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Can the small intestine also be examined in the case of a gastrointestinal mirror, since there is a transition between the large and small intestines? An operation on the appendix can also cause injuries to the small intestine. Aktifit is good for the whole intestine. It may be that I cannot absorb certain substances because there is a problem in the small intestine. Thank you very much for your answers.

Stephan Vavricka: In the gastroscopy you can see about 20 cm of the small intestine, in the colonoscopy you can also see about 20 cm of the small intestine. This means that you cannot see about 5 meters ... It is unusual for an injury to occur during an appendix operation.

What do you recommend for irritable bowel syndrome?

Stephan Vavricka: That is beyond the answer in a chat ... It depends on whether you are constipated or have diarrhea. Laxative measures, nutritional advice, bleeding drugs and probiotics are common therapeutic alternatives.

In the USA attempts are being made to influence the psyche of depressed people by means of stool transplants. What is to be made of it? Are there studies now that show a connection between gut bacteria and mental health?

Gregor Hasler: In fact, there is more and more evidence that the composition of intestinal bacteria influences our mood. Nevertheless, a stool transplant is clearly not advisable. The possible side effects are great and the effects do not last long. As far as we know today, a balanced diet is the best thing you can do for a healthy intestinal flora.

How does a (not) healthy intestine have to do with histamine intolerance?

Stephan Vavricka: A possible diagnosis could be bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine (SIBO). SIBO is often thought to be a histamine intolerance and should be ruled out.

what do you think of colon rehabilitation? is fasting good for a healthier bowel?

Stephan Vavricka: Short-term use of probiotics can be effective in selected situations. Fasting also changes the intestinal flora and it can have beneficial effects.

Does a white coating on the tongue (+ white line on the inside of each cheek) have to do with the intestines or rather with the liver or is it just a fungus in the mouth? I have to add that at the beginning of February (almost too early for Corona) I was so sick that I suffered a loss of taste and lost 5 kilos in one week (total loss of appetite). The taste only came back (80%) when I was given a strong antifungal agent around the beginning of May. The strong white coating on the tongue is still there.

Stephan Vavricka: Here another smear should be carried out with the search for mushrooms.

Sometimes I have to pass stool up to three times the last time I have to press properly. Another question does calcium stimulate bowel activity thanks to besze

Anita Gröli: Irregular stool can have various causes. Discuss it with your family doctor. A lactose or fructose intolerance or psychological factors can come into question. A balanced diet and probiotics can help get the gut going. A qualified nutritionist can also offer you professional help. Calcium supplements, like magnesium, can have a certain influence on bowel function.

Are there probiotics on the refrigerated shelves of wholesalers that you can recommend with a clear conscience if you want to do something good for your intestines or is all this just modern Lyfestile nonsense to pull the money out of our pockets?

Gregor Hasler: As far as I know, there are currently no probiotics with clinically proven effects. Many bacteria are killed by stomach acid, which is why acid-proof capsules are used in research. In addition, the product quality is often poor. Of course, that doesn't mean that there aren't any good products that could have a therapeutic effect in individual cases.

Fresh blood has recently been found deposited on the stool. Can this also have a harmless cause?

Stephan Vavricka: In my opinion, that should be further clarified. It can also be hemorrhoids, but it can also be something malicious ...

Good evening, whenever I want to go outside, I have to go to the chair, it's a little annoying. Do you have a guy.

Stephan Vavricka: You should have more information here: Have any clarifications already been made? Have reasons been found? Therapy with Imodium can be considered.

I take Rennie tablets quite often because I often suffer from annoying stomach ache. Does this have an impact on the intestinal flora?

Gregor Hasler: Yes, it actually has an effect on the intestinal bacteria. Less stomach acid means that certain acid-sensitive bacteria are more common in the intestines. Apparently, humans seem to tolerate this relatively well. Nevertheless, attempts should be made again and again to reduce acid-inhibiting drugs.

Which products are recommended for an intestinal cure / intestinal rehabilitation? Or how effective are they?

Anita Gröli: A balanced diet, rich in dietary fibers (dietary fiber) and sufficient fluids are the basis for a healthy intestinal climate. So-called probiotics (lactobacilli, bifidus bacteria, yeast bacteria) such as those naturally found in sour-cream products and bifidus yogurts can also help. There are also various preparations on the market that are available over the counter from pharmacies. It's worth trying these out. However, the effect is individual.

Is it normal if the salad, for example. comes out again undigested? I often have mushy stools and sometimes I have to rush to the toilet. How "urgent" is normal? Could this be irritable bowel syndrome?

Stephan Vavricka: Here it would be important to know whether a colonoscopy has already been done! If not, such an investigation should be carried out.

For a year now, I've been using an irrigator practically every day to even be able to stool. Other than that, I'm very fine; I eat a vegetarian, partly vegan diet, I am of normal weight and exercise 2-3 times a week. Can you give me a tip on how I can go to the toilet regularly again without this help? Resp. Are such regular enemas harmful?

Stephan Vavricka: Various questions arise here: Did you have births, did you have to strain, did you have a colonoscopy? I would definitely have a pressure measurement of the rectum (manometry) and an MR examination (MR defecography) performed here. Different diseases come into question ...

As a heart transplant, can I also have an intestinal cure?

Stephan Vavricka: You are certainly multiple immunosuppressed and I would advise against it.

My father has intestinal problems every month. He takes lithium and antihypertensive does that matter?

Stephan Vavricka: Both drugs can actually play a role ...

Good evening, I am 72 years old and for a long time I have not tolerated raw vegetables or raw fruits. I can only eat vegetables and cooked fruits. Is it possible that this has something to do with age? Thank you very much

Anita Gröli: In old age, digestive performance can actually decrease. Therefore, it makes sense to consume vegetables and fruits in cooked form. Some of the vitamins / minerals are lost through the cooking process, but the dietary fibers (dietary fiber) remain.

I have just finished an antibiotic treatment for diverticulum inflammation, what should I eat to rebuild my immune system? am 72 and need my healthy inner being

Stephan Vavricka: A healthy diet would be the most important. Taking psyllium husks would also be positive. In my opinion, you don't need therapy to build up the immune system.

