What is special about a 90s child

33 things you will know when you are a 90s kid

Did you grow up in the 90s? Congratulations!

You are part of an absolute cult decade. No other decade can match the 90s in terms of fashion alone. Just remember: you wore naked trolls with colored felt hair around your neck, your sneakers were flashing, colored sunglasses were THE trend for you, and center parting à la Nick Carter was the coolest hairstyle you could have as a boy.

What were you still able to look forward to in the 90s? We at Jobmensa have made a list of 33 things that all generations after you don't know anymore (bad luck for them!)

1. GAMEBOY !!! Even in your sleep you piled the Tetris blocks on top of each other ...

2. Cassette in the Ar ...? You could save her with a pencil in an emergency.

3. Collecting plastic pacifiers was one of your favorite hobbies.

4. Relaxing after school. With “The Prince of Bel Air” nothing easier than that.

5. Your first kiss was while spinning the bottle. Never again have you got so close to Nicole's braces.

6. With a 5 D-Mark coin you had the feeling that you could buy EVERYTHING!

7. Your favorite snack during the break was the chocolate kissable bun. If you want to treat yourself to this stylish bite: simply place a chocolate kiss between two halves of the roll and squeeze it together properly. Bon Appetit!

8. You always needed batteries for something: alarm clock, Gameboy, Discman or your camera.

9. The Lion King was your first movie.

10. If you didn't have a sticker album, you could go home straight away.

11. It feels like you've seen Leo sinking in the Atlantic with the Titanic 100 times. And howled along every time.

12. Small letters under the school desk - the SMS of the Stone Age.

13. Adidas trousers with tearable side buttons and Buffalos were THE fashion statement par excellence.

14. Your favorite sweater was from Chiemsee ...

15. Tattoo chains in every imaginable color were the most beautiful fashion accessory for you.

16. You listened to the radio all day to record your favorite song and wanted to strangle the presenter if he talked in just before the end.

17. Bandanas give you a feeling of audacity - even if you lived in Wanne-Eickel.

18. With mascara you painted bright highlights in your hair.

19. Your Discman NEVER, NEVER fit in the pocket of your oversized denim jacket.

20. You wanted to be like Baby Spice or Sporty Spice. The main thing is hot!

21. The Tamagotchi was sold out for the next six months, so you only had the cheap copy. But didn't stop you from getting up at night to feed the thing.

22. You were only allowed on the Internet if Mom wasn't expecting an important call. So almost never.

23. You ABSOLUTELY wanted to imitate Michael Jackson on the Mini Playback Show.

24. Your 154 phone cards that your uncles and aunts brought you with them when they were visiting were your pride and joy.

25. Bum-Bum ice cream is your staple food. And strawberry strings!

26. Playing yo-yo is ultimate fun for you.

27. Little girls were dealing with Diddl leaves in the schoolyard. And they even smelled!

28. You all know your friends' phone numbers by heart! Where else should you save it?

29. "NOT THE MOTHER!" Well, who still knows it?

30. Steve Urkle bugged you.

31. “Kkrrrrchchrrrrrchrchrchrchrrrpiepiepieppiepkrkrkrkrchchchchrr”… You know what a modem is and what it sounds like when you want to get into this Internet.

32. Braided friendship bracelets are THE sign that you are popular. The more the better.

33. You just sing “Boom Boom Boom Boom, I want you in my room” in your room and think of Nico, your crush from 7b.

And what could you not be missing in the 90s? Leave us a comment!

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