How can I minimize back pain

Practical tips for back pain

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Often it is small things - like the wrong footwear or a few pounds too much - that lead to back pain. Here are some tips on how to minimize these risks in everyday life.

Being overweight promotes back pain

Those who do not exercise enough and eat incorrectly often put on fat - especially on the stomach. This is how obesity develops. We try to compensate for this by shifting the weight “backwards” - we form a hollow back. In this way, however, we stress the spine in a very one-sided way.

The first - often the most difficult - task is to lose excess weight. Following advice, stick to an appropriate diet and, above all, strengthen your abdominal muscles. Sufficient musculature can prevent a hollow back and thus compensate for the incorrect loading of the spine.
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Tips for everyday life

Always make sure to avoid a one-sided posture. Change the position of your body as often as possible. Switch between sitting and standing and take a few steps in between. If possible, always take the stairs, never the elevator or escalator. As often as possible, leave the car parked, walk, or take a bike.
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High heels can also cause back pain.

Be good to your feet!

We put strain on our feet most of the day. Good footwork leads to good posture. When you use your foot muscles, your core muscles receive stimulating impulses. Therefore, good footwear is very important. Our floors and streets are hard and inelastic, so the soles of our shoes should be soft and pliable so that you can easily push your foot off the ground. Shoes with springy heels are recommended.
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The foot can only roll properly with suitable footwear.
Shoes that are too big encourage poor posture.
Going barefoot is only useful if you can move about on a soft floor, such as a meadow, sand, or carpet.

Make sure your shoes are snug on your foot. If the shoe is too big, the foot is forced to hold onto the shoe - it can no longer roll properly. However, the shoe must not be too tight either. The stockings must be elastic so that the toes have enough freedom of movement.

The height of your heels is also important. Heels that are too high no longer allow the foot to roll off. The result: walking becomes a tripple. Incorrect load on the legs results in a misalignment of the pelvis and thus an incorrect load on the spine. The possible consequence: back pain. Therefore, wear high heels only for a short time.
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If your torso halves are different, you can compensate for this while sitting with a small pillow that you push under one buttock. You can compensate for a leg that is too short by raising the heel of one of the shoes.

Dress comfortably

If you wear trousers or skirts that are too tight, the fabric can seriously affect the range of motion of your hip joint. This disrupts the movement when walking and sitting.
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