How did you choose your college major?

Translation of "your major" in German

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So what this your major in college?
Judy Warner: Robbert, please tell us about your major at Delft Technical University and your role at Project March.
Judy Warner: Robbert, please tell us about Your major at Delft University of Technology and your role in Project March.
This certificate should state your major tasks and responsibilities and the period of employment.
You should get this certificate Her most important Tasks and duties as well as the duration of employment.
I have taken into consideration your major concerns and objections and have provided substantive replies.
I have Her most important Concerns and objections are taken into account and a detailed position is taken on them.
I'm thinking of changing your major to something else.
Now You: What are your major privacy concerns?
What were your major influences in your upbringing and education would you credit for influencing your belief system?
What was Her most important Influences in your upbringing and would you attribute education as an influence on your belief system?
Have you declared your major yet?
In addition, you now know who your major Competitors are and can measure your brand against them in other surveys down the road.
Plus, then you know who Her most important Are competitors, and you can compare your brand with them in further surveys.
This means that you are already breaking one of your major promises.
U.S. State and Local Governments Solve your major infrastructure challenges.
U.S. State and Local Agencies Deal with it the most important Infrastructure challenges.
Your personality profile revealed your major weakness.
Has your personality profile Your one Showing weakness.
I'll have your major debrief your detectives and type the warrants himself.
I let Your major just question your detectives and type out the warrant himself.
This has also necessitated more frequent contact between your major governments and us.
And it has more regular contact between your important ones Governments and us made necessary.
The pastoral care of youth is one of your major concerns.
Their experienced, professional teachers will help you to prepare for your major exams.
Experienced, professional teachers prepare you here the most important Exams before.
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