What is the past life regression

Reincarnation therapy, regression and regression

Reincarnation therapy is a special form of psychotherapy that contains elements from classic, depth psychological psychotherapy as well as from spiritual philosophy.

The origins of modern reincarnation therapy go back much further, because the exploration of previous lives is firmly rooted in the ancient religions.

Regression means looking back into the past and can make it possible to travel back into past lives. Working with regression (feedback) can create special states of consciousness in which knowledge can be accessed that is closed to the waking consciousness.

Regression as part of reincarnation therapy (regression) can be used in the following cases:
- Travel back into past lives
- Cause research (problems from other periods of life, e.g. from childhood)
- targeted remembering of moments
- Timeline method
- hypnoanalysis

What is reincarnation or a regression?
How is it possible that past life memories can be accessed during hypnosis? There are many different approaches to explaining reincarnation.

Induction theory:
It is not always the same soul that incarnates, rather it is about the logical progression of different lives.

Soul Transformation Theory:
According to this theory, the soul moves to the hereafter after death and can later continue to live in another body.

Theory of the morphological field (Sheldrake) and collective consciousness (C. G. Jung):
There is an omniscient field of consciousness that the subconscious of every person can access. Memories of past lives do not come from your own knowledge, but the subconscious looks for the lives of others that match your own.

How can reincarnation therapy be used?
With the help of reincarnation therapy, blockages can be resolved or worked on, if blockages of karmic origin are involved.

These are phobias and fears, paralysis, rashes and cancer. The karmic burdens arise from past lives and can be carried further and further and ultimately trigger mental and physical illnesses and problems.

Character traits, traits of the life course such as poverty, unsuccessfulness and others can also be carried over from one life to the next.

Reincarnation therapy can bring about conflict resolution between people and help to find unresolved tasks in previous lives.