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She was an actress of the century and still delights the world today, more than a hundred years after she was born and a quarter of a century after her death. But she was also a restless world star on the run. The documentary »I am Ingrid Bergmann«, which premiered in Cannes in spring 2015, has received multiple awards and is today, on the 103rd birthday of the world star, a real cinematic jewel. Arte will show the almost two-hour long Swedish film in the media library until May 5, 2018 and will repeat it live on TV in the night of May 6, 2018.

Scene from »I'm Ingrid Bergman« © Wesleyan University Cinema Archive, ZDF

Ingrid Bergman would have turned one hundred on August 29, 2015. She was considered Hollywood's most talented actress. She was nominated for an Oscar seven times, three statues passed into her possession, and her appearances in "Casablanca" (1942) or "Herbstsonate" (1978) will remain unforgettable. Acting was her passion. But as the daughter of a photographer, she discovered the camera at an early age to capture her restless life.

I am Ingrid Bergman (Arte-Mediathek)

(Video available until May 5, 2018, according to the broadcaster)

Isabella Rossellini opened her mother's private archive for director Stig Björkman. Many meters of film could be discovered in it, but also Ingrid Bergman's diaries, letters and notes. With the help of this material and the interviews with the four children and a few other protagonists, the film tells the life story of a Swedish girl who became one of the most successful actresses in international film.

The Swedish documentary offers a very personal look behind the scenes of a fairytale career. Every ten years or so, the mother of four reinvented her life, changing husband and family. "I don't need roots," she once said in an interview. But this did not always go down well. When she left her first daughter Pia in the USA for the Italian director Roberto Rossellini, she fell out of favor there for a long time.

The film celebrated its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2015 and was honored with a “Mention Spéciale” by the jury of the “L'Œil d'or” documentary film award, which was awarded for the first time this year.

I am Ingrid Bergman
Documentary, S 2015, 112 minutes
Directed by Stig Björkman

(Thomas Schneider)



Scene from »I'm Ingrid Bergman« © Wesleyan University Cinema Archive, ZDF