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2 TABLE OF CONTENTS FOREWORD Dear Readers, In the past applicants were petitioners, today it is companies that are desperately looking for suitable skilled workers. In order to attract top talent and top performers, companies have to attract attention. But how can that be achieved? What new paths can companies take in personnel marketing? What cheeky approaches are there in recruiting? These and other questions were the focus of the 4th Expert Forum Fresh Ideas for Personnel Marketing and Recruiting on July 10, 2015. Around 60 participants from the entire region came to Ingelfingen for the event - a very good response, which we were very pleased about. HR managers in particular took part as company representatives in order to jointly discuss the topic of fresh ideas for personnel marketing and recruitment and to receive new ideas. We were allowed to use the opportunity to contribute creative ideas on the topic with our lectures. The diverse selection of company examples as well as the practice-oriented innovation workshop of the 4th Expert Forum were very popular with the participants. If you would like to receive further information on the specialist forum with its range of topics and the personnel policy instruments and innovative ideas presented there, then you will certainly be able to use this documentation. We wish you an interessting lecture. The speakers from left to right: Meike Querengässer, Elke Döring, Jörg Buckmann, Rotraud Diwan, Alexandra Waltritsch (moderation) 04 SPECIALIST FORUM 25 by companies for companies 08 PETER SCHWEIKER Managing Director IHK Heilbronn-Franken FRESH IDEAS for personnel marketing and recruiting ROHRBECK Managing Director Managing Director Christian ChristianBürkert BürkertGmbH GmbH && Co. Co.KG KG 12 THE HOSTS 32 PRESENT A STRONG PRESENTATION Tailor-made employer branding in medium-sized businesses 2 INNOVATION WORKSHOP Spinning is a must! 40 Christian Bürkert GmbH & Co. KG 16 COURAGE WANTED as an employer Showing a profile FINDING SPECIALIST WORKERS Structured. Professional. IHK. 50 WHO WANTS TO JOIN GOOGLE? Astonishing as a hidden champion on the job market 3

3 SPECIALIST FORUM FROM COMPANIES FOR COMPANIES skilled workers in the Heilbronn-Franken region are in short supply. The economy in the region continues to grow at an above-average rate, the number of people in employment is developing positively, and the unemployment rate is just under 3.5 percent. On the other hand, there is a demographic-related shortage of skilled workers. According to the IHK skilled workers monitor, the region will lack around skilled workers every year between 2015 and 2030. Small and medium-sized companies in particular are therefore having increasing difficulties in finding suitable personnel. " Further

4 4th Expert forum: From companies for companies T o enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to master current and future personnel policy requirements, the Heilbronn-Franken Chamber of Commerce, as the coordinating body of the Heilbronn-Franken experts' alliance, organizes the event series Expert Forum: From Companies for Companies. The target group for this series of events are HR managers from SMEs. On the basis of lectures and examples, the participants receive new impulses and solutions that can be implemented in their own company. In the context of world cafés or innovation workshops, questions also provide the opportunity to receive specific and practical help. They use the participants to establish a demography-proof personnel policy in their company. Each participant should take specific ideas with them that can be implemented in their own company. PROFILE OF THE EXPERT ALLIANCE HEILBRONN-FRANKEN Partners: IHK Heilbronn-Franken, Chamber of Crafts Heilbronn-Franken, Employers' Association Heilbronn-Franken e. V., Wirtschaftsregion HeilbronnFranken GmbH (WHF), DGB Region Nordwuerttemberg, the Agency for Employment Heilbronn, Agency for Employment Schwäbisch Hall-Tauberbischofsheim FOUNDED: APRIL 20, 2012 STRATEGY BODY: SPECIALIST CONFERENCE COORDINATION OFFICE IN SOCIAL OFFICE: IHK AT SCHWEILBRONN-STOCK SMEs The branch structure of the Heilbronn-Franken region shows a high number of small and medium-sized industrial companies and a high density of world market leaders. A survey by the Institute for Occupational Research shows that small companies in particular often have problems meeting their staffing needs. The successful recruitment of skilled workers and their long-term loyalty to the company depend on the attractiveness of a company and its working conditions, regardless of the size of the company. Although SMEs also generally attach great importance to structured personnel planning, it is nevertheless operated with less intensity. In small companies, recruiting is more likely to be done ad hoc than strategically planned. When it comes to finding qualified employees, SMEs are usually left behind. Talents tend to go to the corporations. Not because the work there is more demanding or because it is better paid. But because they are better known and have distinguished themselves as an employer brand. Unknown SMEs fall through the cracks and are not even noticed. Only one thing helps here: rattling! Draw attention to yourself with original promotions! Show profile! The 4th Expert Forum gave a lot of suggestions. OBJECTIVES 01 Areas of activity: 1. Women, lead: Employment Agency Heilbronn 2. Students, lead: IHK Heilbronn-Franken 3. Semi-skilled and unskilled, lead: Chamber of Crafts Heilbronn-Franken 4. Extra-regional and foreign skilled workers, lead: WHF and agency for Work Schwäbisch Hall-Tauberbischofsheim »The Heilbronn-Franken skilled workers' alliance, founded on April 20, 2012 under the leadership of the Heilbronn-Franken Chamber of Commerce and Industry, started with the aim of securing the region's skilled workforce in the long term. The focus is on the employment of women, the expansion of universities, the promotion of low-skilled workers and the recruitment of non-regional specialists. The regional coordination office, which has been part of the IHK since it was founded, has been funded by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Finance and Economics since January 2015. Employ more women: Increase the number of women who are subject to social insurance contributions by 2020 Increase the number of female academics who are subject to social insurance contributions by up to More students for Heilbronn-Franconia: Increase the number of students to 2015 Increase of new students by up to semi-skilled, unskilled and unemployed people Acquire unskilled skilled workers from outside by 500 by 2020 Acquisition of 200 non-regional skilled workers by 2020 Opening of the 4th Specialists Forum by Alexandra Waltritsch, Advisor for Location Policy & Securing Skilled Workers, IHK Heilbronn-Franken 6 7

