All people have fetishes

Podcast: Is that normal / sexual preference: There's a bit of fetish in all of us

Whether buttocks or six packs, chest or feet: many people find certain parts of the body exciting. Others like skin-tight leather clothes, sneakers or stilettos, find materials like latex or objects like balloons erotic. And sometimes there are even entire scenarios that trigger a kick. Fetish, but first of all means all objects that pull people under their spell and can sexually stimulate them. How common are fetishes, how long have they appeared and most importantly - what are they exactly? Sven Stockrahm, Vice-Head of Knowledge and Digital at ZEIT ONLINE, talks to sex therapist Melanie Büttner about the fascination behind it.

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The sources and backgrounds on which Melanie Büttner relies and which literature she has consulted on the subject can be found here:

additional Information

  • The French psychologist Alfred Binet wrote about fetishism and its history in his book as early as 1887 Le fétichisme dans l’amor. (Revue Philosophique, 24).
  • Sigmund Freud continued to deal with the term fetishism coined by Binet. However, the founder of psychoanalysis thought that this was an expression of childhood trauma (fetishism, International Journal of Psycho-Analysis, 1927).
  • The sexologist John Bancroft also wrote about the origin of fetishes in his book Human Sexuality and its Problems (from p. 284).
  • There are only a few studies on the frequency of some fetishes, e.g. Scorolli et al., International Journal of Impotence Research, 2006.
  • The scientist Hanna Aronsson considered fetishism in an evolutionary context: Sexual imprinting and fetishism: an evolutionary hypothesis, Maladapting Minds: Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Evolutionary Theory, 2011)

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