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HistoryDrama / P16 / MaleSlash
Anthony "Tony" StonemCassie AinsworthElizabeth "Effy" StonemFreddie McLairMichelle "Chelle" RichardsonSidney "Sid" Jenkis
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The first semester was over and the holidays have started. Tony planned to come home for the holidays, he wanted to see his family again and go to old places from the old days. Most of his memories have come back, at least those of the last few years. He wanted to come home unannounced. Nobody knew about it, of course he also didn't know what had happened during that time.
He is sitting on the bus and looking out the window. What can you expect at home? Has a lot changed over time?
After the long bus ride, he has finally arrived and is on his way home. He still has his front door key and can enter the house without any problems. He puts the suitcase down and closes the door behind him. He looks around, he thinks not much has changed at first. He walks towards the kitchen where his mother is sitting at the kitchen table and reading the newspaper. Tony clears his throat briefly to draw attention to himself. "Tony, where are you from?" At the rear table, almost panicked, she gets up and takes him in her arms. "I thought I would spend my vacation at home with my family." His mother's smile disappeared after these words. "Where are Dad and Effy?"
Without saying a word, Elaine turns and sits down. Tony looks at her puzzled, "Sit down." She points to the chair across from her. When he is seated, she stretches her hand across the table and Tony takes it gently. "Do you know Tony in the time you weren't there a lot happened." "What do you think?" Elaine caresses his hand. "Your father moved out." Tony lets go of her hand and immediately gets up. "What, why, what did you do?" She also stands up. "I couldn't take it anymore with him, he didn't give me what I needed." She wanted to grab his hands but he pulled them away. "And then you just threw him out or how am I supposed to understand that now?" "No ... I ... I cheated on him." Tony only throws her an angry look, shakes his head and goes upstairs . "
When he enters his room it looks very different. He can imagine that it is Effy's room now. He looks around when his mother is already in the door. "And where is Effy?" Elaine leans against the door frame with her arms crossed. "She's with Freddie, her boyfriend." Tony turns to face her. "Effy has a boyfriend?" "Yes, for a while now, I'm also very happy that she has someone who is there for her." Tony's gaze falls on the board with the weekly schedule. "-Pill- This is written every day Word there. He turns back towards the door frame. "Pills, what kind of pills?" "She should tell yourself that, please come out of her room now." She ends her crossed stance and holds the door wide open to make Tony aware that he should really leave the room . With a sigh and one last look around the room, he goes down the stairs and into the living room.
They both sit on the sofa and Tony looks across the room. Everything wasn't as comfortable as it used to be, all the pictures on the wall were hung up and the family pictures weren't there either. The living room table is also no longer tidy where his mother used to attach great importance to it. Now it is full of cigarettes and alcohol, sometimes with magazines on it. Elaine takes a cigarette and lights it. "Tell me how it was with you." She turns in his direction and takes a pull. "The usual nothing special happened." Tony felt uncomfortable, it had changed so much, he just couldn't believe it. "So the usual, that means partying, drinking and ripping women up." A small smile came from Tony's lips. "The latter is not true." Elaine asked with a low chuckle: "Were the girls there not good enough, or why has that changed?" Tony considers whether he should tell her or should wait a little longer until that is really cleared up, but he does wants to keep the conversation going because the silence is just unbearable for him. “The girls are a little different there, a little more educated.” He'd rather keep it to himself, only with a blocking answer, if his mother would have known immediately what was going on. Tony heard the front door slam and footsteps approach the living room.
First, Freddie stood in the doorway and Tony, looking at his hands that are in his lap, looks up at him. Effy immediately appears behind him. "Omg, Tony you are here!" She falls tone around her neck and pulls him off the sofa so that he is on his knees on the floor. Effy bursts into tears and literally digs into Tony's back. "Yes, I'm here." He no longer understands the world, that he would not have expected such a reaction from his sister. Effy slowly loosens her grip when she notices Tony pulling away from her. They both look each other in the eye, Effy wants to know everything about him, how he is doing, so many questions come into her head, she would like to ask them all now. Tony takes Effy's hands and pulls them up. She takes a few steps back so that she is standing next to Freddie. “Freddie this is Tony. Tony, this is my friend Freddie. ”They both exchange nods and give each other a small smile. Effy turns to Freddie. "Is it okay for you if I talk to Tony a little alone, I think he has a lot to tell." "Of course I can understand, just call me again later." Effy gives him a short smile and Freddie gives her one Kiss goodbye, then nod again to Tony and leave the house. Effy eagerly takes Tony's hand and pulls him up the stairs to her and Tony's former room.