5 Fresh Ideas for Personnel Marketing and Recruiting Fresh Ideas for Personnel Marketing and Recruiting FRESH IDEAS FOR PERSONNEL MARKETING AND RECRUITING Medium-sized companies and hidden champions often suffer from a lack of awareness. They are not noticed by qualified applicants, especially nationwide. They are invisible to applicants. Mailboxes full of applications that was once upon a time. What to do? Put your hands in your lap and hope that the next candidate will soon be at the door? Not a good idea. It is better to be active yourself and to recruit candidates. That means: rolling out the red carpet for applicants and creating positive emotions. Hidden champions Medium-sized companies that have become world market leaders in niche market segments are referred to as hidden champions. They are secret winners because they are hardly known to the public, are usually owner-managed and not stock market oriented. The term was coined by Hermann Simon (1990) and has established itself in recent years as a synonym for growth companies in Germany. CREATING EMOTIONAL CONTACTS During the application process, potential employees have emotional experiences with the companies they come into contact with. Depending on how they perceive the company and the employer brand, they react emotionally. With joy or frustration. These emotions are very lasting. They are even more sustainable than all the information on the career pages or in the career brochures. The keyword here is candidate experience. But what is it? What's behind it? Can candidate experience be recorded and managed? And what can medium-sized companies do to show their strengths in order to score points with the right candidates? Speaker Rotraud Diwan addressed these questions in her presentation and provided answers (see page 16). BUILDING UP INTERNATIONAL EMPLOYER BRAND The 4th Expert Forum was hosted by Christian Bürkert GmbH & Co. KG in Ingelfingen, a hidden champion with an export share of around 80 percent. The challenges for personnel marketing and recruitment are quickly outlined: headquarters in rural areas, no big city nearby, technically complex products in the B2B area, strong companies in the neighborhood. And not an already well-known company name like many large corporations. It is precisely these corporations, which have been investing a lot of time and money in employer branding for some time, are the main competitors on the job market. For Bürkert it was clear: chasing after is not very promising. The solution was: Bürkert-style employer branding. The aim of the project: to build a strong, international employer brand. The go-ahead was given at the beginning After the analysis and conception phase, the implementation of the creative and communication concept began in 2014. The international rollout has been running since 2015. Meike Querengässer presented the creative and communication concept and showed how the employer umbrella brand is implemented internally and externally. A good model for SMEs too (see page 25). Alexandra Waltritsch, Consultant Location Policy & Securing Skilled Workers, IHK Heilbronn-Franken 8 9

