What ten things should you never start?

10 things you should never do in New York

There are many myths about New Yorkers. No, not all of them wear black clothes and are unfriendly. (Well, maybe they are a bit rude in general.) That’s understandable, though. After all, it is easy to get annoyed by the many tourists when you are actually just walking to work. But if you let these ten things be easy, you'll be able to get by in New York City without having to take the bad looks of the locals. You will also be well received by New Yorkers as a tourist if ... # 1: Not knowing when a taxi is available
It always looks so simple in a movie. Put your arm out. Zack, the taxi pulls up. Reality Check: You're not Sarah Jessica Parker, and this isn't the newest Sex and the City-Movie. During rush hour and when it rains, it seems almost impossible to get a taxi. It is helpful (for everyone involved) to know when it is worth yelling after the taxi (quite normal in New York). When the light is on: stretch your arm, hop up and down the street corner and pray that the taxi driver will take you with him. When the lights are off: no chance. Really not. Someone is already sitting in there and nobody will stop and take you away.
# 2: Expect a great view from the hotel room
At one of my last New York-Three things were important to me for my hotel room: central, clean, affordable. The most frequent view from the room with these demands? A high wall of houses. If you want a great view over the East Village or Central Park, it costs accordingly. Otherwise it is more the view of the air conditioning in the outbuilding. You have to put your head very close to the window to see the sky and to be able to estimate the weather. Not unusual in NYC. And not that important to me either. Finally there is the Weather Channel. And how much time do you really spend in your hotel room in Manhattan? Just!

# 3: leave the sweater in the hotel

It's 30 degrees and you are already dissolving when you leave the hotel? Take a light sweater with you! No, I do not suffer from chronic freezing. However, I can promise you one thing: the air conditioning will hit your sweaty body like a blow. Whether in a store or in a museum. You will also be able to freeze at 30 degrees. Especially if you are in New York on business. Once when I walked into a high-rise office building in New York, I wanted to get a coat. Outside 34 degrees, inside 16 - completely normal. The New York ladies were used to it and wore summer dresses. Instead, I quickly got my blazer out of my pocket ...

# 4: Take a "How are you?" Too literally

People in America are very friendly - but also very superficial. While shopping in Soho, the nice saleswoman asks you how you are. A little hint: they don't care. Not just a little, but not at all. This is just an empty phrase and can even be equated with a "Hi". So please don't start to tell that you are doing really well today in the dream weather. And the whole New York trip distracts you so much from your ex-boyfriend who has been feeling so bad lately. Instead of pity, you will only get an annoyed frown back.

# 5: When the subway arrives, want to get on quickly

Unfortunately, it's a fact: in New York City, you're just getting in the way pretty often. So that nobody snaps at you when you get on the subway: Step back! It is best to imagine the people getting out as a kind of parade. You know, like the big Christmas Parade in Manhattan. Step back, observe relaxed and wait until it's all over, then move or get in. Sounds so simple. So often disregarded. It just makes life so much easier for everyone. Just pay attention to it.
# 6: Put your bag on the seat next to you
Oh, no matter what, and while we're on the subject, here's another subway tip. We actually also know from Germany. It's even more important in New York because there are more people on the subway. Don't put your bag on the seat next to you. Do you feel like a lot of New Yorkers are rude? Wouldn't you be annoyed if one of the few seats were occupied by bags after a long day at work? Just! By the way, there's no pardon when there's a small dog in your pocket. In Manhattan, dogs are only allowed on the subway in bags anyway. However, a separate seat for them is not accepted ... # 7: Don't look around and stick to your phone
Sure, Pokémon Go is captivating and so is the news from your best friend from Germany. But: Cheer up! Nothing is more annoying in a city where you are constantly running into a mess than someone who sticks his nose on his cell phone and doesn't notice anything. Better to sit on a park bench for this. Go (!) Away is really to be understood as such in New York City. Otherwise nobody would ever get anywhere. After all, you shouldn't forget that while we have free time and stroll around, others have a normal everyday life. With appointments and stress. # 8: Want to have an important phone call outside
Another cell phone tip. You want to take your time to discuss something important with someone on the phone. Then off to any hotel lobby! Talking relaxed on the street can be a real challenge in Manhattan. Either you don't understand the last sentence because a fire brigade or police car with a siren is driving past you (all the time!), Or another loud noise is disturbing your conversation. Then you actually have to get on the next subway, but as soon as you step down a few steps, the reception is gone. Believe me, it's just not worth the stress!
# 9: Look for a romantic starry sky on the rooftop bar
Short reminder: You are in New York City. In a figurative sense, this stands for high-rise buildings, lots of lights and all of that on a small island called Manhattan. If you have the feeling that you have to look for the stars in Hamburg, then you can roughly imagine how the whole thing must behave in New York. However, that doesn't mean that the rooftop evening can't be romantic. After all, all these lights are really a fantastic view. Stars? Who needs a starry sky when there is real skyline romance. # 10: dump money on the boat to the Statue of Liberty
Finally, the ultimate sightseeing tip. Hoping the New York Tourism Association won't haunt me now (oh oh). Please do not spend money on a boat tour to the Statue of Liberty. Really not. a) It's overpriced, b) You're too close for a cool photo, c) You get the experience for free. Simply take the Staten Island Ferry over to (whoever guesses) Staten Island for free from the harbor. It's really free. From the boat you have a great view of the Statue of Liberty and can take perfect pictures!