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Interview with three "Dark" actors: Season 2 is finally starting!

A good one and a half years ago, Louis Hofmann and Lisa Vicari, together with the entire "Dark" ensemble, changed the German series landscape forever: The ten-part "Netflix Originals" series was so successful worldwide from day one that two more seasons immediately were commissioned. Louis Hofmann embodies his girlfriend Martha Nielsen in "Dark" Jonas Kahnwald and Lisa Vicari.

New episodes from the fictional small town of Winden, in which the past, present and future are connected, are now joined by new levels of time and thus a new cast: It will be particularly exciting in the future, in which Jonas ends up at the end of season 1. The girl who deliberately hits him in the face with a rifle butt is played by Lea Van Acken. GLAMOR editor Ursula Schmied phoned all three - and has been looking forward to the second season even more since then.

Five questions for Louis Hofmann (Jonas Kahnwald, 2020)

"Dark" revolves around him: Louis Hofmann plays Jonas Kahnwald, who discovers the key to time travel in the Windener Höhlen. His father took his own life, he doesn't get along with his mother and he himself seeks his place in the world. At the end of the first season, Jonas ends up in the future - and is first struck down with a rifle butt. How is Jonas doing and where on earth did he end up?

GLAMOR: Explain: Jonas in season 1 and Jonas in season 2 - where is your character?

Louis Hofmann: In season 1, Jonas is very broken: He has a bad relationship with his mother, his father killed himself, he himself comes out of the mental institution. Then suddenly things happen to him: he is relatively passive and has to learn to deal with it first. As Season 1 progresses, he becomes more active and goes in search of answers. That happened for a long time in season 2: Half a year has passed since the season finale, Jonas has hardened up in these six months in the future and knows how to behave in the harsh, strange and dangerous world of the future. He knows what to do to achieve his goals and survive. It simmers in him. He has great anger in him - anger and ambition; as a result, he is much more active in season 1. At the beginning of the season, Jonas wants to go back to his time, the year 2020.

In "Dark" your characters are also played by other actors over and over again, that is to say, you are embodied by others. Is that weird?

It's strange when you're with the older you on set and then other people suddenly discover similarities in us. I have the feeling that Andreas Pietschmann [Jonas as an adult] and I feel connected as a result. We both play the same person - me. A special friendship developed as a result, which is very nice. We also found that we are not only similar on an external level, but also on a personal level. Really good casting, if not only the external characteristics, but also the essence are correct!

The different time levels are sometimes confusing for the audience. Did you do the same while reading the script - did you have to page back to find the thread?

Full. Fortunately, you read more slowly than you watch the series. I could page back, look at a family tree, or take notes myself. But even as a performer, you only understand everything once you've spoken to the showrunners again. There is a lot of subtext in the scripts that Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese think you can guess. In these cases you have to talk to them, because all of this can be confusing for us as a cast. There is also a script supervisor working on the set, whom you can always turn to: She has the script for the first and second seasons at hand and you can watch scenes from the first season with her if there are parallels between the storylines. We clearly have to resort to tools.

The first season was a worldwide hit. Has anything happened since it was published that you did not expect - have you been recognized or spoken to?

It happens sometimes. When I was on vacation in Asia, I was approached by a French woman - I really didn't expect that. It's confusing: I'm in Asia, someone else from Europe, not from Germany, has seen the series and is now talking to me about it here, on vacation in another continent - you have to think twice. In moments like this, one becomes aware of the range of the series: It is very often still surreal that so many people all over the world watch this series and also like it.

How would you explain the second season without spoilers?

It becomes quite complex again, but the characters gain more knowledge and therefore become more active. Because of the new knowledge, however, more emotional situations also arise. It will be complex, demanding, emotional and epic!

Five questions for Lisa Vicari (Martha Nielsen, 2020)

Lisa Vicari plays Martha Nielsen in "Dark". Martha's brother is missing, and understandably nothing has been going well in her home since then. Her father is having an affair - and disappears from the ground in Winden without a trace in the course of the first ten episodes. Martha and Jonas start a relationship, but that too is anything but simple. How is Martha?

GLAMOR: Tell me, how's Martha doing in season 2? What does she do and what does she dream of?

