Relieves or terminates HCL employees

    A bang on Thursday evening: SC Riessersee parted ways with coach George Kink with immediate effect. A successor is not yet known.

    Pana Christakakis slept badly on the night from Wednesday to Thursday, extremely badly. No wonder, since he had a conversation before going to bed that he had never had to have. The managing director of SC Riessersee exchanged ideas with the board of the friends' association. The subject: Trainer George Kink. When the interview ended, the coach's fate was sealed. The ice hockey league team is separating with immediate effect from Kink, who has held the chief position since December 2018 and previously played for Riessersee for years.

    Unfortunately, we did not see any alternative to a change

    SCR managing director Pana Christakakis

    The reason for the coach's dismissal is on the ice. "Due to the Corona, we didn't set a sporting goal this year. But the players, especially the young ones, should be pushed, ”says the managing director. Christakakis and Co. did not make this observation, the further development of the team is stagnating. "That is why we unfortunately saw no alternative to a change." There was no impulse from the team in this regard. “But of course there are always satisfied and dissatisfied players.” Ultimately, the responsibility lay with Christakakis. “That was the first time that I had to terminate an employment relationship. That's not a nice feeling. "

    Now the managing director has to switch directly, because if a trainer is dismissed, a new one is of course required. He is already in talks, and cooperation partner EHC Munich is also providing support. Christakakis hopes to introduce Kink's successor today. One who will initially take over until the end of the season. "I am now hoping for a new start on a strong foundation," emphasizes the managing director. Kink himself did not want to take a stand on the events on Thursday, let it sink in and then comment on it in the coming days.

    But there is also good news: Tonight at the home game against HC Landsberg, two of the most recently injured pillars will return to the squad of the white-blue team - Florian Vollmer and Daniel Allavena. In particular, the absence of the captain had made itself very noticeable. The center and leader were missing on every nook and cranny. The SCR is also pleased to be able to rely on the services of Goalie Allavena again. Even if he was well represented by Michael Böhm in the past few games.

    Clear favorite in the home game against Landsberg

    Despite all the unrest in the run-up, the win against the beaten bottom from Landsberg is a must. The fact that the HCL knew how to keep the Riessersee busy on the third match day at the Olympic Ice Sports Center and only lost 2-1. Because the Landsbergers only have an average of 0.17 points and were able to celebrate a victory against Lindau on the second day of the season for the only time this season.

    The SCR also needs a success, for the first time this season they conceded two bankruptcies after regular time in a row, slipped to sixth place in the classification and threatens to drop out of the playoff ranks. A triumph would be doubly important: for the table, as well as for the new coach, who might be behind the gang.