6 Fresh Ideas for Personnel Marketing and Recruiting Fresh Ideas for Personnel Marketing and Recruiting ACCEPT ADVICE AND SUPPORT The Heilbronn-Franken Chamber of Commerce and Industry does not only act as a service provider for its member companies. In dialogue with politics, regional partners such as the Heilbronn-Franken skilled workers' alliance and the administration, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is committed to continuously improving the scope for medium-sized companies. The topic of securing skilled workers has been strategically anchored at the IHK for many years. But also current topics such as B. the Bildungszeitgesetz or inheritance tax are on the agenda. Elke Döring has a. presented four fresh ideas from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce with which SMEs can strategically plan and implement their personnel policy (see page 40). NAUGHTY ADVERTISING% of all personnel are busy with administrative tasks. Adhesive area 200 x 10 mm. Current studies show that approx. 60 to 70 percent of the employees in the personnel department are busy with administrative tasks. The capacities for new topics are scarce. And the pressure to fill the vacancies is high. This is exactly where the IHK Heilbronn-Franken comes in: The IHK wants to support SMEs in finding skilled workers with fresh ideas and tools. Do we suit you? Find out! Take the Bürkert partner test. How would you like to? Keyword: leadership culture. How important are you What do you expect to work and organize yourself What do you think of? long-term stability and reliability? to savor I want to be flexible and I need strict guidelines and very clearly: trust someone who tells me exactly, days is a clear set of values, fairness and help. For me, global networking is what I have to do. That’s necessary. This includes an important partnership. The common requirement - indispensable for my orientation - long-term growth strategies - being on an equal footing is always in the foreground in everyday work. (1 point) and job security. (2 points) reason. (2 points) Very important. Working across borders, especially now. Everyone should focus on their work. Leadership means support- I don't care. The world nothing at all. Focus in ers. For exchange. Collaboration is turning faster and faster. I work in peace there is no time! (1 point) Eye level, fairness and consistency. You can celebrate traditional successes. Trusting it always leads to the goal. brought values ​​no consideration which people take n (2 points). (1 point) we look forward to it. Digitization, demographics, higher qualifications - these are just a few of the key words that show that the framework conditions for HR work are changing. In times of vacant positions and the shortage of skilled workers, the expectations of HR departments are particularly high to find the right person in the right place at the right time. Recently, terms such as mobile recruiting, talent relationship management and active sourcing have been on the agenda of human resource managers. Legal regulations such as the minimum wage do not really make everyday life easier. EXAMPLES OF GOOD RECRUITING CAMPAIGNS Recruiting with impertinence and skill. With this thesis, the Swiss author Jörg Buckmann brought a breath of fresh air to personnel recruiting. The HR manager of the Zurich public transport company has positioned the public transport company as an attractive employer on the highly competitive Zurich job market with a wealth of ideas and cheeky advertising. The Zürcher Verkehrsbetriebe has repeatedly received awards across Europe for the unusual methods in personnel recruitment. Jörg Buckmann even made it into the BILD newspaper: This Swiss chasing Dresden bus driver could be read there in 2009. Jörg Buckmann is of the opinion that toothbrushes, lawn mowers and even dog food are advertised more professionally and more emotionally than companies and vacancies. In his lecture he showed how unknown companies and hidden champions can sharpen their employer image with information, emotions and cheek (see page 50)

7 The host: Christian Bürkert GmbH & Co. KG THE HOST: CHRISTIAN BÜRKERT GMBH & CO. KG HISTORY One year after the war. The American occupation forces need huge amounts of chicken to feed their crews. An important supplier is the Bühlhof in Ingelfingen, a traditional poultry farm. For this, Christian Bürkert developed a poultry incubator with simple temperature control in 1946. Further innovations in the control area follow, such as rod temperature regulators, gas and oven regulators, then valves for steam control, solenoid valves for washing machines, components for measurement technology and electrical engineering and, finally, control loops for liquids. SPECTRUM Christian Bürkert With his company, company founder Christian Bürkert set the course for the valve, measurement and control technology cluster in Hohenlohe. Today Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is a holistic provider of systems for measuring, controlling and regulating gases and liquids, from individual valves, sensors or regulators to complete automation solutions and fluid systems. Customers include dairies, breweries, food and animal feed manufacturers, pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies, but also high-tech laboratories, medical technology, aerospace technology or industrial companies, for example for flame control or the control of cutting machines. Bürkert's solutions are complex and the product range is correspondingly broad. Today the group of companies employs over 50,000 people around the world, around around Germany. Bürkert is represented in 36 countries with 35 independent subsidiaries. The group of companies generates sales of more than 411 million euros (2013) with an export share of over 80 percent. CONSTRUCTION RESOURCE TECHNICAL SKILLS NEW PATHS IN PERSONNEL RECRUITMENT The company is still 100 percent family-owned. Shaped by the owners, Bürkert pursues a consistent value orientation and sustainable strategy in all entrepreneurial activities, which is aimed at long-term stability. Thanks to the global network, the employees work together in interculturally mixed teams that work on common goals. Recruitment therefore has a special role to play. Especially with the bottleneck resource technical specialists (Meike Querengässer), Meike Querengässer needs more effort to recruit qualified employees both at Christian Bürkert GmbH & Co.KG, Ingelfingen, Germany and at the locations of the foreign subsidiaries that go with Bürkert. The company is therefore breaking new ground with employer branding (see article Courage wanted as an employer showing a profile). 13th

