Can we transfer money through Amazon

Guidelines for purchase on account

These guidelines supplement the general terms and conditions for purchase on account (“Conditions for purchase on account”), which can be found here.

1. Payment term and interest

  • Payment term:

    Unless otherwise agreed with Amazon, your payment term for invoices is specified as on your invoices and in your company account (see "Your invoices for purchase on account" under Invoice + Shipping):

    • 1.1 For invoiced orders on,, and 30 days net from the date of dispatch of your order.
    • 1.2 For invoiced orders to Invoices are due at the end of the month in which the 30th day after the original invoice date falls (30EOM). For example, if an invoice is issued on August 1st, the invoice would be due on August 31st. If an invoice is issued on August 5th, the invoice would be due on September 30th.
  • Statutory interest rate:

    The interest rate for late payment is specified in the conditions for purchase on account. For orders placed on, we can instead charge you default interest of nine percentage points above the base rate per year for late payments.

2. Authorized users

For security reasons, only authorized users can perform certain purchase-on-account actions through their account.

  • 2.1 Corporate account administrators - Users with administrative rights to manage your company account can view applicable purchase-on-account credit limits and terms, account balances and all invoices for your company, manage billing account settings and ask Amazon to deactivate your account.
  • 2.2 Group administrators - Group administrators can view all invoices for orders in their group.
  • 2.3 Requester - Requesters can view all invoices for the orders they have placed themselves.

3. Invoice transmission

For security reasons, only authorized users - as described in the section "Authorized users" - can view invoices. Invoices can also be downloaded by authorized users from the Order Details page of the Amazon Business website. We do not issue paper invoices.

Invoices will be sent to the email address configured for "Purchase on Account" under Account Settings in the "Manage Business Account" section of the Amazon Business website. For public sector customers in France, we send invoices through the Chorus Pro platform.

4. Make payments

Payment may only be made to the account number, SWIFT code or lockbox address stated on the invoice. Do not make any payment to another bank account communicated by email or phone, even if the request appears to come from an Amazon employee.

We currently accept bank transfer, SEPA transfer and SEPA direct debit (only on or payment by check (only on Cash payments, money orders, and debit or credit card payments are not supported. All payments must be made in the currency specified on the relevant invoice.

You must include the Amazon invoice number (s) in the description field of your electronic transfer or check payment. Alternatively, you can email the account number, the list of invoice numbers and the amount to the appropriate email address listed below. If we do not receive any transfer details such as the account name, the transfer amount and the invoice or credit note numbers, we can post payments with your outstanding receivables, starting with the oldest open invoice.

5. restrictions

Amazon reserves the right not to offer purchase on account for certain types of goods and services, including gift cards and software downloads. Customers who shop on cannot purchase goods and services from third-party providers via purchase on account.

6. Payment of account balances

You can request a refund for unallocated credits and unallocated payments in your purchase-on-account account by following the guidelines provided here. You can only request a refund for the amount that exceeds your overdue balance. We currently do not support partial refunds of unallocated credits.