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No storage space: moving apps in Windows 10

If the space on the built-in hard drive becomes too tight, apps can be moved to other storage media, e.g. an external hard drive. This is very easy with Windows 10.

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If the hard drive is full, apps and games in Windows 10 can be moved to another disk.

The storage capacity of even large hard drives will eventually be exhausted. In addition to the fact that you can then no longer save photos, videos or documents, Windows 10 can even become unstable on such devices.

Free up space on the hard drive: move apps

This can be remedied by an external drive to provide more storage space. However, you then also have to move data. Classic programs cannot be moved to another partition so easily, but modern Windows apps or games can. The external drive can be, for example, a hard drive, a USB stick or an SD card. If you move memory-guzzling apps or games in Windows 10 to it, you save the internal memory for more important things.

This is how apps can be moved under Windows 10

First the external device is connected. In Windows 10 then call up the "System" function under "Settings" and choose "Storage". Below you can select where apps installed from the store will be saved in the future. Existing apps can be easily moved by clicking on "Apps and Features", selecting the app and clicking on "Move".


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| Updated: Tuesday, September 17, 2019 2:46 pm

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