Is PewDiePie a good role model

PewDiePie on his net worth: Didn't plan to become a Youtube star

The YouTube star PewDiePie generated around 6.7 million euros in 2014. The news about the Swede's income recently went around the world and caused a stir. After all, not everyone seems to be able to get used to the idea that commenting on video game sessions, which is over-the-top at times, can be a lucrative source of income.

Even the video maker, who comes from Sweden and whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, did not go unnoticed. He has now responded with a new video in which he talks about himself, his career and his relationship to money.

"Had no idea that you could make money with it"

Kjellberg's presence on YouTube began five years ago. At that time, he describes, he was in college and was living on a student loan. He couldn't afford a computer powerful enough to record game videos until he managed to sell a few works of art online.

Shortly thereafter, he left college. To stay afloat financially, he worked at a hot dog shop. Even so, he says it was a very happy time in his life. "For the first time in years I was able to do what I wanted," said Kjellberg. "Being able to make videos was much more important to me than doing a job with little prestige for a few hours a day."

He didn't start the Let's Play videos because he wanted to make a living from it, but because he enjoyed it. "I had no idea that you could make money with it," he says. "And then it exploded."

"If you think someone else is funnier, watch their videos"

Many people would believe that all day long all he does is yell at his screen while playing. In truth, there is a lot more work behind it, so such comments make him sad.

But his sometimes hyperactive style and humor have also been criticized. "If you think someone else is funnier, keep checking their videos - because that's how we get paid," he countered such comments.

This is not the first time that PewDiePies' finances have been the subject of widespread media coverage. Its earnings have also made headlines for the past two years. It is nice that he no longer has to worry about whether he can pay the rent, says Kjellberg. "But how much money I make is more important to the whole world than to myself." (gpi, July 8th, 2015)