8 The host: Christian Bürkert GmbH & Co. KG The host: Christian Bürkert GmbH & Co. KG BÜRKERT MONTAGE INGELFINGEN 14 15

9 Photo: BillionPhotos.com/fotolia.com STRONG APPEARANCE TAILOR-MADE EMPLOYER BRANDING IN THE MIDDLE SECTOR Photo: lenets_tan / fotolia.com A Photo: Sergey Nivens / fotolia.com Photo: Rido / fotolia.com Photo: Shestakoff / fotolia.com Photo: Syda Productions / fotolia.com Being visible as an employer is one of the greatest challenges for medium-sized companies. Very quickly you hear sentences like: We have no chance against the big guys.The corporations have well-known consumer brands, more budget, attractive locations and so on. Stop. There are talents out there who are looking for exactly what small and medium-sized companies have to offer: family-run, with flat hierarchies, direct contact to the top, responsibility for complex projects. And much more besides. It is important to recognize and work out these advantages, to put them in the right light and to communicate authentically, surprisingly and appropriately for the target group when communicating with possible candidates. 17th

10 Make a strong impression Tailor-made employer branding in medium-sized companies FOR EFFECTIVE EMPLOYER BRANDING, TODAY IT IS NECESSARY TO BE PRESENT IN DIGITAL CHANNELS. «EMPLOYER BRANDING IS A CHALLENGE OF MANAGEMENT Many companies deal intensively with employer marketing, with interesting employer branding and the question of how it is used Get in touch with talents. And on the other hand, the working conditions, corporate culture and internal communication with existing employees can be designed so that they stay with the company. Make a strong impact tailor-made employer branding in medium-sized companies The graduate communication designer has been with TMP since 2012 and brings over 20 years of experience with brand and corporate communication, personnel marketing and employer branding. TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications, LLC, headquartered in New York, is one of the world's leading independent agencies for employer branding and recruiting in the digital, social and connected world. Rotraud Diwan Director Employer Brand Strategy TMP Worldwide Germany GmbH, Hamburg And ideally recommend it to friends and family. This is a long-term process that is intended to ensure that the goals set in the corporate strategy can be achieved. And that means that employer branding is a top priority. Even if employer branding is part of the HR department, other parties definitely need to be around the table, right from the start: In addition to the top floor and HR, there is also marketing / communication to ensure that company (possibly also product) and employer brands work together seamlessly to guarantee. In addition, representatives from the operational business areas are to be involved, because they have valuable knowledge about the professional strengths and personal characteristics of high-performing employees. FROM POSITIONING TO CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE The first step on the way to a strong employer brand is a relentless look inward, at your own strengths and advantages, at the corporate strategy and the mission statement (mission, vision and values). But also on areas of development and all the things that are not quite running smoothly yet. In addition, there are precise analyzes of target groups and competitors. These findings are manifested in an independent employer positioning (Employee Value Proposition / EVP). The key to positioning an employer brand is to work out what makes the company unique compared to the competition. At the beginning there is an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) a definition of what makes the company unique, what it offers employees and what it expects in return. The EVP is a strategic instrument with the help of which a promising EVP summarizes what shapes the working world of a company from the point of view of the employee, vision, mission and values ​​of the company, how the workplaces are designed, the entire portfolio of remuneration and development - and training programs as well as career opportunities. An EVP is defined as part of an employer branding process: Identify the KICK-OFF project team Clarify the scope of the project Collect existing material (survey results) ANALYSIS & RESEARCH Analysis of corporate brand Corporate goals Mission statement (mission, vision, values) Business strategy / HR strategy HR key figures competition Internal / external target groups Research with the help of: employees, focus groups Interview with the board of directors / top management to determine the future perspective 18 of the most important goals can be achieved: to find the right people at the right time to be able to implement certain corporate strategies It is the essence of what makes a company unique as an employer and incomparably attractive for employees and applicants who appreciate precisely these qualities. CONCEPT Identification of possible profile topics for positioning Work out key topics IMPLEMENTATION Development of creative concept Definition of key figures and measurement methods Manual or toolkit for HR or external agencies Formulation of employer positioning Integration of EVP into (Employee Value Proposition / HR business processes, EVP) recruiting and the Corporate communication Formulation of the core messages for internal rollout (e.g. training of different managers and target groups of employees who have contact with applicants) External rollout communication strategy (e.g. career website, advertisements or advertising material) 19