Five days ago I had blood in my stool, the toilet water was red and since then I've also had stomach cramps. Is it possible that I will have hemorrhoids when I am 28?

Stephan Vavricka: Yes, that is possible, but I would also like to rule out other causes of the disease (stomach ulcers, colon diseases)

I often have stomach cramps and diarrhea. I suspect the cause is food intolerance and / or an imbalance in the intestinal flora. I suspect sugar or fats, so far I haven't really made any progress. Who / what kind of specialist can help me?

Stephan Vavricka: A gastroenterologist who knows about food intolerances

Can constipation cause bloating and nausea? I take Transipeg forte. What can you recommend to me?

Anita Gröli: The first thing to do here is to medically clarify what causes the constipation, bloated stomach and nausea. Keeping an eating and complaint diary and the support of a professional nutritional counselor can provide useful help here.

Hello, after a Clostridium difficile infection in 2011, I still have severe dysbiosis and irritable bowel syndrome, especially since then I have had chronic attacks of pain and inflammation. Could a stool transplant help? Where can this be done? What does it take to be approved as a patient? Or what alternative is there? Thank you for your answer and good evening.

Stephan Vavricka: In this case, a stool transplant only makes sense if clostridia could still be detected in the stool. If not, other therapies make more sense, such as building up the intestine with probiotics and nutritional advice.

A while ago I read an article that discussed whether the brain or the gut is in charge. What is the current state of research?

Gregor Hasler: Research is increasingly recognizing that the intestine has many ways of influencing the brain, via hormones, nerves and the immune system. In addition, the causes of brain diseases often lie in the intestines. Nevertheless, when it comes to decisions, the brain has the last word - a kind of veto right. Even with external danger, the brain can limit the influence of the intestines.

Good evening, is regular rectal irrigation with pure water and a silicone irrigation attachment on the shower hose harmful to the intestines? Does that upset the balance? how many times a week is this possible without side effects? Greeting

Stephan Vavricka: These colon irrigation are not useful from a conventional medical point of view and I cannot give you a qualified answer here. I would NOT do it on myself.

Hello, I haven't had a colon for many years because of cancer. I am 68 years old today and do a lot of mountain biking. Could it be that I need more recovery after intense exercise than others with a large intestine due to the lack of a large intestine (lack of output to the body)? Thank you Robert Rigert

Stephan Vavricka: Yes, you can imagine that. However, other diseases (vitamin deficiency, lack of trace elements) should be excluded.

12 years ago I had the 25 cm under the large intestine removed. I was then told that I now had a normal-sized bowel and that I often had diverticulitis. Now I already had diverticulitis 2 years ago and I'm talking again about diverticulitis that was treated with antibiotics. I make sure I have enough fiber and also take psyllium husks. What else can I do? Would another operation be indicated? I am 61 years old

Stephan Vavricka: Here it would be important to know how many diverticula there are in the residual intestine and how often you have relapses. Surgery could actually be considered.

When I was stooled, helicopters were found to be bacteria. After a course of antibiotics I still have pain and currently I can hardly eat anything without gas

Anita Gröli: You should have the pain clarified medically, as well as possible causes of the flatulence. A food and complaint diary can provide information about which food / drinks are causing you complaints. Different carbohydrate groups such as lactose, fructose etc. or an "too much" fiber and flatulent food can be the cause. A professional nutritionist can help with this.

Dear Sir or Madam, I have been living with ucerosa colitis for a long time. It's been so bad for about a year that I don't like to go away. If I want to leave the house, the intestine reports. I am being treated. but I think that there is a lot going on in my head, can you recommend a hypnotherapist who can help with the fear? I've tried a lot but nothing worked.

Stephan Vavricka: I think that you urgently need good therapy for your ulcerative colitis. There are a variety of options and before seeking help in hypnotherapy (where there are not many positive studies on it) it is important to discuss possible therapies with a gastroenterologist.

Do SSRIs have an effect on the intestinal flora or the microbiome?

Gregor Hasler: Many drugs have an astonishingly large influence on the intestinal flora. The influence of psychotropic drugs including SSRIs is particularly great. The extent to which these changes play a role in the antidepressant effect or in the possible side effects is currently being investigated.

I was diagnosed with Helicopacter in the chair ... now I'm supposed to do a triple therapy, which has strong side effects. Especially now I'm not in the mood for such a 2-week therapy ... what do you advise me? Thank you and greetings

Gregor Hasler: The significance of such stool examinations is still unclear. Helicobacter have bad and good properties. For example, they promote stomach ulcers, but also offer protection against allergies. It all depends on where in which Helicobacter are present in the body. Unfortunately, a stool examination cannot tell you this. Other factors should also play a role in the indication for triple therapy. Ask your doctor.

Can probiotics be useful in IBD's?

Stephan Vavricka: There is only data for ulcerative colitis and only for the products Mutalfor and VSL # 3. There are no positive studies for probiotics in Crohn's disease.

I am very constipated, had a bladder operation, i.e. the bladder was fixed with a mesh and the rectum was also reinforced with a mesh. Question: Are laxatives like Marcrogol v. Sandoz counterproductive?

Stephan Vavricka: Not necessarily. Laxative measures can be useful in such a situation.

Can you "break" your bowel with an enema? Example: bulimic-like purging for 7 months, 1 enema each week. What now would you have to look at the intestine

Stephan Vavricka: As a rule, one does not "break" the intestine with an enema, but whether it makes sense can be discussed. The question here is rather why these enemas are needed at all ...

I suspect I am sensitive to fodmaps. Does it make sense to calm the intestines for a while by only eating rice and potatoes?

