Which hospital did you go to?

Emergency room - when should you go?

Convenience instead of emergency

A Doctor from the emergency room says that more and more patients are coming straight to the emergency room: “The rate of increase is almost ten percent from year to year. Unfortunately, many people have lost the sense of whether their symptoms are harmless or not really a serious illness is behind it, which must be treated immediately in the hospital. The Rate of real emergencies is only about ten to 20 percentWe sometimes refer to the others as “plaster patients”. Why the rush to the ambulance? to get there faster - and often enough does not know who is actually responsible for such cases On-call practice ", so the doctor.

Bullying and violence are no exception

It is clear that the Impatience of many people makes the emergency rooms twice to create. On the one hand, the leads massive rush to that real emergency patients wait unnecessarily long have to. On the other hand, it is at peak times already jostled at the registration. So it is not uncommon stress-related overreactions. The reason is obvious: The Expectation to get it done quickly, becomes almost inevitable because of the crowd disappointed. Some clinics already have their own Security services for such cases. For the staff, that's one thing very heavy additional load.

Acting sensibly could help

In over 80 percent of the cases they have Patients complaints that they often do not even consider to be a real emergency: Mild rashes, constipation, back pain, cough, or ear pain. Anyone who appears in the emergency room on Saturday evening had these complaints partly already on Friday, but then no desire to find yourself in the overcrowded family doctor's practice. Wait until monday? “That is also out of the question for many. Because Monday you have to go back to work "the doctor continues. But waiting is not always the better way: “We recently had young parents here with their eight month old child. The little one suddenly had a very high fever and kept screaming. The Parents were very worried and completely insecure. They didn't want to lose any time and drove straight to the nearby hospital. Fortunately, there was no life-threatening illness here either, but in such cases, for example small patient cannot articulate himself, caution is always better. "In other cases, however, the doctor urgently advises you to contact the General practice or outside of their opening times to responsible on-call service practice to turn.