Which topic excites you the most

Typical questions and what they mean

Please tell me briefly what you've done so far. / Tell us something about yourself!

With this question, the person you are speaking to would like to get a first impression of you. He / she would like to know whether you can present your CV in a short, understandable and interesting way.

Why did you apply to us in particular?

Your counterpart would like to know whether you have prepared yourself well and are fully informed about the operation.

Why did you choose this apprenticeship? What skills do you have for this?

This question checks whether you have really informed yourself about the job description. The HR manager also wants to know whether you can assess and present your skills.

Tell me about two of your strengths and two weaknesses.

With this question, your interviewer tests whether you know yourself well. Above all, however, he can see whether you are being disturbed or reacting calmly and confidently. Answer the question in a way that puts you in a good light.

Why should we choose you of all people?

With this question, your interviewee would like to know what defines you as a potential trainee and how you stand out from the other applicants. Here you should emphasize your motivation and prove it with academic achievements and internships, etc. However, you shouldn't compare yourself to other applicants because you don't know them.

what are your hobbies? What are you doing in your spare time?

The answer to this question shows which of your activities and interests might be related to your career aspiration. And it shows whether you have a balance to your work.

Which subjects did you like best at school?

The person you are talking to would like to find out whether there were already tendencies and interests in school that are related to your career aspirations.

How do you envision your further professional development?

The employer wants to know whether he / she can count on you to work in the long term. In addition, your answer shows him / her whether you have dealt with the development opportunities in your job and in the company.

The questions you will be asked in the interview can be roughly divided into:

Questions about the résumé, such as

  • Which subjects do you like best at school?
  • How did you get along with your teachers and classmates?
  • Are you satisfied with your last school report?

Questions about choosing a career, such as

  • What is it about this job / job that appeals to you?
  • Why do you consider yourself suitable for this job?
  • Which professions are you still interested in?

Questions about the company, such as

  • How did you prepare for the interview?
  • What do you know about our company?
  • What do you expect from us / the training?

Questions about personality, such as

  • May I ask you to judge yourself?
  • In which area do you see your special abilities?
  • Which tasks are causing you difficulties?

Make bullet points of what you would like to answer to the respective questions.