What are chemicals found in the kitchen

Chemicals for a drug kitchen? Find puzzles investigators in Preussisch-Oldendorf

Prussian Oldendorf (dpa / sap). After securing thousands of liters of chemicals in a warehouse in East Westphalia, experts continue to investigate. "The investigation of the substances has not yet been completed and will probably continue for a few more days," said the public prosecutor and police in Bielefeld on Monday afternoon. For this reason, no further information regarding the possible use of the chemicals can currently be given.

"According to initial findings, it cannot be ruled out that it could be a drug laboratory. Therefore, the Bielefeld police headquarters responsible for this have taken over the investigation," it concludes.

Among other things, the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of the Interior had sent experts from the State Criminal Police Office to East Westphalia to support the investigators.

According to the findings so far, there is no danger from the substances found for the population, it said. The police have cordoned off the room and secured the hall and the materials in it.

Because of a cable fire, the fire brigade went to the warehouse on Sunday on the outskirts of the B├Ârninghausen district in Preussisch Oldendorf. During the routine operation, the emergency services came across the 50 gas bottles and chemical tanks. The police reported a total of 35,000 liters.
"No zero eight fifteen stakes"

According to initial findings, the thousand-liter tanks contained sulfuric acid, caustic soda and phosphoric acid, among other things. Labels were destroyed on several containers or not at all.

On Sunday, 220 firefighters and an ABC train were deployed. "This is not a zero-eight fifteen mission that we have here every day," said a police spokesman in the Minden-L├╝bbecke district on Monday.

At first it was still unclear who had last used the approximately 650 square meter warehouse. The search was for a sub-tenant who, without the owner's knowledge, should have verbally agreed to use it only a few weeks ago. According to information from nw.de, a written contract should not be signed until these days. In the past few days, cars with license plates from Kleve and Geldern had been seen in the vicinity of the hall, it was heard. No one noticed large vans or conspicuous trucks.

The police said on Monday whether there was a connection to a car fire just a few kilometers away from the warehouse is still the subject of the investigation.

When the first emergency services arrived at the scene of the fire, two people were noticed near the hall on Sunday. According to witness statements, they should have escaped in a larger vehicle. The hall is currently locked and guarded.