What gives a man sex appeal

Sex appeal: the curse of beauty

The theme Sex appeal is difficult. As a man, one is quickly regarded as prejudiced and reduced to judgment. It would be easier for a woman at this point, she would be somehow more neutral, more credible. Because the author is currently not available, science has to help out again, because it is - let's put it as it is: about competitiveness, attractiveness and just about Sex appeal. We'll start with a little test. Especially if you are a woman (men can of course also participate), you can first answer a simple question: How did you just react to the picture for this article? To be honest: why exactly?

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Sexaappeal definition: what is it and who has it?

To the term Sex appeal There are undoubtedly numerous opinions, Definitions, Clichés. First of all, it is a compound word. Both terms come from Latin, with the second - appellare - means something like "address". So in general there is a erotic attraction and charisma Roger that. Anyone who wants to radiate sex appeal usually also has ...

Of course, that's not really precise either. Strictly speaking, it can't be either. Because what attracts other people is highly subjective and individual and also depends on cultural factors from. Physical attractiveness is the main criterion that runs through all definitions - albeit depending on the respective cultural ideal of beauty.

On the inner values it is often less important - at least not with the first impression. But it may well be that the Altered a person's sex appealthe better you know her or the longer you talk to her - for better or for worse.

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Sex appeal: Beautiful women provoke hostility

Back to the picture above: Suppose you are sitting in the room with a few colleagues and suddenly it snows Racial woman inside: long hair, probably blonde, high heels, legs all the way to the floor, barely covered, the displays clearly visible ... you know what I'm talking about.

The colleagues who were just eloquent degenerate into this as if by magic Language level of a troglodyte, including grunts and uncontrolled salivation, and you ... Well, that's the question! How do you and your colleagues react?

Short answer: They react too - just as violently as men. Just different: negative to hostile.

At least this is how the results of a study by Tracy Vaillancourt can be summed up. The psychologist at the University of Ottawa tested such a situation with 86 students between the ages of 19 and 23 years. Initially, their test subjects assumed that they would be about to start a scientific discussion on the topic Friendship would attend. They sat nicely in groups of two in a university hall, then one of Vaillancourt's accomplices entered the scene:

  • Once there was one average appearance: gray trousers, blue shirt, hair tied up in a braid, just good.
  • But another time it was the appearance of someone proverbial Sex bomb - blonde whale mane, tight, low-cut top, mini skirt, high boots ...

Incidentally, every accomplice always behaved in the same innocuous manner, asked the test subjects a polite question and then left the room again. But that was enough.

Like Vaillancourt's secret ones Video recordings afterwards proved, the difference in the reactions was enormous:

  • While the test subjects Wallflower behaved completely neutrally towards
  • they responded to that Sex appeal the second really bitchy, poisoned her, made an angry face or did not look at her, but blasphemed.

For example, one of them whispered, hers Breasts would roll out of the shirt in a moment; another insinuated afterwards that it was only looking for an intimate relationship with the professor been. Short: They hated the pretty one and reduced them solely to the sex appeal of their appearance.

Hair color: blondes earn less

To no other Hair color There are so many clichés about the feminine one Blond. Blonde jokes feed the stereotype of the alleged correlation between intelligence and hair color. Film titles such as "Blondes preferred" underline the primarily sensual effect of a special hair color, which can also be scientifically proven: For example, the psychologist Marianne LaFrance from Yale University was able to prove that long, straight and blonde hair have the greatest erotic attraction .

But that takes revenge elsewhere: in the job and in salary. Young blonde women in particular are regularly disadvantaged in terms of income.

As Evgenia Kogan Dechter from the University of New South Wales in Sydney den Blondes Myth examined more closely and thus whether there is a connection between hair color and income, she was astonished to discover: There is one - albeit a negative one.

Blondes therefore earn significantly less than women with any other color of hair. However, this does not apply to blonde men.

This is even more remarkable because Dechter is at the same time no relation between hair color and real skills, Successes or attitudes. Means: Blondes are neither better nor worse than others at work, they just have lighter hair. So a real indication of that Discrimination a hair color.

Only positive: The Wage difference According to Dechter, it is increasingly disappearing over the years. The more professional experience blondes have, the more likely their salaries will be similar to those of their female counterparts.