11 Make a strong impression tailor-made employer branding in small and medium-sized businesses Strongly appear tailored employer branding in medium-sized companies EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION: PEOPLE MEETS BRAND In the external rollout, the aim is to bring the candidates into contact with the company as an employer. Where do people and employer brands meet? There are countless opportunities to do this, both in the digital and in the analog world. In the course of this interaction, the aim is to enable the candidate to have a positive emotional experience with the company as an employer. This is exactly what the term candidate experience describes. This model of positive experience at possible contact points (touchpoints) between people and brands comes from classic product marketing and has also been used in a modified form in employer branding for several years. It is therefore important to think carefully about a) at which touchpoints the company comes into contact with potential employees and b) how these touchpoints have to be designed so that they offer an experience that meets or even exceeds the expectations of the candidate. The candidate experience model and the various touchpoints along an application process were dealt with in the innovation workshop (see page 32). DIGITAL EMPLOYER BRANDING AND CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE Medium-sized companies should think about digital employer branding in a structured manner. Successful employer branding depends on the experience potential applicants gain with the company. The better it feels to get in touch with the company, the greater the potential of applicants. A good candidate experience can be controlled. Opportunities exist both in the print media (job advertisements, PR reports, career stories, etc.) and in digital media. The more suitable contact options are offered, the greater the stage for potential applicants. An independent imagery and language attract attention. The experiences offered in the digital channels must be consistent and look exactly the same on the mobile devices as they do on the career website Mobile job exchange Digital employer branding Search engines Social media Applicant management system All communication offers in the digital world should be consistent and networked. 20 yes, that's fine). A bond can also be established here with candidates in the application process. The more confidently a company deals with criticism from social networks, the more sympathetic it is perceived. A creative, narrative style is recommended for communication via print media. For example, boring job descriptions should be avoided in job advertisements. It is better to describe in concrete terms what the job looks like and how it feels and what there is to be earned! The more specific, the better. So no stereotypes such as we stand for a balanced work-life balance, but we have our own company kindergarten, have a fitness room and meet on Fridays in the foyer for an after-work weekend party. WELCOME TO THE DIGITAL WORLD The internet is a huge, inexhaustible field for getting in touch with candidates. Social media channels such as Xing, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Co. offer authentic insights into the company and direct dialog with employees. Applicants can also share their experiences in the application process on evaluation platforms such as Kununu. This increases transparency. At the same time, people's user behavior has completely changed. Ten years ago nobody thought of reading their s on their smartphones in the subway. Or simply ask Google where the nearest cinema is in a strange city and then immediately see the program of the day, watch trailers and, if necessary, buy a ticket directly. Everything conveniently via smartphone. Google is also the number one contact point for job searches. Since April 2015, the world's largest job search engine has only listed pages that are optimized for mobile devices for search queries that are started via mobile devices. Anyone who has not yet implemented this step is invisible on the go. A major disadvantage, because every third job search in Germany is carried out using a smartphone or tablet. stationary PCs. The more consistent the digital presence, the higher the recognition value. When companies use social networks, it is important to be up-to-date on the channel. That looks different for Facebook than it does for Twitter. And again different for Xing or LinkedIn. It is ideal when employees are involved. They can report enthusiastically about their work in the company and engage in motivating dialogues (example: Can I finish today at 3 p.m. because I have to pick up my son from kindergarten ?, Photo: mpfphotography / fotolia.com Responsive career websites with high functionality exactly what your candidates expect. Combined with a QR code, a potential candidate is taken directly to the company's careers page. Those who have not yet made their digital communication offerings for the mobile world should do so as soon as possible. Otherwise, there is a risk of invisibility and with it the loss of one of the most important ways to get in touch with relevant target groups 21

