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The healing crystal guide for beginners: which 8 healing stones you need to get started and how they work

How healing crystals develop their effect and how you can cleanse and care for them

Amber Finney, also known as Amber the Alchemist, is a spiritual healer who uses crystals as a central part of her work. In her opinion, when it comes to healing crystals, there is something for every need, be it emotional support, trust, or general vitality. "Our ancient ancestors were well aware of the wisdom that could be gained from the vibrations of the crystals," she says, adding that historically they were an important part of the Kemetic way of life (an ancient Egyptian religion and way of life, about Amber Finney talks about crystals in general), especially in her beauty rituals. "The goddess Auset (Isis) went to the river to massage rose quartz on her face" - long before facial rollers existed. In addition to their use in beauty care, she says crystals were often used not only to identify royalty, but were also carved into amulets for protection and were usually placed in tombs to aid the soul in the afterlife.

Healing stones and spirituality as a passion

Her passion for healing led her to a career in spiritual work after an eight year career in the fashion industry. "Spirituality was the basis in my home and I feel called to pass on my teaching and gift," she says. "Now I am able to bring my love of style, design and spirituality to my work. In addition to her business, which is filled with medicinal products like Florida water, essential oils and powerful crystals like amethyst, Amber Finney is also for hers Instagram page @browngirlalchemy that she co-created with her mother "to enhance our spiritual teachings, growth and enlightenment." They also host a joint podcast called Brown Girl Alchemizing in which they "take a journey." through black femininity, mysticism, ancestor worship, well-being, meaning and advancement ". Soon there will also be sales items under their common brand that the two consider to be" catalysts for a conscious, strongly vibrating life ".

Pictured below: Amber Finney offers a crystal guide for beginners. Perfect for those looking to refresh their knowledge or those who are stressed out in quarantine at home and are looking for new ways to practice wellness.

Selenite, Labradorite, Amethyst, Lapis, Moon Quartz, Lepidolite, Sunstone, Clear Quartz, Pink Ocean Jasper and Black Moonstone. Photo: Courtesy of Amber Finney.

Crystals to start with

Rose quartz

"Most people associate rose quartz with romantic love, but actually it is a universal love stone. In order to fully experience love, your heart chakra must be open to it. Rose quartz guides your heart chakra to open yourself to love - for yourself, romantic Connections, family, etc. ".

Rose quartz. Photo: Courtesy of Amber Finney.

Black tourmaline

"Protection is essential and the black tourmaline is a must for protection in all forms. In particular, it eliminates the low vibrating energy around you and in your energy body. It is the envious blocker of the mineral world!

Black tourmaline is essential for protection in all forms.

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"Amethyst is a great introduction to the world of crystals. Its calming energy is not overwhelming, but it is noticeable enough to be felt on you and those around you. It is ideal for a peaceful sleep and should be used in." near your bed, especially if you have a sleep disorder or if you want your child to have a good night's sleep. Connecting with their intuition is also a good place to start. "

Amethyst. Photo: Courtesy of Amber Finney.

How to Purify Your Crystals

Amber Finney's preferred cleaning method is through smoke (incense, camphor or cedarwood) and salt water. "You can wet your crystals by placing them together with the smoke while you pray to remove unwanted energies. Salt is historically known for its cleansing and detoxifying properties. You can bury your crystals in salt to disperse or dissipate negative energies." immerse them in salt water, but it does suggest that you should research your crystal before using salt water as some crystals are soft and can dissolve. ”Crystals that normally end in -ite should not come in contact with water. ”

Cleansing crystals is an important measure "so that you can clear away the energies that have interacted with them". In this way you work with the purest form of the crystal without external influences. This makes your ability to bond with them easier. "In her own business, Amber Finney cleanses the healing stones, charges with Reiki, and anoints her crystals with her anointing oil soaked in quartz" so that you can instantly cultivate a bond with your crystal allies. "

Quartz heals physical pain and increases self-esteem. Photo: Courtesy of Amber Finney.

How to Charge Your Crystals

Amber Finney recommends charging crystals because it "reactivates, awakens and activates their natural vibrations". It is not mandatory, but extremely helpful! You can charge crystals by burying them in the earth. "The crystals come directly from the earth, so burying them back in the earth connects them directly to their source. You can also charge the crystals under sunlight or moonlight." The sunlight charges the crystal with more masculine energy, which is stable and Growth is connected as the moon charges the crystal with its feminine elements of emotional and intuitive connection. Reiki is another form with which she charges her crystals as well. "As a certified Reiki practitioner, I love using the power of my hands to charge the crystals with light energy."

Golden Healer Crystals are known to heal on all levels, including the cellular level and in connection with the divine. Photo: Courtesy of Amber Finney.

The best crystals for stressful times

Amber Finney has found solace in her wellness practice, especially now amid a pandemic and monumental human rights movement. "Thanks to the sacrifices and efforts of our ancestors, we now have the access and flexibility to return to our emotional, spiritual, mental and physical bodies," she says. "Self-care is an opportunity to reconnect with our history and to regain our spiritual and well-being space. Through self-care we not only nourish our entire origins, but also heal them".


Lepidolites are an essential element right now, "because we are all experiencing changes that can make us uncomfortable. It is a healing stone that helps in times of transition and is wonderful for the nervous system as it relieves stress and anxiety," says Amber Finney . "Now the time has definitely come to activate our sacral chakra."

Lepidolite helps in times of transition.

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Our sacral chakra is the energetic center in our body that connects to our ability to experience pleasure, creativity and connection to our body "which makes the carnelian another precious crystal" to rekindle our passion and us with the To connect things and people that give us pleasure ".

Carnelians connect us to things and people that bring us pleasure.

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Hematite / blood stone

Amber Finney also recommends the hematite to reinforce the link with our genetic origins. During this time, many of us want to connect with the roots of our ancestors more and more often.

Hematites strengthen the connection with the origin.

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Amber Finney's favorites

Lapis lazuli

“It is my favorite because of the spiritual work I do every day. I use it for personal divination, but I also always wear a lapis ring when doing tarot readings. It allows me to receive divine guidance and information to convey more clearly.