Gregor Hasler: Depending on the symptoms, it can make sense to go on a low-FODMAP diet for a certain period of time. This is relatively complex. You should only do it under expert guidance. Here you will find some useful information about this: https://www.migros-impuls.ch/de/medizin/beschhaben/verdauung/reizdarm, the link will open in a new window

For a long time I wake up 1 to 2 times every night with stomach ache, but I can hardly go to the toilet. Nothing has been found so far. However, when I can finally sit down in the morning, the stomach ache won't go away. Around 9-10 o'clock it improves and a pleasant warmth goes through the stomach. Is it possible that the filled intestine is not properly supplied with blood?

Stephan Vavricka: A circulatory disorder in the intestine tends to lead to diarrhea. In this case, however, further clarifications could be useful (gastroscopy and colonoscopy).

Grüezi, I would like to ask you what you personally think, as experts, of the vegan diet and whether this has positive effects on bowel function? In other words, is it actually beneficial for the intestines? Thank you very much for your answer.

Anita Gröli: A vegan diet is usually also rich in vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, herbs, nuts, etc., i.e. all foods that are high in fiber and valuable for a healthy microbiome. But yogurts with bifidus bacteria can also contribute, which are taboo in a vegan diet.

Good evening Our 48 year old son was diagnosed with Parkinson's 3 months ago. Would a determination of the microbiome be helpful in treating the disease?

Stephan Vavricka: Unfortunately there is no data on this yet. Determining the composition of the microbiome does not currently make sense.

Good evening. I have an embarrassing problem ... every time I eat I always have to "fart" what I'm going to do. What can I do ?

Stephan Vavricka: This could be a material overgrowth of the small intestine or a food intolerance (lactose, fructose, gluten). Further clarifications could be considered.

Good evening. I often have constipation diarrhea, i.e. severe constipation at first with severe pain, previous gas and bloating, and diarrhea an hour or two later. In the hospital (because of something else) I was advised to do an intestinal rehabilitation - now the message was on the broadcast that an intestinal rehabilitation would not do much. What would you recommend?

Gregor Hasler: I join the expert on the show. The intestinal flora is an ecosystem.If there is too much algae in a coral reef, simply cleaning it up is no solution. The idea of ​​remediation is based on an idea of ​​intestinal bacteria as enemies. But this is long out of date. You have to try to bring the ecosystem back into balance through a healthy diet and exercise.

What do you think of good nutritional supplements? I take them every day, including yogurt, which is high in probiotic bacteria.

Anita Gröli: Here I should know which "nutritional supplement" is involved. Yogurts contain lactobacilli, bifid bacilli and can go a long way.

Good evening question to gastrointestinal doctor, last Thursday had gastric mirroring, gone years of reflux, I now have a huge diaphragmatic hernia, I was advised to have an operation. Is that correct that there is no op? medis are no longer useful. Another question is it possible to vomit stomach acid? I had the day before yesterday

Stephan Vavricka: Unfortunately, if you have a large diaphragmatic hernia, an operation has to be performed. With vomiting, stomach acid always comes up, so I have to answer yes here.

Good evening, could the gastroenter box leave me an email?

Chat admin: You can find the contact information for the experts in the "Specialists in the« pulse »chat box" on this page.

Is intermittent fasting (16 hours fasting, 8 hours eating) healthy at all?

Gregor Hasler: That can be healthy, depending on the person. Like any therapy, fasting has potential side effects. For people with weight problems, it can lead to binge eating and chaotic eating because intermittent fasting is overwhelming. The main effect of fasting is based on reducing calories.

Intestinal flora when defecating before colonoscopy. It has already been asked whether an intestinal rehabilitation - not in connection with a colonoscopy - should be recommended. The expert's answer was that he wouldn't do it himself - in other words, negative effects cannot be ruled out. What are the negative effects of defecating before colonoscopy? Is the whole microbiome washed out and does it have to rebuild afterwards?

Stephan Vavricka: When the bowel is emptied before a colonoscopy, the intestinal flora decreases significantly (by a factor of 10-100). This flora usually regenerates quickly. Many patients with flatulence report having fewer symptoms after purging. So I don't see the discharge as negative.

Every morning after breakfast half an hour later diarrhea that 3 times within 2 hours then I am fine again all morning I am always very bad I always have to go to the toilet

Stephan Vavricka: Here, too, it would be important to know whether a colonoscopy has taken place. For example, inflammation of the rectum could explain such symptoms and this disease should be ruled out.

Years ago it was fashionable to use a kefir mushroom and milk to make a yogurt-like product. That was my daily addition to the muesli. Unfortunately I can't find any more kefir mushrooms today. Now before I move heaven and hell - what's your opinion - is this a good thing? You are not that convinced of ProBiotic products.

Anita Gröli: Dairy products contain various bacterial cultures, including the kefir mushroom in kefir milk products. These products still have their place in a healthy diet, but the claimed effect is not fully scientifically proven, and studies are lacking. There is nothing wrong with stopping kefir. Some health food stores can get you kefir grains.

I suffer from histamine intolerance. For three months, as a recommendation from a friend, I did an intestinal treatment with Symbio Detox, Symbio Lact and Symbio Intest. I still have the intolerance and I have the impression that it hasn't changed at all. Are there any other probiotic or other cures that would be useful for my problem?

Stephan Vavricka: A possible differential diagnosis in this case is also SIBO (bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine) and I would look for this disease in you.

Good evening, for some time now I've been taking a special yogurt from Fit Line (food supplement). It is a powdered mixed whey product made from protein-enriched whey powder with insulin (19.8%) and lactic acid cultures. Other ingredients are: beef gelatin, niacin, etc. It is a very expensive product. Can you recommend this one? Today on the show it was said that probiotic yogurt is not good for the intestines. I'm happy to hear from you. Many Thanks.

Gregor Hasler: Personally, I completely renounce industrialized nutrition, including such industrially manufactured products. The oldest people in the world in Italy and Japan eat traditional cuisine and do not consume industrial products. Most doctors I know don't use these products either. But this product is probably much healthier than other industrial foods such as chips or hamburgers.

Hello, I would like to know whether a Swissshape colon cleanse is healthy? And would you recommend drinking chlorophyll regularly? Many Thanks

Stephan Vavricka: I don't know enough about Swiss Shape's products to make a qualified statement. I occasionally prescribe chlorophyll for bad breath. I would not recommend regular use.

