Who is your favorite villain

Storm whispers

Lies, extortion, kidnapping and even murder: they stop at nothing to achieve their goals - the villains from "Storm of Love"! They are the icing on the cake and ensure that it never gets boring at the “Fürstenhof”. But who was actually the worst of all female villains?

1. Cora Franke: She intrigued, lied and even murdered: The first antagonist of "Sturm der Liebe". She was the PR manager of the “Fürstenhof” and always wanted to be by Werner's side, both professionally and privately. In the end, however, her greed for power, money and recognition became her undoing and she was finally arrested.

2. Barbara von Heidenberg: Barbara probably caused most of the mischief at the “Fürstenhof”: murder, extortion, kidnapping and even an explosion. All of this is due to the unscrupulous and malicious schemer from seasons two, four and six. When she comes back to the “Fürstenhof” apparently purified, no one takes the change of heart for her. Barbara later dies of a fatal illness.

3. Fiona Marquardt: Fiona was the antagonist of the third season and, together with André, caused all sorts of intrigues at the “Fürstenhof”. Psychologically, she could never fully cope with the fact that she accidentally had a life on her conscience after a diamond robbery. Eventually she dies in a self-inflicted car accident.

4. Cosima Saalfeld: When Cosima learns that she is actually Ludwig Saalfeld's real daughter, she foams with anger and seeks revenge. Her goal: to take the place as a real woman “Saalfeld” and drive Werner and Charlotte out of the “Fürstenhof”. In addition, she spins all sorts of intrigues, which, however, soon become her undoing. In the end, she dies of a heart attack.

5. Doris van Norden: In the seventh and eighth season, Doris sowed discord among the residents of the “Fürstenhof”. For a long time Werner noticed nothing of his wife's machinations, which were primarily directed against Charlotte. After Doris did not shy away from murder, her mental state deteriorated noticeably. She ended up being admitted to psychiatry.

6. Patrizia Dietrich: Seasons nine and ten were completely under the murderous influence of Patrizia. Because she stopped at nothing to achieve her goals. After the birth of her daughter Mila, Patrizia made every effort to get sole custody. One thing stood in her way: Friedrich Stahl, Mila's father. It was then he who shot Patrizia in self-defense.

7. Beatrice Stahl: In the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth seasons, Beatrice was up to mischief. At first she was after Luisa's millionaire heir, then she and daughter Desirée caused disputes. It came to an extreme when she exchanged her son Frederick for Tina's child after his stillborn child. The fraud was exposed and Beatrice was ultimately the victim of a wicked murder herself.

8. Xenia Saalfeld: Christoph's ex-wife came to the “Fürstenhof” when Boris ‘life was hanging by a thread. Here she finally found out that Christoph lied to her all his life and deliberately withheld her children from her. The desire for revenge grew in Xenia. But some things got out of hand. In the end, Xenia was arrested - and shot by her own daughter a little later.

Who do you think was the worst villain?