What are the best ideas for corporate events

18 ideas for corporate events that won't make you yawn boring

Most people don't necessarily associate the word "company" with tension and excitement.

You probably hear it and think of the color gray. You think of men and women in suits. Or how about those dreary lounges for employees?

So corporate events are probably super bland affairs with lots of post-it notes and cheap coffee, right?

Not correct! When it comes to ideas for corporate events, the motto is: the more exciting, the better. The workplace is exactly the right place for more moral, team building fun with the right twist.

We're looking at some of the best corporate event ideas.

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These corporate event ideas are all about getting out of the office chair and moving around a bit.

1. Scavenger hunt

The good old scavenger hunt - you hide, find it. Quite easy. Find a good location and hold a scavenger hunt around a themed like Pirate Treasure or Indiana Jones.

2. Tough Mudder

At such an event you literally have to get your hands dirty. With a Tough Mudder, you get ... everything dirty. It's a bit of an elite event that requires pretty intense physical exertion. Best suited for smaller business owners with like-minded athletes.

3. Picking berries

In our day we had to walk uphill to the berry fields and back again. For an office, picking berries can be a relaxing activity. It's a lovely way to share some healthy, fresh snacks together.

4. Laser Quest

The secretary became a sci-fi soldier? Oh yeah. If you've never been to Laser Quest before, do yourself a favor and get your own Terminator and that of your colleagues out. When can employees shoot their superiors and get away with it?

You don't need to answer that.

5. Skyfall

That's right, it's about skydiving. This idea is not for the faint of heart. But your employees will talk about it for a long time. No question at all!


Let your worker drones off the leash. Team building through proper entertainment can improve the working atmosphere for everyone. In addition, colleagues will interact with each other in new, exciting ways.

1st movie night

Simple, fun and social. The pressure here is minimal and for some offices this is just right. Movie nights can also be hosted quite often.

You can organize it with bean bags in the office, in a movie theater, or outdoors. Drive-in movies, anyone? Let your office vote beforehand and get the popcorn.

2. Quiz

Everyone loves a quiz! Okay, that's not entirely true. But quizzes can be pretty fun, not a joke. Try taking part in a pub quiz in your favorite pub with your colleagues. Alternatively, you can use a handy online tool to run a job-related quiz with cool prizes.

3. Now you see it ...

Do magicians look like they only belong at children's parties? Some of them might, but Penn and Teller are great examples of how magic can be really fun for adults too.

Sometimes you can use magic as an opener to discuss things like suggestions for improvements in the workplace. Let your creativity flow.

4. Theme parks

Instant fun. Visit a theme park with numerous attractions and roller coasters with your employees. Turn friendly office rivalries into fuel for autodrome races.

5. Bingo

Now also for the non-seniors!

Bingo is obviously a very cheap, relaxed activity. Can be held many times, but the price has to be something good.

Add a dash of irony to the game. It doesn't have to be taken seriously. Players can stamp squares with text like “I've eaten fast food from the booth across the street more than once this week and I feel slightly guilty”.

The whole thing should be kept friendly and humorous.

6th crime night

Solve a Cluedo-style murder case. Depending on the audience, you can turn the RPG up or down a little. Create your own custom puzzle or get started with a template.

7. Boat trip

This can be anything from a luxury cruise to a lazy afternoon on a river boat. You must bring your own Mark Twain cigars and robes from the 19th century.

8th game night

Board games are certainly more creative than they used to be. From The Resistance to King of Tokyo, there are tons of exciting options. Weekly board games are a great way to let off steam in the middle of the work day.

Find something simple and social that works best for your workplace.

To the nitty-gritty

Here are a few options that highlight creativity and problem solving. Your employees spend every day of the week following a routine, and these events are there to help them think outside the box as a team.

1. Creative workshop

There is a lot of leeway here. Your workshop can relate to almost anything, but craft events are our favorites. For offices with communal kitchens, you can organize a workshop where everyone can create their own coffee cup.

2. Escape rooms

Escape rooms are quite a new trend. Participants are locked in a themed room and have a window of time in which to plan their escape and escape. Hardcore puzzles at the highest level!

Food for the masses

When all else fails, there is always food. Whether it's dining or cooking (or both), food-based events are highly customizable activities that anyone can enjoy.

1st gala dinner

A good old fashioned gala is a timeless choice. Dinner and music? We are on.

2. Cooking

Cooking classes are educational and delicious. Alternatively, there are cooking contests for anyone who loves contests. Alton Brown is likely out of your price range, however.

3. Cultural food events

Diversity can be celebrated again and again. . Whether Mexican, Ethiopian, Thai, Italian ... If there is one thing that rules humanity, it is the art of cooking.

Hold office polls for the next cultural dinner and fill your stomach with ethnic delicacies.

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Companies can also celebrate

The most important thing is that you adapt the idea for your next corporate event to your workplace. Combining your employees with the wrong activities can be a disaster. Build good relationships in the workplace and make sure everyone is comfortable.

As your ideas solidify, check out our guide to organizing corporate events for the logistical aspects.

And now get to work!

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