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Remove grease films from kitchen cabinets with home remedies

At a glance: Daily cooking inevitably brings greasy residue to the top of kitchen cabinets. And because these are sticky, they magically attract dust. We provide suitable cleaning agents that dissolve grease and have a disinfectant effect. Remove grease films with home remedies!

Although they are usually not to be seen, the greasy films on the kitchen cabinets become a reason for disgust and cleaning frustration at the latest during spring cleaning. However, no one has to do endless scrubbing, after which sticky residues can still be found - if the choice falls on suitable means. And these are surprisingly inexpensive and can usually be found in the kitchen.


Home remedies for greasy films

Both tasks are carried out by a solution that you can produce very inexpensively and easily.

Vinegar and lemons

All you need to remove grease films in the kitchen is a sufficiently large and tightly closing vessel, white vinegar * or vinegar essence * and a few lemons. The lemons don't necessarily have to be freshly sliced. They may already be squeezed out or even slightly dried out.

  • Prepare mixture: Pour citrus fruits and vinegar into the jar. It is important that the lemons are completely covered by the vinegar.
  • Let rest for a week: The container is now closed and left to rest for at least a week.
  • Shake well: If the greasy film gets to grips, shake the mixture well.
  • Use a spray bottle or rag: I pour the mixture into a spray bottle. However, it is also possible to wet a cloth with it.
  • Apply the mixture to the grease film: Now spray or wipe the vinegar-lemon mixture on the grease film.
  • Finished: After a short exposure time, the home remedy removes sticky films, residues and germs very easily. Just like lime, soap residue and bad smells.

Danger: Vinegar essence in particular is aggressive and can not only damage the skin. Wearing cleaning gloves * and ventilating well must go without saying here.

baking powder

The second home remedy is baking soda *. I always use it when greasy dirt is particularly stubborn: moisten the area, add baking soda, wait a moment - wipe off and you're done.

Pretreatment of the fat films

Continuous grease films can be removed particularly quickly and easily if they are pretreated:

  • Soak rag: To do this, soak a rag or cellulose with the homemade lemon vinegar.
  • Cover the fat film: Place the cloth over the entire area and press down well on the grease film.
  • Wait and peel off: After about half an hour, push the rag or cloth together with light pressure and pull the fat off the surface.

But be careful, with deep scratches or damage to the veneer, the moisture can cause the wood to swell.

Newsprint for prevention

Prevention is better than - in this case - cleaning and if you are cleaning then use the household fairy cleaning plan. If you want to save yourself that completely, you simply have to offer the fat another possibility for storage. Newsprint or kitchen paper serve the purpose. But for this they have to lie really close to the wood. Otherwise the film will only condense under the paper. Instead of repeatedly removing the grease films while cleaning, the layer is simply changed.

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The article was published on September 27, 2017.