Italians have olive skin

Winter type - natural appearance

The Winter type belongs to the cold color types. There are very noticeable differences among the winter types. First of all, the winter type naturally has very strong contrasts (skin, hair, eyes) and is therefore the only color type on which, if it is not made up, black or white and other clear and very bright cold colors or deep, cold, dark tones look really beneficial. But there are also so-called warm colors among the cold ones, for example spectral red or a clear bottle green and berry tones that make a winter type shine and underline its beauty.

The differences are that the winter type very white skin like porcelain that tans little or not at all and also dark brown or black hair - so-called Snow White type - or he has light skin, which can turn very dark brown (red-brown, black-brown, olive-gray-brown). But there are also completely different types of winter, such as many people from the southern, Mediterranean region (Spaniards, many Italians and Greeks ...) who have slightly tinted skin even without the sun. Of course there are also blonde or light-skinned Italians who are more of a summer type, but I am writing here about the black-haired and very dark people. Or imagine Indians with theirs reddish brown and dark skin, to which rust tones, orange and similar tones, would not fit at all, because the skin would then look even redder. They are not, as you know from old westerns, the autumn types that the natural colors are supposed to suit. Only a few other examples are many Asians (Chinese, Indians, Japanese ...) or Mexicans, most Brazilians and oriental people (e.g. Turks, Iranians, many Moroccans ...) come to mind as examples of very conspicuous winter types. In addition, the people come along darker brownskin, such as black Africans. Not all people with brown skin are automatically autumn types! The Winter typesthat become or are very dark either have a very red-brown or one yellowish (olive) skin tone, which is also very often confused with that of the autumn type. However, if a person with yellowish, oval skin and black hair wears warm olive-green, beige or yellow-brown, for example, their skin looks old and tired, the whites of the eyes lose their clarity, they get shadows under the eyes and thus look generally unfavorable.

The eye pigmentations are also very different. The iris can be extremely dark, as we know it from black-brown eyes, or very piercingly clear and light with a black or dark gray rim. The eyes have one thing in common, they show very strong contrasts on. The The white of the eyes needs clarity. It is also very white by nature and looks rather reddened with very warm or earthy colors. The eye colors can be: Blue, green, brown. If these Eye colors A layperson often cannot recognize clarity, cool tones or warmth and the color type is confused with the autumn type, for example, because the eyes can look the same on the first impression.

The hair colors are usually dark brown to black. A cool cherry shade can look very elegant in some winter types. The winter types are those who can turn gray very early (at the end of 20 years). So gray hair is not a sign of age. But there are occasionally other color types that are grayed out just as early. But usually it's the winter type. The gray hair can even look very lively and youthful, which of course always depends on the individual type of person. In the winter type, it is silver or white in places and goes perfectly with the cold shades of its palette.

The winter types have very different colors depending on their external appearance. The light ice tones are better for some, extreme color contrasts for others, yet others can wear all winter type colors and contrasts or some winter types are more the so-called warm and dark colors of their color palette and depending on the color, plain is more advantageous than extreme color contrasts.

Here I present examples of my customers.

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