Why do you like online shopping

I think online shops are better because you don't have to carry all your stuff home yourself. especially at amazon there is always a lot of stuff very cheap. but I think there is no better one when asked, everyone thinks something else is better
If I need 50 A4 envelopes, I can get them from Amazon without shipping costs for 2.35 euros to my front door, I don't have to drive to the local dealer, I don't need a parking space or parking ticket. Convenient and inexpensive. Of course, only the bank charges have to be taken into account. But I am aware that the retail sector will suffer as a result.
Online shops like Amazon and Zalando are especially cheap because they pay low wages and, at least in the case of Amazon, hardly / no taxes.

I also like to buy online, simply because it saves time and I can't get a lot in the local store, but it also has disadvantages.
I bought my last bed from a mixture of both: Bettkonzept.de is actually an online shop, but they now also have some "real" shops. I chose my bed online, tried it again in the store and then ordered it online. ;-)
Maybe more online shops will offer something like that in the future? I think it's good!
Well, there is no real "better" here, because both ways of shopping have their advantages. You don't have to carry your online purchases home, but you also have to pay for shipping. In addition, you cannot touch or try anything while shopping online.
I myself use both online shopping and the shops in town - simply because neither is better.
I take a very close look at whom I buy online from.
I generally don't buy from Amazon because they cart low-wage workers from the Eastern Bloc and pay their taxes in Luxembourg.
I do not support such machinations. This also damages the local retail trade and the transport pollutes our environment and clogs our streets.
But things that are very special, that I would have to spend a whole day looking for in stores, that I buy online.
I think both are good. but when shopping online you can simply order something from home .. my husband always orders my gifts at kristallshop.at. always get something nice ..
In my opinion, it is better to go to shops and try things because you are so safe.
There are many providers online that you cannot trust.

In addition, those who want to save time and money when shopping can collect tips and information on shopping-ratgeber.net that are very helpful.
It has already helped me a few times and that's why it was recommended.

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