What are private investigators asking for?

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Bernhard Hofmann
That of course depends on which investigator you hire. The hourly wages are very different. If you are already interested in a particular detective, just ask him if you can pay him a flat rate. If he charges an hourly wage that is too high, you can always look around for another investigator.
It depends on the job. If it is actually only for a short time, you can definitely agree a flat rate. On the other hand, an hourly or daily rate-based bill is not too high. However, if you only think that it would be a short-term assignment and it then turns out that it still requires some work, then it is best to go with a "success bonus model". Some detective agencies also offer this; However, pay attention to seriousness here to a greater extent. I recommend a daily rate that includes expenses, VAT, etc. to be calculated.
Lennard Werner
What does a short time mean for you? Over minutes, hours or days? Just have a look on the internet. You may find a detective agency there that is very close to you. Call him and explain what the job is exactly. Maybe you will agree on a fixed amount. If this is not the case, you should consider whether the stated hourly rate is ok.
Elias Schumacher
The detective costs of a good investigator can be very high. If you live in a bigger city, look up the phone book and call the individual detective agencies. Smaller companies are more likely to talk to themselves. Explain the situation and don't get involved in overpriced hourly wages. A good detective will tell you over the phone what costs to expect.
the detective agency
Even if the answer comes late, they may still be of use to you and others. Our new detective portal has recently been online. There you can find an overview of the costs of detectives by federal state.
What do you understand for a "short time". Among other things, it depends on the task at hand. Fee can be billed by the hour (plus material expenses such as motor vehicle, accommodation costs, etc.) or with a flat rate. Hope I could help.
The first question should actually be: what qualifications should a detective have?
Then of course it depends on the type of investigation.
The costs should be presented transparently.
You can find out more about detective costs here. We advise against detectives who only work on advance payment.
Kind regards
Copywriting advice
It is important to clarify the scope of the order and the costs beforehand. There are detective agencies that you can call for free and with a detective you can already stake out the budget on the phone. It is important to ask about flat rates and travel costs. Information on detective costs with free advice. In addition, of course, not all detective agencies are created equal! Therefore also ask about the success rate and experience.
Apart from the information posted: if I use a detective to monitor people in private, I can forget about the relationship anyway. In the case of white-collar criminals, it makes sense and is well worth considering. I once had a story in this area, which I was then able to clarify differently. bh_roth is the appropriate contact person.