Which fall 2019 anime is worth watching

Community voting: What are your best anime from Spring 2019?

The last anime of the Spring Season 2019 are over. We want to know which series you enjoyed the most this spring!

The spring season 2019 shot through the home straight with a glorious finale of coveted series such as Attack on Titan 3 or One Punch Man 2 and now it is time to see all the new exciting series from the summer season such as Dr. Stone, Vinland Saga or Danmachi 2 to give you a fitting reception.

But before that happens and we have to say goodbye with a heavy heart to all the pearls of the spring season 2019, we would like to give you one more opportunity to become your absolute favorite of last spring to put on your personal winner ribbon and to choose the best anime of the Spring Season 2019!

What are your best anime of the spring season 2019?

Now it's your turn!

Survey is all well and good, but we'd like to find out more from you! Because now we will soon know Which You liked the anime of the Spring Season 2019, but still have no idea how so.

So just write us something in the comments yourabsolute favorite of the last few months and why, in your opinion, this anime deserves first place in the Spring Season 2019!