She closes the door, sits down on the bed and indicates that he should sit down next to her. He sits down next to her and takes her hand. "Effy what happened?" She starts laughing, which turns into crying. Tony tries to hug her, but she lays her head on his lap. He strokes her hair, the last time he was so emotional was when he found her unconscious on the floor when she got the overdose. He would like to find out what's going on but doesn't want to put pressure on her either and just waits. He keeps stroking her hair all the time. She begins to calm down and straighten up again. "So much has happened Tony, too much has happened." "I have time, tell me."
They sit on the bed for several hours and Effy tells him everything, everything except that the accident with him had a big impact on her, because she didn't want him to blame himself for anything in any way. You sit quietly next to each other and say nothing for a while. It's a lot of Tony and he has to understand the whole thing first. He doesn't want to ask any more questions either, Effy must have found it hard enough to tell him at all. The door to the room opens and Elaine comes in. “I ordered food for the 3 of us.” Effy immediately jumps up and yells at her: “We don't have any money to order food and you know that for sure!” “I'll pay for it, it's no problem Effy, everything is good. ”He stands up, stands behind her and strokes her shoulder.
During the meal there is silence, nobody says anything, only glances are exchanged, but only very rarely. Tony can't stand the silence: "I plan to see my old friends again, at least we said that we would do that in the first vacation, that everyone would go home and then we can meet again." Nobody says anything about it. Elaine continues to eat and Effy just pokes at her food. He would like to lighten the mood a bit, but how? It can't take it anymore. He has finished his food, so he gets up and leaves the house, he goes and he doesn't know where to go yet, but I didn't want to have to see his mother's face anymore.
"Tony can remember the last few years, he said ..", Elaine says and fixes her gaze on Effy.
"Then he can remember what a nice family life we ​​used to have," she replied without even looking at it. She gets up and walks towards the front door. "Effy where are you going?" Her mother yells after her. Effy puts on her shoes. "Get out of here, I can't see you anymore, I'm going to Freddie!" Before Elaine can say anything, the door is already closed.
Tony is sitting on the bench in the park, he is overwhelmed with the whole situation, he did not expect something like this when he comes home. He looks around the park when his eyes suddenly stop at a cyclist who is driving across the lake. "Sid!" Tony gets up immediately and then over. Sid has stopped but doesn't know who called him, but then he sees Tony walking towards him. He gets off the bike and throws it aside when Tony surprises him with a hug. "Tony!" Sid can't believe it at all, he's glad to see him again and a smile plays on his lips. They both look at each other and don't know what to say. "How are you?" Tony asks him happily. "I'm fine, am on my way home and you?" Neither of them can believe it, it's been a year since they last saw each other, but it seems like an eternity to them. "Come on, I'll accompany you." When asked how he is doing, he doesn't answer, but Sid doesn't seem to notice.
On the way to Sid, they tell each other what they have experienced. "And did you find Cassie when you were in New York?" Sid slows down and looks down. “I saw her once, when she drove past me in a taxi, otherwise I couldn't find her, but I don't want to think about it anymore, she decided she didn't want to have anything to do with me and I want to Don't annoy her either. ”His voice is soft and not as loud as before. “She should come back for the holidays, too,” Tony says proudly. "What ?!" Sid stops. “Now don't look so happy, we said that we would all come home for the holidays so we can meet again. Tony is overjoyed and amused by Sid's fright. "Y ... yes, but Cassie too?" "Yes, Cassie too." He pats Sid on the back with a smile and they walk on.
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