12 Make a strong impression tailor-made employer branding in medium-sized companies Make a strong impression on tailored employer branding in medium-sized companies TARGET GROUPS RECOMMENDED ACTION Who do I speak to in the respective media channels and what moves the different target groups in these channels? The better a company knows the target group with which it wants to come into contact, the more specifically they can be addressed. The fish must like the bait, that is: be specific, find a language of their own for the respective target group and create their own imagery. A strong presence and successful employer branding can only be achieved through independent positioning with the target groups. Use the digital channels for recruiting. Prepare yourself thoroughly by defining your employee value proposition, getting to know your target groups and involving your employees in the project. Offer meaningful contact points on channels that are frequented by your target groups. Create worlds of experience for the different target groups and say goodbye to the idea of ​​treating everyone equally. Be as specific as possible on all channels, whether digital or analog. Ensure a consistent, uniform appearance across all channels. DEFINITION OF EMPLOYER BRAND: CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE: EMPLOYER BRANDING: CANDIDATE JOURNEY: EMPLOYEE VALUE PROPOSITION (EVP): TOUCHPOINTS An image that exists in the minds of the target groups of a company as an employer. Ask: How do you imagine working at Company XYZ? The answer gives you clues about the current brand perception. All activities of a company that are supposed to change the image in the minds of the target groups in a desired direction. The question is: How do we want to be perceived as employers by our target groups? The essence of what makes a company unique and incomparably attractive as an employer for employees and applicants who value precisely these qualities. Creating positive experiences at the touchpoints of people and brands, so that the candidate builds an emotional bond with the company. IT APPLIES: THE LURE HAS TO LIKE THE FISH, NOT THE ANGLER The candidate's journey through various points of contact, from the initial interest in a company to the consideration of applying there, the application itself and the hiring process. Points at which people come into contact with the employer brand. These can be external touchpoints such as B. an advertisement, an exhibition stand or the career website. But also internal points such as an employee interview or a summer party. ENSURE A CONSISTENT, UNIFORM PRESENTATION ACROSS ALL CHANNELS. «Photo: Romolo Tavani / fotolia.com 22

13 Courage wanted to show a profile as an employer A well-kept angle seat valve is looking for inquisitive engineers who have an unmistakable nose for innovations. We are always looking for new ideas. It is our aim to develop products that are real milestones. We do not hesitate to break with habits and break new ground. That's why we're always looking for people who are curious in the best sense of the word. Who bring all of their knowledge and passion to the team. Are you one of them? Wanted for brave people. COURAGE WANTED AS AN EMPLOYER SHOW PROFILE At Bürkert, we live together on an equal footing. We expect employees who show their profile and who make use of the freedom that the company gives them. In order to find these employees, the company initiated the employer branding project and carried it out together with an external service provider. 25th

14 Courage wanted as an employer Show profile Courage wanted as an employer Show profile EMPLOYEE LIFECYCLE EMPLOYEE SURVEY JOBFAIRS AC TIO N HI E RE IR ATT R RE TS ON ATI RA EP E RETENTION RECRUITMENT ON DIN AR G DEV EL Reliability out of conviction Personality and development The EVPs were thoroughly reflected on and tested on many individual projects along the employee lifecycle. For example, trade fair appearances were analyzed and then checked to see whether the EVPs were being adhered to. The recruiting and induction process was examined and it was checked whether the EPPs were being applied here or whether there were any differences. Also in other instruments and measures of HR work, such as B. Personnel and managerial development, and with an international employee survey it must be ensured that the EVPs are lived and noticeable in the everyday life of the employees. Working on the company's profile is a process. You have to stay tuned and no matter what you do, keep reflecting and questioning, is that the way we want to perform, the profile is still right, says Meike Querengässer. What does Bürkert offer? AD Three essential employer value propositions (EVP) were derived from the requirement to show a profile: Reliability based on conviction. What do we do with it? BO RE RECRUITMENT & STAFFING Together at eye level. What does that mean for me? PI IR S M O PM E NT In the first project phase, the employer substance was determined, what makes the company authentic, what is relevant for Bürkert and what is special about the company. Meike Querengässer Head of Personnel & Organization Christian Bürkert GmbH & Co. KG, Ingelfingen SHOW PROFILE: WHAT MAKES US SPECIAL? Project examples 2015 across the entire employee lifecycle The starting point for the project was the question: How does an employee experience their time at Bürkert, starting with the initial contact, through the application and recruitment phase, through the years of work at Bürkert through to retirement? How does he see the company in each phase and what is communicated about the company? Which values ​​are conveyed and what is Bürkert's point of view? Meike Querengässer is an industrial engineer and has been with Bürkert Fluid Control Systems since 2003. As a member of the management, she has overall responsibility for the area of ​​personnel and organization for Bürkert worldwide and coordinates the group's activities in Asia. IN LEADERSHIP AND EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT 26 COURAGEOUS EMPLOYEES AND EMPLOYEES WITH PROFILE ARE MORE MOTIVATED, EFFICIENT AND CREATIVE. YOU ARE PURSUING THE COMMON GOALS WITH MORE ELAN. «Freedom for personality and development. 27

