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Work and Living in Mexico

Live and work in Mexico

by Lennard

I've lived and worked in Mexico City for three years now and it's generally a fascinating life in one of the largest cities in the world. Why Mexico? I honestly have to admit, it was a coincidence. I was living in Ecuador when I got the opportunity to go to Mexico City for an initial two months in 2009. In short, I liked it very much and stayed. There is something fascinating about life in this city. With almost 20 million inhabitants, this city is one of the largest in the world.

Actually, I'm a journalist, but in general this is a difficult job here in Mexico: firstly, journalists are not particularly popular anywhere, and secondly, this job is particularly dangerous here. So I needed an alternative. I found this as German and English teacher. Most schools and institutes do not require a completed education degree or certificate and that Earnings are good by Mexican standards, you can live very well on the income here. In addition, as a teacher, you can easily get a work visa. I strongly advise against applying to the large language institutes here, the income there is less than half that of smaller institutes and you work Monday to Saturday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Language skills and internships

Anyone looking for an internship abroad has come to the right place - the AHK is very active in MexicoMost large German companies are represented here and offer internships and permanent positions on the homepage of the AHK Mexico. There are also a number of multinational companies that employ skilled people at all times. There is, however, a Degree is essential - with an MBA or a similar degree you have even better chances. You can live very, very comfortably in Mexico with a job like that.

However, I strongly recommend Bring knowledge of Spanish, and not necessarily Castellano as it is spoken in Spain. The Spanish in Latin America is very different. You can speak Spanish here in a short time Intensive courses learn. This is definitely cheaper than corresponding courses in Germany and also a lot more effective, since you can use the language directly in practice. Fluency in English is a basic requirement in every company.

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How do you live in Mexico?

Because of the reporting in Germany, you get the impression that Mexico is a very dangerous country and that you are robbed on arrival. No, it's not like that! I've lived in Latin America for six years, three of them in Mexico City, and I haven't even been ambushed or threatened. Of course there are parts of the city that are best kept a long way away, but in general the areas around the center are relatively safe. Most of the foreigners live in the Districts of Condesa and La Roma, these districts are very European, the supermarkets have a good, international selection, there are many cafes and restaurants and the police are very present, You live there absolutely safely and have a very good connection to the public transport network. The apartments there are also affordable: monthly rents are the equivalent of 400 to 800 euros, depending on the size and location.

If you only know the German standard, you will feel a little lost here: Apartments are built rather simply, heating or soundproofed windows are in vain. If you have a problem with that, it is best to stay at home. You also have to be prepared for the mentality here - you won't achieve anything with pressure and loudness. Not everyone is made for life in Mexico, it's different, but definitely a great experience. You definitely have to get used to the dimensions of this city and that takes time. 60 to 90 minutes to commute to work are not uncommon. Nevertheless, for my part I can only recommend it to everyone and I won't be returning to Germany anytime soon.

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