Are stairs good for our grandparents?

Applause for the grandparents

Now that circumstances force us to distance ourselves from our grandparents, it is a good time to see their worth and importance in our lives. In these times of crisis, grandparents are considered to be very sensitive and sometimes the most neglected. Therefore, now is a good time to make good resolutions for the future with our grandparents.

In these times when nurses, firefighters or supermarket employees receive spontaneous applause, we would like to remind you of this, the grandparentsapplause to dedicate. Even if they are not loud, they play an important role in our lives and that of our children, their grandchildren.

Although family relationships are not always easy, we at thyssenkrupp Home Solutions offer you some tips on how to deal with them.

Recommendations to parents and children:

Be patient with the grandparents

Many of today's grandparents did not have the experience of learning from their own grandparents. That is why they are grandparents in “practice” who have to improvise. Be patient with them and don't expect them to know everything.

stay in contact

Although you are separated from your grandparents in many situations, such as the current one, the corona pandemic, you should consider the long distance relationship through messages, phone calls, video conferences (yes, even the grandparents know how to do that), WhatsApp messages, sending photos and videos do not neglect. For the grandparents, they will be a source of joie de vivre and affection. It can be a necessity for the grandchildren to know that they are still there and can always count on them.

Appreciate the support your grandparents give you

Grandparents are one daily Support for parentswho are employed. Above all, they are an emotional support to teach the little ones to appreciate and enjoy the things in life. And many years of experience are very important for this. If the grandparents do not have the time or opportunities, it is the turn of doctors and psychologists. Family help is essential to give them all the support, security, and love they need.

Give them a place in education

Grandparents are a fundamental pillar in the business Education of grandchildren. They convey wisdom, experience, calm, affection, stability and much more. The advantage is mutual, however, as grandparents are also emotionally enriched through contact with their grandchildren. Grandparents and grandchildren both have security and affection. Children revitalize and rejuvenate their grandparents, making them more active and happier because they feel needed and important again. It is important to give them their role in raising the little ones!

Grandparents still count when the couple split up

In cases of separation or divorce, and especially when starting a new family, grandparents and grandchildren are usually most affected. Grandparents should therefore keep in touch with their grandchildren to maintain communication with their grandchildren. After all, it is the youngest who suffer the most when their parents separate.

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Belén Galán, Director of Marketing and Communication at thyssenkrupp Home Solutions in Spain, thinks the topic is very important:

“Grandparents not only fill certain rooms for parents, but are also very important role models for the emotional and psychological development of children. The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, which earlier generations could hardly enjoy, is essential to the development of young children, as is the grandparents' health. It is worth promoting!

At thyssenkrupp Home Solutions, we hope that these tips can help grandparents, parents and grandchildren to improve their relationships with one another. In these days when many of us are realizing how much we miss our grandparents, we would like to ask for a big applause for the grandparents ”.

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