Can an otherwise healthy toddler (2.5 years old) who eats everything and has never had to take antibiotics or the like suffer from irritable bowel syndrome from birth? Is it a little hereditary "predisposed" from the mother?

Anita Gröli: The immune system is not yet fully developed in a toddler. Flatulence, constipation, and diarrhea are nothing unusual in a toddler and occur again and again without it having to be anything pathological. A hereditary "predisposition" can or does not have to be. If you are unsure, ask your pediatrician.

Can laxative tea with senna leaves damage the intestines? Don't have regular bowel movements, thank you very much

Stephan Vavricka: If you tolerate the products well and therefore have good bowel movements, then continue to take them.

The bacterium that causes Whipple's disease is an intestinal bacterium. Is the importance of this bacterium in the gut known? Can it be controlled in any way and its reproduction stabilized? This bacterium can prevent a bowel movement. Thank you very much

Stephan Vavricka: Tropheryma Whippelii (pathogen of Whipple's disease) is always a pathogenic germ and should be treated. Antibiotic therapy is always recommended here.

What about a stool transplant in ulcerative colitis patients? What are the risks here?

Stephan Vavricka: In this situation, I would only do the transplant as part of studies. There are so many good alternative medications for treating ulcerative colitis that a stool transplant can really only be recommended in an extreme emergency.

I'm really worried. Very slowly, within about 5 years, my digestive system is becoming an ever bigger problem. Lactose intolerance. Flatulence without end. Nervous gastrointestinal tract. A colonoscopy every 3-4 years, prophylaxis, certainly positive, but has no influence on my digestive system and the symptoms. What is most likely to bring me something?

Anita Gröli: Keeping an eating and complaint diary and being accompanied by professional nutritional advice. Your gastrointestinal specialist and / or family doctor can issue you a prescription.

I often have a pencil-like chair. What can be the cause?

Stephan Vavricka: In the worst case, colon cancer. You urgently need a colonoscopy. There are also benign causes, but a colonoscopy should really be done.

After two gastric operations in 2013 (umbilical hernia and insertion of a mesh), my gastrointestinal activity changed completely. Can't eat some vegetables or fruits any more or not at all because of the following stomach ache or severe flatulence up to quickly following diarrhea (e.g. with apples). Have already tried a few intestinal cures, but without success What can help here?

Anita Gröli: It could be a fructose intolerance. Ask your family doctor. A breath test by the gastroenterologist can confirm or rule out the suspected diagnosis.

"Gut Rehabilitation" was just mentioned in the program. I don't know if that means fasting? The expert replied that he would not do it himself. I fast myself regularly once a year, i.e. only drinking for a week. A year ago (this year canceled due to Corona), during the preparation (breakdown of food and at the end with colonic irrigation), the next day I had a high fever (39.5 °) and very strong chills. Should I stop fasting as an eighty-year-old?

Stephan Vavricka: I am a fan of fasting but not necessarily of colonic irrigation. You are also allowed to do a colonic irrigation when you are 80 years old and also (carefully) ... The fever could also have been caused by the colonic irrigation ...

I am 73 years old and still quite active and healthy. Unfortunately, however, a lot of gas develops in my intestines every day and I often have to * fart ". This is very uncomfortable, especially when you are around people. I have not yet found out why it is so.

Stephan Vavricka: Diagnoses such as bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine, food intolerance and a FODMAP diet should be considered.

Fast food makes me feel happy. I love hamburgers and chips and fries. How can something cause depression that makes me happy?

Gregor Hasler: Good question! This is about the conflict between short term and long term. Alcohol, nicotine etc. also make you happy in the short term, but more depressed in the long term. For example, the brain's reward system can develop sugar addiction. It is then only interested in sugar and it takes more and more sugar to create a good mood. Furthermore, large amounts of industrial sugar and fat lead to a narrowing of brain vessels. This also leads to depression over many years.

Is it because of the wrong bacteria in the intestine that I can't eat most vegetables, even cooked, because of severe gas?

Stephan Vavricka: Yes, that could be. Here, nutritional advice and possibly a low-FODMAP diet can help.

What about ulcerative colitis, is my gastrointestinal flora messed up and is there a way to restore it correctly?

Stephan Vavricka: I wouldn't do a stool transplant in this situation. Mutaflor and VSL # 3 can be used as probiotics.

2, 3 or 5 or 6 meals, what about irritable bowel syndrome, reflux and generally better for the bowel ... That's where science argues ...

Gregor Hasler: In general, three meals a day are ideal. In the past, it was recommended to take a snack in between meals. But this recommendation has been deviated from. Interval fasting (2 meals) is healthy for certain people. Let a specialist advise you.

Are there any information or even studies as to whether regular (daily) consumption of energy drinks can affect or damage the intestines?

Gregor Hasler: Most energy drinks contain a large amount of sugar. This is quickly absorbed in the blood and leads to a sugar peak in the blood. This is unhealthy, especially for the blood vessels, the heart and the brain. The intestinal bacteria do not notice much of this. It does matter whether you exercise. Then the sugar is consumed quickly.

I have Parkinson's disease and repeatedly bloated bowels with alternating diarrhea and constipation. I take bioflorin regularly. Organically, I am clarified. Except for the age-appropriate diverticulum, everything is ok. Is there a better therapy?

Anita Gröli: Flatulence and irregular stool can be related to Parkinson's. A lactose / fructose intolerance or other carbohydrate groups may be the cause. You could have this tested with a breath test (by a gastroenterologist). A nutritional counseling service can also provide professional support and advice.

Grüezi, I suffer from chronic lower back pain. Could it be that the colon and how it works could be related to this back pain? Are occasional colonic irrigation recommended? If so, should a professional do this or can you do it at home? Many many thanks.

Stephan Vavricka: More often I see patients with degenerative diseases who have back pain. Only in rare cases can the intestines be behind it. Personally, I do NOT recommend a steamed irrigation and if so, then certainly only by a specialist.

