Can I change my bike registration number?

But where is the frame number? And what does it look like? We explain this and how you can protect yourself against bicycle theft in our guide.

So that bike thieves don't stand a chance, we explain what the frame number on the bike is all about and how the identifier helps you to protect your bike from theft:

• What is the frame number on the bike?

• What do I need the frame number for?

• Where can I find the frame number?

• What does the frame number look like?

• How do I determine the year of construction with the frame number?

• How do I check the number if my bike is stolen?

• How do I also protect myself from bicycle thieves?

What is the frame number on a bike?

The frame number is a code that you can find on every bike frame. The code consists of various letters and numbers that bicycle manufacturers attach to the wheels. With the Combination of letters and numbers the police can check the owner of the bike. This is particularly important if the bike is found again after it has been stolen.

According to the currently valid EU standard (formerly DIN 79100), the frame numbers must be consecutive, permanent and clearly visible. However, not all manufacturers adhere to the specification, so that in some cases the same frame numbers are assigned to several bikes. Because many manufacturers have only started all over again from the millionth frame number, it is unlikely that bicycles of the same model and year of manufacture also have the same frame number.

What do I need the frame number for?

The frame number of a bike is important if your bike has been stolen. If you report your bike to the police as missing, you not only give the model of the bike, but also your frame number. If your bike finally turns up after a theft, the police can check the frame number and quickly identify you as the owner.

tip: When you buy your bike, make a note of the frame number on the invoice or in a bike pass so that you have it to hand in the event of theft.

Where can I find the frame number?

The frame number can be attached to your bike in different places:

  • on the handlebar
  • on the seat post
  • on the frame tube
  • on the bottom of the bottom bracket

For bicycles that were not manufactured according to DIN, you can also find the frame number in the following places:

  • above the bottom bracket on the frame tube (front or rear)
  • on the suspension (left or right)

Can't find your frame number? Then it's best to ask the manufacturer or bike dealer directly where the frame number is usually located on your model.

You should know that: E-bikes also have a frame number. It is in the same places as a normal bicycle.

What does the frame number look like?

The frame number is at least six digits and consists of numbers and letters. Sometimes it is also struck in two lines. you should know: Many bicycles also have other numbers such as the article or order number. However, these numbers are assigned several times and are therefore unsuitable for searching for your bike. When buying, specifically ask for a bike pass that contains the frame number. So you can be sure that you are looking for your bike with the correct number, the frame number.

How do I determine the year of construction with the frame number?

Because the frame numbers are assigned consecutively, you can use the Frame number the year of construction of your bike determine. This is particularly interesting for older collectibles. However, you cannot clearly determine the year because some manufacturers have started again from scratch after they had exceeded the first million.

If your frame number has been assigned several times, it is therefore worth taking a look at the model. It is best to ask the manufacturer directly in which years the model of your bike was produced.

On Bicycle collectoryou have an overview of the frame numbers of individual manufacturers and the allocation to the year of construction. However, because the data are not complete, there may be occasional inaccuracies. Nevertheless, the graphics offer a first clue to determine the year of construction with the help of the frame number.

How do I check the bike theft number?

The frame number will help you if your bike has been stolen. The best thing to do is to contact the police directly. The officers check your frame number on site and can find out whether your bike has already been found.

If your bike hasn't surfaced yet, the police will write down the code. If the officers find more stolen bikes, they can immediately check your frame number and identify you as the owner.

You should know that: Do you want to buy a bike privately? Even then, it can be worthwhile to ask the police directly whether the bike has been reported as stolen. The police will then check the frame number for you. So you are on the safe side when buying.

How do I also protect myself against bicycle thieves?

Sometimes the best bike lock won't help against thieves. Therefore, it is important that you take other measures in addition to a secure lock so that you can get your bike back in the event of theft. We have the top five Tips against bicycle theft compiled for you:

1. Make a note of your frame number.

So that the frame number is useful when looking for your bike, you should make a note of the ID immediately after purchase and keep it with the purchase receipt.

2. Keep a bicycle pass.

It's best to ask your bike dealer for one directly Bike pass. The document contains important details about your bike such as the model, the color, but also the frame and coding number.

The bike pass is also available as a App. If your bike is stolen, you can easily report the theft to the police because they have all the important data at hand with the bike pass. This allows the police to check stolen bikes for your frame number.

3. Have a bicycle coding done.

In the meantime it is no longer customary to register bicycles with the police with the frame number. Instead there is Bike codingwhere a combination of letters and numbers is engraved on your wheel.

With the help of the identification, you can immediately infer your place of residence and you can easily be identified as the owner. The bike coding is a useful addition to the bike pass.

4. Equip your bike with GPS.

So that you can find your bike quickly, you can equip it with a GPS tracker, for example in a hidden place on the steering wheel. As soon as your bike is stolen, the system sounds an alarm and you get a notification on your smartphone. The GPS tracker will then tell you the new location of your bike, which you can pass on to the police.

5. Get bike insurance.

Ultimately, only that helps Extended bicycle protection from household contents insurancewhen your bike is gone forever without a trace. This will give you the replacement value of your stolen bike from the insurance company if you present the frame number and the purchase receipt to your insurer.

Bicycle insurance is worthwhile, because with household contents insurance your bicycle is only protected if it is stolen from your garage or living space. With the bicycle insurance, the protection of the contents insurance is extended.

Your bike is insured against theft day and night, even outdoors. You can even go on a bike tour abroad without worries, because you are protected worldwide as long as you always lock your bike.

With the frame number against bicycle thieves

The at least six-digit frame number on your bike can help you get your bike back after it has been stolen. But the bike pass or a bike code can also be helpful in an emergency. With a GPS device, you can also check the current location of your bike and, ideally, find your bike again quickly.

tip: It is best to always use a good and sturdy bike lock.

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