15 Courage wanted to show a profile as an employer Courage wanted to show a profile as an employer WORLDWIDE EMPLOYER BRAND Fit 2-way valve is looking for talented trainees & students.When building a global employer brand, Bürkert concentrates on the one hand on the core elements of the employer brand, but on the other hand allows country-specific variants. The respective countries and regions are subjected to a cultural check. In the course of a workshop, it is checked how far the respective national culture is from the German culture and where the national company is in line with the parent company. for which everything is a question of technology. Our tip for your start into professional life: keep the balance, choose an apprenticeship, Bürkert is sticking to the core elements of the employer brand. The entry points in the national companies can, however, be weighted differently, the wording can be formulated in a way that is typical of the country, and the local creative concept can be adapted to the local mentality. This keeps the balance between global and local.that fits your talents and a company that offers you future prospects. At Bürkert, as the world's leading company for measurement, control and regulation technology, the balance is right. Here you can choose between over 25 apprenticeships and courses of study for your favorite. Look forward to SHOW PROFILE: OUR APPROACH FOR WORLDWIDE IMPLEMENTATION Exciting projects, cooperation at eye level and the freedom in which you can grow. Your courage to break new ground is rewarded in our family business. Curious? Wanted for brave people. PARTNER SEARCH A central aspect of the Courage wanted campaign is the partner idea, visualized with friendship bracelets, for example. The topic of partnership is approached aggressively. The question is not only whether a potential employee is a good fit for the company, but also whether the company is a good fit for the potential employee. There is also a Bürkert partner test in an employer branding brochure. A creative consistency of the images and messages is decisive for the effectiveness of the campaign. Different target groups are addressed differently, trainees and students, for example, with a valve on a slackline. Or the motifs are chosen according to the EVPs, such as a valve with glasses for togetherness at eye level. The campaign is not only developed externally, but also internally. There were friendship bracelets for the employees to make the campaign understandable for everyone. Who is responsible for our employer brand? Headquarter or local HR? Recruiting advertisement from Bürkert BRAND RESPONSIBILITY: centralized One global employer brand, unique, consistent core value One global employer brand, unique, consistent core value development of different, localized measures for implementation standards, guidelines for implementation Every country is responsible for its employer Positioning Standardized methods to develop a local employer brand decentralized differentiated / decentralized EMPLOYER POSITIONING: Global employer positioning local employer positioning? 28 standardized approach from Bürkert 29

16 Courage wanted as an employer Show your profile Courage wanted as an employer Show your profile INVOLVING EMPLOYEES The Courage wanted concept was developed together with the employees. The turnout was great. The self-portrait, what Bürkert is, was very well received and has led to a lot of positive feedback about the external appearance. The campaign is unique because it arose from an internal pool of ideas. That cannot be copied. You have to deal with your own organization, but let yourself be inspired, but go your own way, says Meike Querengässer, summarizing the campaign. RECOMMENDED ACTION When developing the profile and the campaign, Bürkert had an agency as a sparring partner. The outside perspective helped to sharpen the profile and develop a successful creative approach. However, the prerequisite for a successful external implementation of the creative approach is the continuous internal implementation of the EVPs. These were not only developed with employees; they must also be noticeable and tangible for all employees. The long-term corporate strategy geared towards sustainable corporate growth, joint events such as B. the Bürkert After Work Parties, summer festival and Christmas market, the self-image of the managers as team coaches and the assumption of responsible tasks are vivid examples of what is important at Bürkert: Reliability out of conviction, togetherness at eye level, freedom for personality and development. It is important to live and develop this continuously in day-to-day operations. Develop your company-specific profile. Look for employees who your company is a good fit for. Address the target groups in their language as partners. On the one hand, respect the mentalities typical of the country, on the other hand, stick to your core messages. Place value on employees with rough edges. And promote your personality. Robust Robolux valve is looking for enthusiastic people Are you a fan of the perfect interaction between trainees, your own junior company and lots of fun that prove team spirit not only in the year of the soccer World Cup. gram as a trainee at Bürkert. Since you are highly motivated professionals? Then you should become part of our team: Skilful assistance in the transfer of knowledge, joint training in challenging projects, respectful teamwork. All of this belongs to your fitness pro sign the world's leading company for measurement, control and regulation technology, play in the Champions League right from the start. Prove your courage now and become a young player in our successful team. Ready? Wanted for brave people. Recruiting advertisement from Bürkert Oriental Night at Bürkert LET YOURSELF INSPIRED BUT FOLLOW YOUR OWN WAY. «30 IT APPLIES: A COMPANY PROFILE DEVELOPED TOGETHER WITH EMPLOYEES IS THE REQUIREMENT FOR NEW APPLICATIONS 31


