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1: 1 against Nuremberg: Dietz compensates for an early deficit

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On the 28th matchday, FC Würzburger Kickers and 1. FC Nürnberg split 1: 1 (0: 1). Eric Shuranov scored early (5th), Lars Dietz equalized with his header to make it 1-1 (78th).


Five changes


FWK head coach Ralf Santelli made five changes compared to the away win at Hannover 96. Arne Feick celebrated his starting line-up comeback after his adductor injury. Christian Strohdiek, Mitja Lotrič, David Kopacz and Dominic Baumann also moved into the starting line-up. Rolf Feltscher, Daniel Hägele, Dominik Meisel and Marvin Pieringer initially sat on the bench. Robert Herrmann dropped out because of an otitis media, Nzuzi Toko is suffering from knee problems. In addition, the long-term injuries Ewerton (muscle injury), Hendrik Hansen (knee problems) and Luke Hemmerich (rehabilitation training) were not available.


Early guest tour

In the best football weather, the Nuremberg team started briskly and unexpectedly took the lead after five minutes. After a ricochet in the Würzburg defense, Eric Shuranov nodded off. A few minutes later Manuel Schäffler even had the 2-0 on his head, but Tobias Kraulich hit the leather for the already beaten Hendrik Bonmann from the line (11th). The guests looked more dangerous, but the red trousers worked their way into the game and got the FCN offensive under control.

A little later, Lukas Mühl also had the broken Ridge Munsy under control and was the last man to pull it to the ground just before the edge of the penalty area. However, Tobias Reichel only showed yellow. A clear wrong decision. Christian Mathenia just fisted the due free kick from Frank Ronstadt to the corner (23rd). The Kickers were now the more active team and pushed for the compensation they had now deserved.

After a fine one-two with Patrick Sontheimer, Lotrič finished free-standing in front of Mathenia too centrally (38th). The first round, which was balanced overall, didn't have any more highlights to offer and the Rothosen went into the dressing room with an unfortunate 0: 1 deficit.


Offensive sign


With the change of Marvin Pieringer for Mitja Lotrič, Santelli set a clear offensive signal. The first halfway dangerous conclusion, however, belonged to the Nuremberg people. After Schäffler's header was extended, Fabian Schleusener Bonmann shot straight into the arms (54th). On the other hand, Sontheimer clearly warped (57th). Rajiv van La Parra (62nd), who came on for Kopacz a little later, also missed (65th).

When Baumann got a free shot in the penalty area, it was blocked by Johannes Geis (68th). After a foul on Pieringer, Ronstadt straightened the leather again shortly afterwards, but placed the leather from 18 meters just next to the right post (72nd). But Schäffler also gave Nuremberg the chance to increase to 2-0, which just pushed past (76th). Shortly thereafter, Dennis Borkowski refined a header from Georg Margreitter, but was offside (77th).


Dietz heads off to compensate

Lars Dietz, on the other hand, was not offside, nodding off a free kick from substitute Rolf Feltscher - he came for Arne Feick (69th) - (79th). So it went into a grueling final phase in which the Rothosen put everything on one card. Munsy's header, also after Feltscher's dead ball, went past to the left (85th). Pieringer's conclusion from 17 meters also passed to the left (87th). Christian Strohdiek headed over the bar (89th). In stoppage time Daniel Borkowski missed the winning goal from an acute angle, Bonmann held (90 + 2) and it was ultimately a performance-based draw.


Kickers at the Millerntor

On Saturday, April 17, 2021, the Würzburg team will travel to FC St. Pauli on the coming match day. The kick-off at Millerntor is at 1 p.m. At the same time, the people of Nuremberg receive Holstein Kiel.

Ralf Santelli (head coach FC Würzburger Kickers):

The goal we conceded was a gift without any need. Overall, in the first half, I didn't have the feeling that we got into big problems. We stood well and managed to keep our opponents away from the goal. That was good, a big compliment to my team. Overall, what I'm particularly happy about is that we scored a standard goal, we wanted that and we trained for it. This also gave us a push. In the end it was an open exchange of blows, which can also end positively for Nuremberg. The bottom line is a performance-based result.


Sebastian Schuppan (Board Member Sport FC Würzburger Kickers):

We keep getting hit on the head. It can only be red, not yellow. Tomorrow there will be another call from the DFB: 'Mr Schuppan, I'm sorry, that was a wrong decision.' Then I say great, then it goes on and on. You can no longer accept that. Then in hindsight comes an apology. It would be nice if you could do that in the game. I didn't need a monitor there. If you whistle that, it can only be red. I spoke to the linesman who said the goalkeeper could still get there. How should he know? That's hypothetical.

When I see how the team struggles against resistance, how they defend themselves, how they put it away emotionally. At some point these blows to the head are no longer bearable.


Robert Klauß (Head Coach 1. FC Nürnberg): Basically, it wasn't a nice football game today. We weren't particularly good today in the duel area. I would also have liked to see more scoring chances and finishing opportunities. We had too few situations up front. Würzburg deserves the compensation. I was very annoyed how we presented ourselves. At the back we still had two or three good situations, but we didn't finish them well. We are not satisfied with our performance. It's a performance-based draw. The scene with Mühl was difficult to see in the game. The fourth official explained to us that a clear scoring chance was not prevented because Mathenia would still have got the ball.


Wurzburg: Bonmann - Ronstadt, Strohdiek, Kraulich, Feick (69th Feltscher) - Lotrič (46th Pieringer), Dietz, Sontheimer - Baumann (88th Nikolov), Munsy, Kopacz (62nd van La Parra).
Nuremberg: Mathenia - Valentini, Mühl (49th Margreitter), Sörensen, craftsman - Geis - Krauss, Schleusener, Möller Dähli - Schäffler, Shuranov (62nd Borkowski).

Gates: 0: 1 Shuranov (5th), 1: 1 Dietz (78th).
yellow cards: Sontheimer (42nd), Munsy (82nd), Nikolov (90th + 2) - Mühl (19th), Valentini (32nd), Krauss (43rd), Schäffler (48th)
referee: Tobias Reichel (Stuttgart).