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Car recycling: dispose of old vehicles properly

If the car does not pass the TÜV and a repair is no longer worthwhile, it has to be disposed of. But where should the old car go? Find out what options you have and what you need to consider when recycling a car.

If your old vehicle is unfit to drive or unsafe to drive, you must dispose of it properly. At the Park the roadside and hope that grass grows over it is not an alternative. This offense comes with a Fine of around 100 euros punished. It becomes even more expensive if the environment is significantly polluted with oil or other liquids.

Disposal by the manufacturer

One possibility of car recycling is to return it to the manufacturer. The European end-of-life vehicle regulation obliges automakers to take back their vehicles free of charge and to dispose of it properly. The processing usually takes place via the authorized dealers. This regulation is linked to certain conditions:

  • It applies to M1 class vehicles (Vehicles for passenger transport with a maximum of eight seats in addition to the driver's seat) and N1 (Vehicles for the transport of goods with a maximum weight of up to 3.5 tons).

  • It applies not for classic cars and also not for caravans (no car).

  • Excepted are end-of-life vehicles from which essential parts or components (e.g. drive, body parts, chassis, catalytic converter, electronic control units) have been removed. If essential components of the car are missing, a fee can be requested for the disposal.

  • The take-back obligation applies also for vehicles with foreign registration within the European Union. The prerequisite is that the admission period within the EU was at least 4 weeks.

What are old cars?

Legislators understand end-of-life vehicles as vehicles that are obviouslyunfit to drive are. If just one tire is broken or a window is cracked, it is not an end-of-life vehicle.

How does the car recycling work?

Automakers and importers have that GESA take-back system (Common point for old vehicles): Owners can look for a return point for their car at altfahrzeugstelle.de. Maximum distance to home: 50 kilometers. Utilization is free of charge under the above conditions.

If you want to have your car disposed of, please contact the return point. The car is usually picked up as part of collective trips and then scrapped by a certified specialist company. The vehicle owner then receives a legal certificate of destruction, with which he drives his car at the Deregister the licensing authority (shut down) can. The recyclers often offer to do this for a fee (approx. 50 euros).

Deregister old cars correctly

To final shutdown For an end-of-life vehicle, the approval authority must be presented with the certificate of destruction (issued by the certified company), the dismantled license plates and the vehicle registration document and letter (registration certificate, parts I and II).

Disposal by private car recyclers

If for the end-of-life vehicle or for parts of it, another proceeds is to be expected, it can also have a certified car recycler be disposed of. Scrap metal factories pay money for the wrecks due to the high demand for steel. The price of scrap is currently around 100 euros per ton, but there is rarely that much for scrap cars.

The companies have to calculate around 100 euros per car for environmentally friendly recycling. How much the customer still receives for his "old man" also depends on the following factors:

  • residual value of the vehicle: Which components are suitable for reuse? What is the market value of these components?

  • State of preservation the most frequently requested components

  • Vehicle model: casualty younger models can possibly bring more

  • your own negotiation skills

  • Some businesses do Unsubscribe formalities at the same time if you wish, the same applies to them Collection. However, this service is almost always billed.

Suitable car recycling companies can be found on the Internet, for example - simply enter the search term "car recycling" with details of the desired location. Obtain offers from several companies, to get a fair price. If possible, negotiate this over the phone, including a pick-up and cancellation service if necessary.

Sale of the old car as a used car

Should the auto recycler consider your car as used and not for scrapping buy, then necessarily conclude a written sales contract! It is best to use the ADAC sample sales contract.

Sale on car exchanges

In addition to the classic car recyclers, there are also car markets on the Internet or in daily newspapers that signal interest in old cars. But not all are serious! Attention is required in any case with the so-called "Buy your car ticket", left behind by the buyers on parked cars! Promises such as "payment of maximum prices in cash" only sound tempting at first glance. Here you can find more information about the most popular scams when buying and selling cars.

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