18 Innovation workshop: spinning is a must! n countless opportunities, both in the digital and analog world, potential applicants and employees come into contact with a company's employer brand. In the course of this interaction, it is important to ensure that the candidate and the employees have a positive emotional experience with the company as an employer. This is exactly what the term candidate or employee experience describes. This model of positive experience at possible contact points (touchpoints) between people and brands comes from classic (product) marketing and has also been used in a modified form in employer branding for several years. Innovation workshop: spinning is a must! TOUCHPOINTS CANDIDATE AND EMPLOYER BRAND EXPERIENCE POSITIVE EXPERIENCES ALONG THE ENTIRE CANDIDATE AND EMPLOYEE JOURNEY At which touchpoints do people and employer brands meet? In order to bring structure into this, the touchpoints can be divided into three phases: 01 BINDING Training & Development Experience in the run-up to the application Employee interview SETTING Application: The information was convincing. The prospect has found what is important to him when deciding on a new employer. He applies to the company. Selection: The company responds to the application. For example, conduct a telephone interview and then invite the applicant to a personal interview or assessment center. 03 Experience as an employee Experience in the run-up to an application PR network / recommendation advertising 03 Information: In addition, the interested party uses various channels to find out about the company and specific job offers. This often happens on the Internet, which is why career websites, blogs and social media activities are moving more and more into the focus of employer branding teams. 02 Experience as an employee ATTENTION Teamwork / Meetings Attention: A person actively or passively looking for a job stumbles across a company. For example at a career fair. Or he sees an online advertising banner on one of the subject-specific blogs that he reads regularly. Classic PR articles, blog posts or posts on social media channels can also provide the impetus to take a closer look at a company and think about what it would be like to work for this company. Experience during the application process Talent management Campus recruitment & events Exit Interview EMPLOYER BRAND EXPERIENCE 01 Social media onboarding Experience during the application process Rejection 02 Offer / contract negotiation Assessment INFORMATION Career website Confirmation of receipt, APPLICATION Interview SELECTION Onboarding: The applicant has received an acceptance, the contract has been negotiated starts with the company. Loyalty: The employee is involved in everyday work and now experiences the employer brand at internal contact points such as B. in further training measures, employee appraisals, the summer party and so on. An exit talk is also one of the internal contact points

19 Innovation workshop: spinning is a must! Innovation workshop: spinning is a must! 01 EXPERIENCE BEFORE AN APPLICATION TOUCHPOINT PR There is a wide range of contact options at these contact points, largely controlled by marketing and staff. The spectrum ranges from the trainee blog, trainee internship week or the participation of trainees in education fairs, after-work parties, specialist publications, specialist congresses and activities such as creative minds, fascination with technology, visits to experiments or parent-student workshops. Inviting school classes and kindergartens is one way of getting children and young people excited about technology. Energy scouts, Dualis certificates, training ambassadors, career days or sponsoring advertise the company in a friendly way. Contacts with school principals, university professors and faculties, editors as well as political committees and service clubs have a positive effect on the external image and perception of the company. TOUCHPOINT CAREER WEBSITE Group work in the innovation workshop TASK In the innovation workshop, the participants were divided into five groups. Each group dealt intensively with two contact points. The following questions were discussed: How do people interact with the brand at Touchpoint XYZ? That certainly differs from company to company. Collect short statements on the status quo, on challenges that you can recognize. And also about things that are going well here. How important is this touchpoint in the candidate / employee experience? Please think about how important the touchpoint you are working on is in terms of the entire cycle. What criteria can you use to prioritize here? What arguments do you have for your prioritization? The career website is the company's showcase on the Internet. It is and remains the linchpin in recruiting. At this touchpoint, it is decided whether the company is a suitable employer and potential candidates apply. That is why it is very important that career pages arouse emotions and provide exactly the right information. The company as a possible employer must be made tangible. The layout should be user-friendly and intuitive to use. Communicate clearly what your company stands for as an employer. Pay attention to target group-specific statements. Provide applicants with answers to the question of why they should apply to you of all places. When designing, you should avoid using stock photos, prefer to organize an employee photo shoot. Company films or interviews with employees ensure more authenticity. Blogs and testimonials give you a feel for the company. The career area should be discoverable within a few seconds. Here, too, ease of use is paramount. The applicant should have it as easy as possible and be encouraged to apply. In addition, it is important to provide information on the application and selection process, which documents are expected? How many interviews will there be? A contact person should always be given on job advertisements. The integration of chats, blogs or WhatsApp facilitates communication with the applicant. Open positions can be linked, for example with a 360-degree view of the workplace, with a video that shows future colleagues at work, or with a film about the future department. CAREER WEBSITE AND GOOGLE What would an ideal interaction at this touchpoint look like? What would have to happen at this touchpoint so that the candidate or employee here has a convincing, attractive and motivating brand experience with your employer brand? Develop concrete ideas. 36 The mobile optimization of the career website and the job advertisements is a very important criterion for the searchability on Google. If the content is not optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, the websites will be ranked lower by Google and will be difficult to find. 37