I have left-sided colon diverticulosis, in places with cherry-sized diverticulum openings and fecal stones. Between the divergent openings, the mucous membrane shows up with reddening, as in concomitant sigmoiditis. No polyps. Was found 6 years ago during a colonoscopy. Had no problems for a long time, pain in the left upper abdomen for about half a year! What can I do against it?

Stephan Vavricka: The clinical picture is called segmental colitis associated with diverticulitis (SCAD) syndrome. Therapy with mesalazine could be useful.

Good evening. I haven't had a stomach for 9 months, but I still have major problems digesting my small amounts of food. That's why I continue to lose weight, already 25% of the original weight. What advice can you give me so that I can eat as many calories as I use?

Stephan Vavricka: You urgently need the help of nutritional advice.

Good evening, what would you recommend if you have a lot of air in your intestines? I'm currently on pain relievers, Flatulex, and Buscopan suppositories, all with very little success.

Stephan Vavricka: Nutritional advice and Carmenthin. The disease SIBO should be excluded.

Are there foods that can be used to do a natural colon cleanse? Does that bring anything?

Gregor Hasler: I would never want to clean my bowel voluntarily. This idea is based on the outdated notion that gut bacteria are enemies. Most of them protect us from heavy metals and other poisons. Furthermore, the intestinal flora is an ecosystem. Once you "clean up" that, it will be difficult to get the system going again.

Hello. What do you think of stool transplants for ulcerative collitis?

Stephan Vavricka: Only in the context of studies. There are many good alternative therapies for ulcerative colitis.

I take Omnibiotic every day, every morning. Because I often suffer from flatulence and feel tired and limp. In the beginning it worked very well, but now the effect is wearing off. Does it make sense to take this every day?

Stephan Vavricka: Probiotics should not be taken continuously. A break would be useful.

I have had gastric bypass for 18 years and keep having diarrhea. what does the microbiome do with my 85 cm small intestine or how does that affect me, I no longer take vitamin D3, I don't know what I also take in anymore.

Anita Gröli: Have the diarrhea clarified by your doctor. It could be lactose intolerance, which is not uncommon after gastric bypass surgery, as well as a new laboratory for vitamin D.

Are there allergies to food due to leaky gut? If so, how can this be repaired?

Gregor Hasler: Increased intestinal permeability is one of many causes of intestinal inflammation (rather less so for specific allergies). Most food allergies are not allergies at all. If you have a real food allergy, it often helps to ingest small amounts of the food until the intestines get used to it again. Ask a specialist.

Are causes documented that are associated with the occurrence of ulcerative colitis? At the moment I have sporadic inflammation of the bowel (diagnosed proctitis), but it is difficult to define why this occurs all at once, as I generally do not have any unusual (eating) habits at the time. How would you recommend how to prevent it from spreading?

Stephan Vavricka: Possible causes of a thrust are: 1. NSAIDs (painkillers) 2. Stopping nicotine 3. Taking penicillins 4. Air travel and stays at altitudes above 2000 meters above sea level. The therapy consists mainly in suppositories 2-3x / d.

What is the point of a colonoscopy if the majority of the intestine (5m) is not examined at all?

Stephan Vavricka: Diseases are rarely found in the small intestine, in contrast to the large intestine and the stomach. In selected cases, the small intestine can be examined using capsule endoscopy or MR enteroclysis.

Greessech. I've had to jump to the toilet after eating for months and have diarrhea. Not after every meal, but mostly. I am also plagued by gas and I have to squirm a lot. I have great difficulty in reducing my weight, would like to finally get rid of my excess weight, is there possibly a connection) where should I turn?

Stephan Vavricka: To a gastroenterologist (gastrointestinal specialist)

I often feel an emptiness / a hole in my stomach. It's so strong that it scares me. What could that be?

Anita Gröli: That is difficult to answer because there are many possible reasons for it. I advise you, if the psychological strain is very high, that you describe the symptom to your family doctor. He can then examine them and treat them accordingly.

1st question: In 2016 and 2017 I had to take a cocktail with a total of 8 antibiotics every day for 3 months as a result of a low grade infection. Can this high and long drug consumption have irreparably damaged my intestinal flora? Question 2: I was recommended to use an irrigator for a colonic irrigation, what do you think of it?

Stephan Vavricka: 1. These different antibiotics have certainly damaged your intestinal flora, but not irreparably. 2. As a medical school doctor, I simply cannot recommend colon irrigation. It is better to contact an alternative doctor here.

After every meal I have a bloated stomach like heavily pregnant. Eat varied, plant-based whole foods and drink enough water. Do you have a tip why this could be?

Stephan Vavricka: A bacterial invasion of the small intestine should be excluded. Diet advice could be useful.

For several years I have suffered from non-specific digestive problems (mainly flatulence, often constipation, sometimes diarrhea, abdominal cramps). Probably an irritable bowel is behind it. With an adapted diet, exercise and as much stress reduction as possible, I can alleviate the symptoms a little, but my digestion is rarely really good. Which examinations, medications or measures do you recommend?

Anita Gröli: Various dietary approaches can help with an irritable bowel diagnosis. One is the science-based fodmap concept. Some IBS patients have had a good experience with it. However, the implementation requires the support of an experienced qualified nutritionist. You can find addresses at www.svde-asdd.ch

Good evening question to the gastrointestinal doctor. Could it be that the fungi in our intestines are pathogenic and mainly feed on carbohydrates when I eat a lot of carbohydrates, for example pasta, pizza dough, bread, my health is poor but I eat food without carbohydrates, for example salmon, olives, meat, salad my health is better

Stephan Vavricka: Conventional doctors do not believe that intestinal fungi play a relevant role in flatulence. Personally, however, I do believe in it and various fungal diets (for example the Candida diet) have had a positive effect on flatulence.

Good evening, anorexia is often associated with depression. Anorectics also often suffer from constipation. Can these accompanying symptoms be supported by oral administration of capsules that harvest intestinal bacteria? Which tribes should one give?

