What are the most useful math formulas

3 math apps to make formulas fun again

Don't you get along with math formulas? We have the solution for all those who don't like numbers! With our App recommendations your complicated math problems are solved in seconds!

Math apps: With just a few clicks from math grudge to number genius

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects in school and yet most people find it difficult. Those who cannot deal with numbers and formulas experience school days as frustrating. Math apps are the ideal solution - The digital helpers are now so good that even math students do not want to live without them.

Math apps: our favorites

  • MathFormulas: With this app you always have your formula collections at hand and you can finally dump your classic formula collection in book form. The app contains around 150 slides on common math formulas such as Pythagorean theorem, p-q formula or Euler's identity. Thanks to numerous illustrations, definitions and explanations, even extreme math grumpy will be able to make sense of the jumble of numbers. The MatheFormeln app is available for a one-time price of 99 cents for iOS. An internet connection is not required to work with the app. Android users should check out the Math Expert app, it is a good alternative.