What if IPL teams were students?

Who are Shin and Caroline anyway?

Shin and Caroline are the new SHSG presidential team. We met them for an interview to find out who they are and what they are up to now. How did you find each other as a team?

Caroline: We have known each other since the assessment. We were together in the business administration core team and then we also had IPL together. We got to know each other well and are a great team.

Shin: We have been good friends since then and are now even on the same course - so the path was relatively short.

Was the division of roles clear to you from the start?

Shin: Yes, because we both have different strengths: For example, I was able to gain leadership experience in the military and complete communication training. So it makes sense that I take over public relations.

And the decision to apply came spontaneously?

Shin: I've always found the position very attractive. After all, it is a position where you can make a difference. I am currently Chairman of Act (Asian Culture Transfer) and I want to continue my student involvement.

According to your own statements, you have a lot of 'visions and ideas' - what exactly can we mean by that?

Caroline: One of our ideas is, for example, the launch of an SHSG app. The aim of this app would be to bundle all the information that is found very fragmented on the university website; for example all deadlines and dates. So you know what's going on on campus, after all, there are many attractive things you can do that unfortunately get lost in the flood of information.

Shin: We see potential for improvement above all in the IT area and want to use this channel to increase the SHSG's presence among students. I have the impression that the students are not even aware that we are their contact person. Such an app is a start-up portal and makes it possible to bring information to the students and to strengthen and improve contact. It remains to be seen to what extent this can be implemented.

You are both studying IA and are both in your bachelor's degree - don't you have the feeling that this is a bit one-sided?

Caroline: I don't think so. In addition to my studies, I was able to gain a lot of work experience and think that I can also bring a different perspective on things.

Shin: In addition, when it comes to the composition of the board, we will ensure that we achieve a high degree of diversity. We're not the only ones who make decisions. Accordingly, every student can feel represented by us.

Caroline: At the end of the day we all study at the University of St. Gallen - the interests can't be that far apart.

Speaking of the board - what requirements do you have for your future board members?

Shin: So the first point is definitely willingness to perform and also the motivation to invest time. And of course, previous knowledge in certain areas, such as IT or finance, is an advantage. We look forward to every application, of course.

There was no election campaign now, sad?

Shin: It's a shame we would have liked to campaign. But of course we are primarily happy that we can take office and all the more motivated to prove ourselves as a worthy team and to fully represent the interests of the students and to meet their wishes.

Caroline: And because of that, we have now also gained time and can already prepare.

Basic question about the SHSG: What remains as it is, what has to change?

Caroline: We don't intend to change everything, it's basically fine the way it is now.

Shin: The structures of the SHSG are good, but certain areas and branches can still be strengthened. For example, contact with the city and the population. A lot can also be achieved in the area of ​​internationalization - especially now with the English track and the growing number of exchange students, we want to endeavor to make the student body more international and, for example, to also make the myunisg page available in English.

Caroline: We want to emphasize that you are open to everyone.

You say in your election program that you want to redesign the myunsig page in general. What would this change look like?

Caroline: In terms of content, we think the site is good, everything is there. Only the structure needs to be adjusted a bit and, above all, access to certain content needs to be simplified.

If you had to describe each other in three words ...?

Shin: Caroline is organized, communicative and self-critical.

Caroline: I think Shin is very enthusiastic, spontaneous and committed.

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years or where would you like to see each other?

Shin: Very, very likely, not as CEO. Precisely because I am very spontaneous, I can easily imagine doing a job where I travel a lot and have a lot to do with people.

Caroline: I definitely have a university degree (laughs.) And I hope that I'll still experience a lot and not just sit in an office from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. But otherwise, s'näh pointed out.

What would you take with you to a desert island?

Caroline: A good friend or a good friend

Shin: Football is probably not worth it if I don't have anyone to play with. So a good book.

A recommendation?

Shin: The Kite Runner.

The next prism deals with the topic of climax - what has been the climax of your studies so far? Except for the choice, of course!

Shin: Act, last year and the trip to Berlin with the HSG soccer team.

Caroline: There are a lot of them, but my first week was definitely one of them.

If you work so closely together now - don't you think that there could be more between you than friendship?

Caroline: I am happily forgiven and have no plans to change that.

Shin: (laughs) Then I guess I was unlucky.