Gregor Hasler: In fact, people with anorexia have greatly altered intestinal flora. This change could lead to depression. Probiotic thraps have not yet proven effective. However, a normal, balanced diet and normalization of body weight are effective. These measures have a long-term antidepressant effect in anorexia.

Because of my coccyx neuralgia, I have to take medication regularly. Take PREGABALIN. Dosage: Mon: 25 mg, From: 50 mg. Can you use this Medi. take for a long time? (I am 80 years old.) Thanks for the answer.

Stephan Vavricka: Yes, you can do that without any problems.

After every meal I have a bloated stomach like heavily pregnant. Eat varied, plant-based whole foods and drink enough water. Do you have a tip why this could be?

Stephan Vavricka: SIBO or food intolerance. These should be excluded.

I (male, 53 years old) have been suffering from the following for a few months: my stomach / intestine rumbles almost every time after dinner (especially dinner). Until you go to sleep (11.30 p.m.). At night, I often get awakened from sleep because of a feeling of bowel movement. After a maximum of 6-7 hours I am forced to get up because an uncomfortable feeling is spreading in the bowel area (no pain / feels more like full bowel). The punctual morning bowel movement is almost odorless. Then okay until the evening.

Stephan Vavricka: I would rule out SIBO, parasites in the intestine and various food intolerances.

How is SIBO treated?

Stephan Vavricka: With an antibiotic (not a broad spectrum antibiotic): for example metronidazole 2x500mg / d for 10d or rifaximin 3x550mg / d for 18d.

For some time now, my stomach has been regularly puffing up a lot, regardless of what I eat. This leads to pain and a feeling of pressure. What could be the problem or what do you advise me to do about it. Thank you very much

Anita Gröli: Talk to your family doctor. He will examine it and look for possible causes. There are various preparations that can have a "deflating" effect. A diet that is too "high in fiber", too much raw vegetables or flatulence can also be the cause. Keeping an eating and complaint diary can help you see more of the connections.

After 3 months of immunotherapy, my son (21 years old) got an inflammation of the intestine, after a short improvement, intensified again and an additional inflammation with clostridial bacteria (without taking antibiotics). How can he bring his intestinal flora back into balance? cortisone and antibiotics for treatment at the moment

Stephan Vavricka: Here I should have more information about bowel inflammation. Was it a chronic inflammatory bowel disease? If there are no more clostridia, therapy with perenterol, for example, can be considered.

Good evening. Can anti-depressants disrupt the bacterial balance or, for example, damage the gastric mucous membranes?

Gregor Hasler: Antidepressants seem to change the intestinal bacteria in the colon. However, this has no effect on the gastric mucous membranes. I do not know that stomach ulcers are a possible side effect of antidepressants. I've never seen this before.

Good evening, I had a bad flu last year and was on antibiotics. A month later I had difficulty breathing and muscle tension in the thoracic vertebrae. A few months later, Helicobacter was found in my stomach and treated with antibiotics again. I've been eating fiber for months now because my bowel movements are consistently hard. Since I've been eating the fiber, I've had fewer breathing difficulties and muscle pain. Can it all be related?

Gregor Hasler: It is possible that your diet has normalized the intestinal flora, which affects other body organs. Unfortunately, this cannot be proven in individual cases.

Hello to my stool analysis, you found too much Candida fungus. I have a histamine intolerance. Often have diarrhea, abdominal pain, and gas

Stephan Vavricka: Candida fungi actually always appear in stool analysis ... That's why these stool analyzes are so difficult to assess ... Please show the results of the examination to a gastroenterologist and let him advise you.

Sometimes (rarely) I wake up in the middle of the night and feel a severe pain in my rectum, like a cramp. After a while it goes away on its own. Sitting on the toilet (without a bowel movement) relieves the pain a little. Can the bowel really have cramps?

Stephan Vavricka: Yes, he can. This disease is benign, can be treated with anal massage or a warm hip bath and is called Proctalgia fugax or Levator ani syndrome.

Does it make sense to take a wormer from time to time? Or only if you have certain symptoms?

Stephan Vavricka: Only if there are symptoms and evidence of worms. We're not dogs ...

Grüezi, I eat raw vegetable salad almost every day. To do this, I cut all kinds of raw vegetables (carrots, celery including sticks, all types of cabbage and cabbage, peppers, leeks, onions, etc.) into very small pieces and make my own sauce (natural yogurt , Milk, cream, water, various vinegars + oils, salt, pepper including cayenne, chilli, various herbs). Many people around me say that I overload my digestion with it, but I've been eating it for 40 years without any problems, what do you think?

Gregor Hasler: That you are doing well is the best proof that you are not overtaxing your digestion. The intestine is very adaptive and your intestines have got used to their healthy diet. There are big differences in digestion. Someone who only eats fast food for years might be overwhelmed with their diet. By the way, by making small pieces, you are helping your intestines. Cutting small pieces by hand is good (mixing would be bad ...)

W., 50 years. Status after anorexia and bulimia healed since 2000, irritable bowel syndrome - rather type diarrhea - with lactose and fructose intolerance, chronic proctological problems, increased procalcitonin in the stool, colonoscopy normal, stool samples for viruses, bacteria etc. negative. Tendency to depression, taking fluoxetine 40mg / day, psychological and intestinal symptoms tended to get worse when trying to taper off. I am currently taking 1 teaspoon of psyllium husks once a day ..... what do you advise regarding nutrition, in general?

Anita Gröli: Keep taking the psyllium husks. You can provide support with irritable bowel problems. I would gradually increase the amount to a maximum of 4 teaspoons. Increase weekly by 1 teaspoon. Always drink a large glass of water and divide the psyllium husks into a morning and evening dose. If you are diagnosed with fructose and lactose intolerance, professional nutritional advice can help. Ask your family doctor for a referral.

Question to the gastroenterologist: What does a healthy intestine mean? Is it just enough not to have any complaints or should a certain bacterial composition be promoted? Are there any anti-aging options?

Stephan Vavricka: Difficult but excellent question: a person without symptoms probably has a balanced intestinal flora. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important! Kefir works as an excellent anti-aging!

