Which country has the most islands

The 5 countries with the most islands in the world

From TRAVELBOOK | April 22, 2020, 1:36 p.m.

When you think of islands, the first thing that comes to mind is paradise in the Caribbean. All the greater is the surprise that the country with the most islands in the world is not located there - but in Europe.

Islands do not automatically mean white sandy beaches, turquoise water and palm groves. This becomes clear when you look at the country to which most of the islands in the world belong. TRAVELBOOK presents which it is in the top 5 ranking of the countries with the most islands:

1st place: Sweden

At the top of the island rankings is Sweden, which, according to statistics from Statistics Sweden, includes an unbelievable 267,570 islands. Only 984 of them are said to be inhabited.

2nd place: Finland

Finland ranks second with 179,584 islands named by the country's tourist board. With this number, however, it is unclear whether the islands are also included, which are located on the approximately 188,000 lakes in Finland.

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3rd place: Norway

According to the online travel portal “Norway ABC”, around 150,000 islands belong to Norway, which means third place for the Scandinavian country. This would include tiny skerries that protrude only a few centimeters from the water, as well as large islets.

By the way, the largest archipelagos are Vesterålen and Lofoten.

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4th place: Canada

Canada makes it to fourth place. The North American country is said to have at least 30,000 islands, as the "Canadian Encyclopedia" writes - the exact number is not known.

However, the world's largest freshwater archipelago, known as the "Thirty Thousand Islands", is located in Georgian Bay in Ontario.

5th place: Indonesia

Indonesia ranks fifth. The Indonesian embassy in Washington states that the Southeast Asian country includes 17,508 islands. 6,000 of them are said to be inhabited.

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