value. In this case, the prize goes to the next qualified participant.

c. SSI is not responsible for the cancellation of the competition as a result of force majeure or an official order for safety, legal or other reasons.

d. Once the winner has been informed by SSI, he / she must confirm that he / she accepts the prize within 14 calendar days. If the winner does not confirm within this period, the information will have no effect and the prize will be withdrawn.

e. It is not possible to redeem the prizes. SSI and the DIVE TROPHY sponsors bear the costs for the prizes and any delivery to the winner by courier / post. However, all other possible costs associated with winning a prize will be borne by the winner.

f. Any additional costs not listed here, such as individual trips to the airport, taxes, fees or other personal expenses, must be borne by the winners themselves.