What is a Credit Analyst Salary

Credit Analyst Salary Compared

Credit analysts have traditionally completed training in banking. The training to become a bank clerk is dual and usually lasts three years.

As part of their training, the prospective bankers go through all areas of the respective bank or credit institute and take on all the work involved, from work at the counter to tasks in internal administration.

The aim of the training is to get to know all areas of a bank or credit institution and to gain comprehensive insights into savings and investment transactions, securities transactions, credit checks, international transactions, credit transactions, accounting, etc.

The training remuneration for training as a bank clerk is regulated by collective bargaining agreements and amounts to 976 euros in the first year, 1,038 euros in the second year of training and 1,100 euros in the third year of training. (Status: 2018, source: German Bank Employees Association (DBV)).

After several years of professional experience and various training courses in finance and lending, the chances are good to work as a credit analyst. Sought-after qualifications that can be beneficial for a career in finance and that can be obtained after successfully completing training as a banker are, for example:

  • Banking specialist
  • Business economist for finance and investment
  • Specialist advisor for financial services
  • Investment specialist.