My husband had an autologous stem cell transplant. I thought that we could "properly" build up his intestines after the procedure with intestinal bacteria from drugs. The doctors told us that an imbalance of "good" bacteria in the gut could also be dangerous. What do you advise? Therapy was in January.

Stephan Vavricka: I would also not recommend building up the intestinal flora in such a situation!

I had a bladder operation, i.e. the bladder was fixed with a mesh and a mesh was also placed on the rectum. I was and still am more constipated. My question: are laxatives such as Macrogol v. Sandoz harmful to the intestinal flora? Am I drinking too little or what could help?

Stephan Vavricka: Unfortunately, there are actually patients who have to take laxatives for a long time. Provided that other causes of constipation have been ruled out (e.g. hypofunction of the thyroid gland), the laxative therapy can be continued.

I am 67 years old and have had an ileostomy for 35 years. My digestion takes an average of 6 hours. Can I get enough vitamins from the food? Is there any point in consuming nutritional supplements e.g. Moringa Oleivera?

Stephan Vavricka: The vitamins and trace elements in the blood should be checked here. I also recommend nutritional advice.

Good evening dear counseling team. Our daughter received antibiotics for over 4 years. A few years later we diagnosed CVS (cyclical vomiting diagnosed. She vomits very heavily every 1 - 2 weeks 24 hours & then sleeps through the night totally exhausted. Has this disease with the intestines or the psyche or both? How can I, as a desperate mom, put an end to this vomiting? No medication has helped so far. Not Mal Zofran. Have any of you experienced cyclical vomiting?

Gregor Hasler: Unfortunately, a lot is still unclear about this disease. However, there are often psychological factors that contribute to this. That is why I recommend that you seek clarification from an eating disorder specialist (psychiatrist or psychologist who specializes in eating behavior). Only a detailed survey of eating habits and stress factors can help to uncover the bio-psycho-social conditions of the disease. Incidentally, a balanced diet is the best way to bring the intestinal flora into balance over the long term.

I have irritable bowel syndrome. That makes breakfast and dinner difficult. Do you have any tips on what is going well? In addition, against the pain I have librax, that's good

Stephan Vavricka: 1. Is the diagnosis correct? 2. Nutritional advice is always good. 3. Librax can have a positive effect.

My 86 year old mother has suffered from polyneuropathy for many years. It affects your feet and legs. She is already very disabled. She also suffers from constant flatulence, also for many years. Could there be a connection here? If so - what could she do to improve her polyneuropathy.

Anita Gröli: There is a connection because the walking disability also means that the bowel is less in motion. Flatulence can be a side effect. It is certainly important that your mother avoid foods that tend to have a flatulence, such as onions, garlic, cabbage, etc. Trying to reduce the lactose and / or fructose a little can also be helpful. Your GP may also prescribe a gas to treat you.

To my son 3 1/2 years. A stool sample was analyzed 6 months ago and gluten intolerance was diagnosed. When and by what method would you recommend a follow-up examination? He has been on a completely gluten-free diet since the diagnosis. I could also imagine that general intestinal irritation led to this diagnosis.

Stephan Vavricka: Unfortunately, gluten intolerance (celiac disease) cannot be diagnosed in the stool, only in the blood! Please discuss this with a conventional doctor!

I am currently taking acid blockers. Without these I have gastrointestinal problems. How harmful are acid blockers?

Stephan Vavricka: Long-term therapy with acid blockers (PPIs) actually has many side effects. Therefore, such therapy should really only be taken for as long as necessary.

Since my illness I have had to take several hormones because my pituitary gland is no longer working and also cortisone. Could it be that such a cocktail of drugs can have an impact on my digestion? If so, what can I do about it?

Stephan Vavricka: Yes, that can be. A (short-term) intake of probiotics can be attempted in such a situation.

What do you think of Omni Biotic Cures? My chiropractor recommended this to me. I suffer from constipation and emptying the bowel is only possible with suppositories.

Stephan Vavricka: I think that temporary therapies with Omni Biotic can help. however, I am clearly of the opinion that such drugs should not be used as long-term therapy.

Good evening, are regular enemas to cleanse the colon healthy?

Gregor Hasler: Probably not. The idea of ​​having to clean the colon is out of date. Most bacteria are good. They protect us from toxins and infections. Furthermore, the intestine gets used to the cleaning and increasingly loses the ability to transport the stool to the outside.

Is it good to take Glauber's salt if you can't go to the toilet regularly, or does it harm?

Stephan Vavricka: Glauber's salt is relatively "aggressive". Psyllium husks would be ideal.

Hello, for 5 years I have suffered from unspecific intestinal (brain) pain. I was unable to work for a long time and therefore turned my entire life upside down. Sometimes I have the feeling that it is more nervous, but then again irritable bowel syndrome, etc. Apart from colonoscopy and stool analyzes without any noticeable results, I have not done anything with regard to the bowel. Are there specialists who have mastered the disciplines (psyche and gut) both? So far I have mainly been in psychotherapy

Anita Gröli: As you describe, you have already been medically clarified extensively. In addition to psychotherapy, hypnotherapy (hypnosis) has also proven to be very effective for irritable bowel problems.

What do you think of Toxaprevent? (And why are these products not covered by health insurance, although they have proven to be effective?)

Stephan Vavricka: Unfortunately, there are no good studies on these products, so that the costs are not covered by health insurance. Many of these probiotic companies also register their product as a dietary supplement and not as a probiotic in order to save costs on approval. This is then at the expense of the consumer ...

Grüezi, two years ago I had colon cancer surgery with removal of a piece of the colon (approx. 10 cm from.) Followed by chemo. My question: when the piece is removed, is a certain ability of the intestinal bacteria, e.g. the piece that digests onions, removed. Or are the onion digestors intestinal bacteria along the entire length of the colon?

Stephan Vavricka: The "onion persistence" can be found in the entire colon ...

What do you think of green smoothies for a digestive boost?

