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when the small sewage treatment plant stinks
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When the small sewage treatment plant stinks

In some cases it can happen that there is a smell in the vicinity of the small sewage treatment plant in the first few weeks after commissioning and that it emits a nuisance. This is considered a normal effect and should show up after two to three weeks of operation.

However, if the odor does not subside or persists at a later point in time during operation, this can have several causes:

Causes of a smelly small sewage treatment plant (KKA)

  • faulty venting of the KKA

    In most cases, the odor that occurs in a KKA is due to a lack of oxygen.
  • inadequate clarification

    A poor degradation performance of the small wastewater treatment plant is the second most common cause that leads to odor nuisance.
  • Fixed bed process

    Unpleasant smells often occur with KKAs with fixed bed processes. These systems are often underutilized. But even with the fixed bed process, the sewage treatment plant can stink with normal plant utilization. Troubleshooting is very difficult here. Consult a professional if necessary.
  • defective hose

  • defective membrane plate

Cleaning the small sewage treatment plant

A comprehensive cleaning of the small wastewater treatment plant, which ensures smooth operation again, can lead to a solution to the problem. In this case, however, it is advisable to get help from a specialized maintenance company.

  • Check the COD value

    Checking the COD value (chemical oxygen demand). This should not be above 150mg / l. If this value is exceeded, the water usually also becomes turbid.
  • Localization of the odor formation

    Check whether odor formation occurs in all chambers or only in the primary treatment.
  • Check drain values

    Checking the discharge values ​​and comparing them with the system design as well as checking for technical malfunctions.
  • Increase ventilation time

    In some cases it helps to increase the duration of ventilation. to set this to continuous operation. For this, however, the Veridchter must be designed for continuous operation.
  • Review of the discharged substances

    In some cases there is an odor if too much disinfectant cleaning agent is used in the household.

If you are not familiar with all of the legally required guidelines, we will be happy to assist you in retrofitting your wastewater treatment plant.

Does your small wastewater treatment plant smell?

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