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Contribution from mipooh »Sun Dec 30, 2012 2:09 pm

For some time now I've been more attracted to the acoustic guitar than the electric guitar. And as it goes after the inventory, it should be a new one.
First I played a couple of guitars at No. 1 in Hamburg. Nice guitars there, quite pleasant for example the Tanglewoods. I had noticed that I could do some things more easily with my Godin than with my Yamaha and that was when I became aware of the different widths of the necks. The Tanglewoods are also a little wider, some of them sounded pretty good, but as I said, I wasn't completely convinced.

Checked it out at Justmusic yesterday. It was full and because of the noise from all sides it became increasingly difficult to really hear the sound of the guitars. At the very end, I was about to leave, I saw a single guitar hanging between Gibson and Guild that didn't match either one or the other. Inconspicuous and yet somehow not inelegant and with a name I had never heard of, Duke.

After a short try I noticed some positive things. It had bass, and not the dull kind, but brilliant, and it was extremely cheap compared to all the guitars I had played before. It was easy to play, perfect string position, bar in the 12th fret, completely unproblematic without force and not at all the sound of a bar, which can only be played there in an emergency. I noticed more and more that this guitar was just the same sound, equally precise, and sounding all over the fretboard.
I was actually already tired and wanted to leave, but something about the sound impressed me.

Well, a brand I'd never heard of ... I might be a bit conservative after all. May I be almost 60 ...
I asked the saleswoman, who, as I now know, had given me very good information, named the wood correctly, explained the pickup well. And Duke is something like a sub-company of Hanika, which was no more telling me than Duke. I don't even know concert guitars.

When I got home I did some internet research and that's how I came here. That reads very promisingly, I thought, and had the guitar reserved for me by phone. There was only one left. It is the dreadnought model with cutaway and spruce pickup. The price is OK. You can find them slightly cheaper, but also just as expensive. I was a bit irritated by the statement about the stringing. Elixir was available from a dealer as well as here in the forum and I would have liked to bet that the guitar would by no means be Elixir strings. But I hadn't asked, I was of the opinion, both in terms of touch and sound, that these cannot be elixirs. I had previously played several Takamines that clearly had elixir on them. I'm a little confused at the moment, as I said. Because I would not have thought it possible that a guitar with elixir strings would produce such brilliant bass. I have occasionally played elixir strings on different guitars, but in my memory it took away a bit of brilliance in the bass.

Another thing that concerns me ... you have your own values ​​... Solid wood is an issue, because this guitar only has a spruce top. The rest, I think it was rosewood, should be laminate. In solid, it should be only a little more expensive, based on the total price. Around € 200 more, if I see it correctly. Is it worth it? I've already read the opinion that the back and sides shouldn't be made of solid wood, that would have too much natural vibration ... Well, I'm not a specialist, I actually only have my ears and the solid wood version was not available for comparison.

I think I'll go back on Wednesday and also take my Yamaha (FX370C) with me to hear on site what the difference is actually. At some point you can imagine a lot in a guitar shop like this ... and similar to when you are modeling an electric guitar, at some point "you just can't hear properly". I was already impressed by this brilliant sound ... such a fat bass and matching beautifully clear and yet not too hard high notes ... that could be very motivating when playing. I like guitars that can sing ...

Maybe I'll buy it on Wednesday. In any case, I'm already glad to have found this thread. At least that's how I've seen a few other opinions.