Gregor Hasler: I don't think much of smoothies. These contain large amounts of sugar, which, unlike whole fruits, gets into the blood very quickly. This results in a sugar peak which is unfavorable for the blood vessels, the brain and the heart over a long period of time. Better to eat whole fears.

Do an intestinal cleansing regimen according to Dr. Gray sense?

Stephan Vavricka: I cannot give a qualified answer here.

Can you train yourself to be lactose intolerant again?

Gregor Hasler: It differs depending on the person and intolerance.The latest research indicates that many people can become lactose-tolerant again thanks to epigenetic changes. Incidentally, this applies to many so-called intolerances. Like the brain, the intestine is quite plastic, so it can learn and unlearn digestive programs.

I have had a feeling of fullness, diarrhea, and nausea for months. In December 2019 I did a gastroscopy and a colonoscopy 2 years ago. I tend between irritable bowel syndrome, bowel inflammation, or intestinal flora imbalance. During the stool examination, the value of Calprotectin was 76. Iron deficiency was also found. Depression, anxiety, and emotional imbalance are also present. I am 48 years old. Can you give me a tip what to do?

Stephan Vavricka: I would repeat the Stul examination (caprotectin, parasites in the stool) and do an intestinal ultrasound. A chronic inflammatory bowel disease in the small intestine would be possible.

In January 2018, after a colon cancer diagnosis, about 80cm of my colon was removed. Since then, I (54) have suffered from frequent bowel movements (soft, light, up to 10 times a day) and stinking, annoying winds. What do you recommend?

Stephan Vavricka: Metamucil in a low dose.

For years I have had diarrhea and stomach cramps again and again. Have already done whole nutrition programs with nutritional counseling. Of course, irritable bowel syndrome is also a diagnosis. It is said over and over that it is stress. Also recovered from exhaustion. I'm not so stressed anymore, but diarrhea comes and goes. So what else can you do there? Brain - gut?

Anita Gröli: Diarrhea has various causes. Chronic stress can lead to recurring diarrhea, especially in a sensitive intestine. Psychotherapy or hypnotherapy can help to deal with stress differently.

Had a large intestine operation it was about 0.5 meters away. What are the effects? Have to go to the toilet more often now

Stephan Vavricka: Chair is not thickened as well. Hence the frequent bowel movements.

Hello, for more than 4 weeks I have had itching in my anus, especially at night. In the pharmacy they gave me a "wormer". I have to take 2 tablets in a week. The itching has remained until now. I also have a lot of wind. I never had blood in my stool. About 6 weeks ago I was very constipated. Would you recommend that I see a doctor? Are Hemorrhoids Hereditary? With kind regards

Stephan Vavricka: Hemorrhoids are possible and I would see a doctor. Inheritance is possible.

I am 21 years old and have always had digestive problems. However, lately this is getting worse and worse. This manifests itself in the fact that I have no bowel movements for up to 5 days, but I feel pressure / pain in the left lower abdomen. This sometimes ends in extremely severe and painful diarrhea. And the vicious circle starts all over again. Does it make sense to do a close examination of the bowel? Thank you and greetings

Stephan Vavricka: Yes, at least one colonoscopy should be done!

Hello, I've had a stomachache for about 4 years, about 1 hour after I eat eggs, raspberries, avocados or eat a lot of mozzarella. I can't handle salads and oyster sauce well either. Everything that is healthy. I have already had a gastroscopy and the allergy test on grasses only turned out completely and mildly allergy to mites. I suffer more from it in spring through autumn. Who can I turn to or what else can I do? I want to get rid of the intolerance again.

Anita Gröli: A qualified nutritionist can provide you with dietary support. You can find addresses at www.svde-asdd.ch, the link will open in a new window

Hello. I am male, 79 years old, and until now I had a super functioning bowel. In December 2019 I caught Ascarids (?), Which gave me major digestive problems (cramps, constipation, severe flatulence, malaise). After 3 days of Vermox, the worms went off, hanging from a small piece of intestinal epithelium. Since then I've been feeling better, but it's not over yet. Even taking Bioflorin didn't change that much. What else can I do.

Stephan Vavricka: It can sometimes take several months for the intestinal flora to recover. My suggestion would be to check the stool again for parasite tests and wait!

Is the intestinal flora adversely affected by a colonoscopy and its preparation? Many Thanks

Stephan Vavricka: No.

Good evening, I have read that intestinal bacteria have an influence on (over) weight. So that it may be due to the bacteria if you hardly lose weight despite exercise and a balanced diet. Is that correct? If so, what can you do?

Gregor Hasler: Animal experiments show that intestinal bacteria play a role in obesity. In humans, however, I am not yet aware of any probiotic or prebiotic therapy that works. Anyone who finds this will become a billionaire in no time. A healthy, balanced diet and the avoidance of industrial food are currently the best methods of positively influencing the intestinal flora. If you are overweight, I recommend Weight Watchers.

Good evening My life partner has had a lot of pain in her stomach for over 15 months. The gall bladder and appendix were surgically removed. I had you hospitalized three times (1952) as an emergency at the Inselspital. None of the examinations revealed any abnormalities. Now I had to take Michele to the hospital 20 days ago because of a cerebral hemorrhage. On the basis of the broadcast I now suspect that the persistent nausea and pain have a connection

Stephan Vavricka: Difficult to answer ... I don't think so.

I, f, 41 years old, suffer from rosacea. A four-week attempt to avoid wheat, milk, and sugar worked wonders and improved the skin. But tomatoes and other acidic foods also cause inflammation. Is that Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Anita Gröli: It is difficult to assess here whether it is related to the Leaky Gut Syndrome. However, a connection between rosacea and food intolerance is known. You seem to have improved when you left out certain foods.

Good evening, recently I had to take very high doses of antibiotics for 1 week in addition to a root canal treatment. Is an intestinal rehabilitation recommended (e.g. with Activomin and probiotics)?

Gregor Hasler: As was clearly stated in the PULS program, intestinal rehabilitation is not a proven healing method. One week of antibiotic therapy is unlikely to have any negative consequences. The intestinal ecosystem can withstand many things that only have a short-term effect.

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