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What actually is self-marketing?

Do good and talk about it - this is more true today than ever: In addition to serious specialization in very specific areas of responsibility, you are responsible for your own positive reputation and perception as a successful problem solver and should therefore do smart marketing on your own behalf: Self-marketing and self-marketing

A successful self-marketing concept takes your professional skills into account and helps to make them known to the right target group - that is, current and future employers. Building on a well-founded profile analysis, it is important to recognize your own strengths and adapt them to the needs of the market or employers. Then, with a suitable self-marketing strategy, an image that is as positive as possible must be built up, i.e. the unique professional selling point must be made known. Successful, self-confident appearances convince others of your own performance.

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Your starting point

Analyzing your own initial situation naturally includes an authentic ability to assess previous achievements and an intensive examination of your own professional profile. For example, have you preferred analytical, creative or technical challenges so far? Accordingly, of course, only very specific professional tasks suit each of us. Ask yourself which previous tasks - regardless of salary or status - have given you the most pleasure. In which jobs are you always fully committed to the task despite the strenuous task? What are your five most important favorite activities in general? Questions like these are then the starting point for a discussion of the topic: Where or at which companies with which problem-solving expectations do you need your strengths, your special skills and competencies?

Self-Marketing: Formulate Your Goals

After dealing with your initial situation, the next step should be to clarify which professional and private goals are particularly important to you: What does success actually mean for you? What should a successful future professional activity look like for you? What types of rewards, e.g. B. the salary, are important to you? Or do you want to work in a reputable company with well-known supervisors? In any case, it is important to first clarify what you want to achieve professionally in life, because only then can you find the right path to achieve this. Or to put it another way: if you don't have a goal, every path is the right one for you.

Self-Marketing: Your Public Appearance

In your public appearances, your competence profile should be presented as target-group-oriented as possible, but it should also suit you. Basically, the three success criteria - competence, performance motivation and personality - are again important here. And you should communicate these aspects as well as possible during your appearance. This includes a clothing style that suits the industry and you, body language that underlines your motivation to perform and an overall sympathetic, natural charisma.

Of course, these aspects are also important in your self-marketing activities on the Internet. For your professional homepage, your weblog specializing in a professional topic, your activities in a business community, e.g. B. Xing or LinkedIn, you also need a professional appearance, which usually includes a friendly and serious photo.

Self-Marketing: Summary

Marketing yourself on the job market is a long-term process and therefore requires patience and perseverance. For long-term success you should always make it your maxim to consciously emphasize your individual strengths and characteristics so that you stand out as a person or as a provider of a certain service on the job market.

Take into account the recurring elements: analysis, planning, implementation and control. The course control, which is important for the long-term perspective, helps to adjust your concept again and again to the respective circumstances.

Become the manager of your own success: "What lies behind us and what lies ahead are tiny compared to what lies within us."; Oliver Wendell Holmes