Lisa Vicari: It has been six months since we last saw Martha. Martha is not doing well: Her brother has still disappeared and, like everyone else in Winden, she suffers a lot from the events in the small town. She wants to take action and find out what's going on, and she wants something to finally change. She wants the heaviness that lies over the city to be released. And she and her friends of the same age finally want to find answers because they can no longer stand doing nothing.

Martha still dreams of Jonas, even six months after his disappearance. Can and will she simply not let go of him and forget?

Martha and Jonas have a deeper connection. What the two of them share is something very special: When they talk, you can also feel the special connection between the two as a viewer. They understand each other and also the melancholy that surrounds them. There is a very strong bond between the two.

When it came out, "Dark", the first German Netflix production, was a huge global success. Were you surprised by this?

You can never know that beforehand. But when I read the scripts, I already knew that this was a special project, that the showrunners are very special and that nothing like this has ever existed in this special form in Germany. The fact that a German series will be broadcast in 190 countries from day 1 onwards simply did not exist before "Dark". That's why you couldn't even estimate what was going to happen. I find it a totally pleasant success: "Dark" does not restrict me in my everyday life, I did not become prominent overnight and can still go out on the street without any problems without being recognized. But you get such nice reactions from all corners of the world, I still find that unbelievable and beautiful.

How would you describe season 2 without spoilers?

I think the series has evolved. Everything, the look and feel, has grown up. It's more emotional and bigger again. You can look forward to something great and if you were a fan of the first season, then you will love the second season too. In any case, the construct from "Dark" is spun on and you have to be careful to keep up. After the second season comes the third cycle and everything is connected.

What do you wish for the future?

In general, I hope that the world will develop positively or that things like environmental protection or politics will turn positive and there will be peace. That may be naive, but I wish that. For me personally - although that may sound cheesy - I wish for satisfaction and that I can continue to do things that fulfill me - surrounded by loved ones. Actually, that it will continue as before.

Interview with Lea Van Acken (Girls from the Future, 2052)

Lea von Acken plays the initially nameless girl from the future, whom Jonas deliberately incapacitates with a machine gun in the last scene of the first season. In season 2 you learn a little more about her living conditions and her character. What does the girl want?

GLAMOR: In the second season you can be seen in the dark, post-apocalyptic future of Winden. How would you describe your previously nameless character?

Lea Van Acken: My role is "The girl from the future". I am not allowed to reveal much, but I can tell you this much: She is exposed to difficult life situations in which she has to act and in which she interacts with Jonas (Louis Hofmann). The audience will find out the rest!

Your character is the translator of the deaf-mute leader in the future. She does not question their orders, but simply carries them out, especially at the beginning. What would you like to say to your "Dark" me?

I don't know if I would assume that - I'm not in your life situation. I think what she does is what she does because she knows it and wants to survive. But I would advise her not to be fooled sometimes.

When did you get the role for "Dark"?

2017. During the first season I was cast and got the role. My character appears in the last episode of season 1. I couldn't see anything beforehand and didn't quite know what I was getting myself into. But through the scripts and conversations with Louis [Hofmann] and Lisa [Vicari], I knew that this was a really great project and I was grateful to be part of it.

In the wind of the future, the nuclear reactor is destroyed, everything is broken, a society no longer exists. Do you think that it is also up to each individual that this gruesome vision of the future does not materialize?

In any case. I think it starts with us, with a check of the values ​​of the individual: How do I want to live? What should our planet look like, also for future generations? How do I deal with other people? We have to make ourselves strong and define what we want to consume, what we can do without - so that our planet can continue to exist. Everyone has a responsibility and nowadays nobody can look the other way.

Would you like to be able to travel back in time and if so, where to?

Yes, I would want to try it out - but only with a return ticket! I would find the seventies and eighties interesting and then make people rethink environmental protection. If one had had 25 or even 30 years more buffer and had listened to climate experts earlier, it might not be so dramatic now and humanity would not be moving towards disaster.

When you think of June 21, 2019 ...

... then I am very happy! I'm very excited to see how the second season will go down because I'm only really at the start now. You got so much feedback beforehand and everyone is very excited!

The very last question: Apocalypse or "Abicalypse"?

"Kalpyse" seems to be my word this year. Of course I'm also looking forward to July 25, 2019 and the theatrical release of "Abikalypse", it turned out to be a great project too.

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