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Rental motorcycle Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory


The ultimate superbike
RSV4 - the name stands for pure racing, for absolute high-tech components and high-end electronics. A power pack that Aprilia Racing engineers have uncompromisingly trimmed from A to Z for ultra-fast lap times for victory. The engine with the power of an incredible 159.5 kW / 217 PS, embedded in a top-class chassis, has increased its torque significantly again in 2021. In terms of aerodynamics, an essential requirement for extreme top speed values ​​and driving stability, the latest RSV4 generation with its new fairing design and integrated winglets does not make any compromises. A true masterpiece, detail for detail, you will be magically under its spell as soon as you turn on the gas.

"The Aprilia RSV4 proves once again that the apparently impossible is possible. Starting with the new double-walled fairing with integrated winglets and improved aerodynamics, through the new aluminum swing arm developed in racing to the electronics update and its optimized aPRC driver assistance package, the RSV4 -Models have significantly increased their overall performance again. Performance with which you can use and enjoy the power and torque plus of your new RSV4 in a high-end chassis over the entire power range of 217 hp. "

From the racetrack to the street
The winglets are elegantly and fluently integrated into the new double-walled cladding. Developed in the wind tunnel and with the help of numerical fluid dynamics by Aprilia engineers, the RSV4 aerodynamics package was tested on the road and on the racetrack. The result: The latest RSV4 generation delivers top values ​​in terms of aerodynamics, driving stability and power delivery.
Aprilia RSV4 and RSV4 Factory
Regardless of whether you opt for the RSV4 or RSV4 Factory, both models will be launched in 2021 with the revised, larger-displacement 1099 cm³ Aprilia V4 engine. Equipped as standard with super-light forged aluminum wheels and semi-active Öhlins Smart EC 2.0 chassis, the RSV4 Factory offers high-end performance in perfection.