Nurses get sick more often

Cash register calls for better work organization.
Working in hospitals makes many nurses sick. This is the result of a study by the German Salaried Health Insurance Fund (DAK) and the professional association for health and welfare services (BGW). Almost half of the more than 1,000 nurses surveyed were found to have a high load on the spine. There is also a higher risk of injury and infection. The number of days absent due to such illnesses is 2.3 days, above the average of 1.4 days for employees recorded by the DAK.
According to the study, caregivers and nurses are particularly likely to suffer from stress-related mental illnesses. Neuroses and depressive conditions cause 30 percent more days of absence than the DAK average. The stress load is closely related to the organization of work on many stations. DAK and BGW criticized the fact that a nurse is not responsible for the overall care of patients, but rather performs certain tasks for all patients. "The work should be organized in such a way that professional skills and qualifications can be applied as comprehensively as possible," it says.

The DAK certifies that the caregivers are subject to high stress on the spine.

Nursing staff: Sick more often

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