Sex appeal hurts at work

Vaillancourt repeated her attempts again photos. This time, their 66 test subjects were asked to evaluate whether they could imagine friends with the one pictured to be.

Here, too, the same picture: Was the other fat or average attractive she could hope for a friendship; if she had sex appeal above all, the emotions were chilly. At best.

At first glance, the insight may not be that groundbreaking. And yet it proves something, with which above all attractive women at work to struggle again and again:

  • Rivalries
  • Hostilities
  • prejudices

All things that have nothing at all to do with the job or theirs power have to do.

The less beautiful women theirs Hide stimuli - for example through clothing - the harder the ice-cold wind of the competition blows against them.

Too much bare skin is harmful at work

Too much bare skin in the office - This not only distracts the colleagues, it also reduces the assumed skills of the colleague who is willing to show. This is the result of a joint study by scientists from Harvard, Yale, Northeastern and Maryland Universities.

Around 160 students looked at various photos of attractive men and women during the experiments. Initially, the portraits were cropped so that the subjects only saw the people depicted on them from the shoulders up saw. In a second run, however, they looked at full-body photos of the same people - only that they were hardly wearing anything.


  • In the first portrait experiment, the students were still consistently positive and said that the portrayed had numerous skills, Competencies and talents to.
  • Then came the second round - and it was over with the praise. Quite a few completely revised their opinion on the contrary.

In other words, the more sex appeal a person exudes, the less you become conceded and trusted. The more skin someone reveals, the less likely they are to be perceived as a competent service provider.

Application: beautiful women have disadvantages

Also with the canditature attractiveness has disadvantages - for beautiful women even significantly larger ones. It's the other way around for men.

This is the conclusion reached by the economist Bradley Ruffle from Ben-Gurion University in Be'er Scheva.

For the study, Ruffle and his team had Profile pictures of students collected and selected eight of them, which were rated as differently attractive - by extremely handsome to so so.

The scientists then used it to prepare 5,312 applications for 2,656 job advertisements, i.e. two application folders for each vacant job. In other words, strictly speaking, they only sent six types of applications with fictitious résumés: four with the variants of the previously selected photos and two without any photo at all.

You have to know that it is in Israel It is up to applicants whether or not to include an application photo.

The Response rate 14.5 percent spoke for themselves: had the best chances of being invited to an interview attractive men. They were invited twice as often as applicants with an average photo.

In detail it looked like this:

Both Women Exactly the opposite picture: women with high sex appeal had the worst chances of being invited - the best, however, were applications from women without (!) a photo.

Or expressed in numbers:

In order to be invited to a job interview, an attractive woman has to send around eleven cover letters, a handsome man only five.

Red dress: color with high sex appeal

Men like red. Especially as a color on women. It is now known from research on attractiveness and behavior that Red as a signal color has an enormously attractive effect on men: a red dress, red lips, red shoes - these are not just eye-catchers. You can find your counterpart promptly more attractive and desirable. Studies by researchers led by Andrew Elliot from the University of Rochester have even shown that men make more money on a date with a woman in red. A current study has now come to the conclusion: women also use color unconsciously when they want to make an impression.

Daniela Niesta Kayser from the University of Potsdam wanted to know more. It is true that her was also the one that increased its attractiveness Effect of the color red consciously, but she wanted to find out whether women also use them deliberately and specifically against men.

So was 74 subjects tells them to take a psychological test. At the same time, they were emailed the photo of the head of the study together with directions.

The trick was: It wasn't the head of the study at all, but a previously selected model, whose image of numerous other women as particularly attractive had been classified. Accordingly, half of the test subjects received this photo. The other group got the picture from a rather average guy.

When the meeting was supposed to take place, the participants learned that the researcher was unfortunately unable to attend the experiment. Nevertheless, it was registered exactly how the test subjects feel dressed. Result:

  • 57 percent of women, expecting to meet the handsome scientist, wore some red - a piece of clothing or a flashy accessory.
  • Women who were prepared for a meeting with the average guy only wore in 16 percent of the falls something red.

For comparison: Daniela Niesta Kayser also examined how many of the Women wore red in everyday life. It was just on average 32 percent - roughly the value in the middle of the two results above.

Whether consciously or not: red remains a strategically important color. At work and in the office it is therefore recommended only with caution (or intent).

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